Baat Humari Pakki Hai (Episode 4)


Shona all d way only thinks about Kush..she remembers d attachment nd love she ws having for kush..he didn’t even asked her…will they met ever..she deletes all der pictures together…she is unable to judge as y he did lyk..dis..she thot..kush will confess feelings for she cn feel his care ND love in his actions…bt..der ws a big question mark…?in Shona’s mind..

Shona gets down frm the train..her mom dad nd her bst frnd..Suman welcomes her.. She tightly hugs them..while hugging to suman..she ws going to burst into tears bt somehow she managed…Suman noticed dat something is wrong..wid Shona…they all sit in car…the car starts..nd goes towards der home….

Suman..a gal whose been wid Shona frm her childhood..suman is independent gal wid independent her family is orthodox… Delhi..packing his luggage nd den he tells Something in Simons(Shona’s Boss) ears…plzz sir..its a humble request..Simon nods his head…in mind kush thinks..r feelings wer so should remain lyk dat for years nd years..nt evry love story is meant to b completed…bt mine ws NT either a love story..nd smiles…bt some truth may spoil d pureness…

Kush leaves for his Home..a car receives him from d gate…

On d other side…suman is happy for Shona’s success nd achievements…they both arrive Shona’s home…suddenly while getting down..shona asks her hw ws her engagement ?..Suman blushes nd says it ws awesome…Shona tells her sorry I couldn’t attend it…suman says neither I attended it..Shona asks wat..r telling…u didn’t got engaged ?..suman laughs nd says no re baba I got I ws wearing a long ghungat(veil) on my head..due to ws one saw my engagement only…shona laughs nd says..y u did ur ceremony at new York..if u could have kept it here I might have helped u..for nt putting ghungat nd suman says u knw na my Bua..(fathers sister)she believes so much in traditions..dat in dis generation..too she didn’t allowed me to talk to..My fiance..Shona asks her wat is his name..Suman tells him..i m nt allowed to take my to be husbands name..Bua has taken promise frm me…Shona laughs ND says so had he seen u or NT..suman says ofcourse..he has seen my photos…shona says oh yaaa dats good…den show me his photographs tooo…she tells ya..its in laptop..ill send u later…Suman tells Shona to go nd get fresh..nd den she wants to knw all her experience in Delhi..shona nods nd goes…

Suman gets a call frm her house Nd den she leaves frm der…shona gets fresh..nd again she starts thinking abt wat happen in Delhi..nd den she decides…. she will nt tell dis to anyone..As dis story has no..value at ws neither a love story nor a frnship ws just a waste story..nd she sleeps…

Nxt day morning..wen Shona wakes up..she remembers dat she didn’t gaved any gift to Kush sir..she had promised Kush sir to buy a gift for den she thinks its of no use…den she goes to bath..nd den Suman calls Shona dat she is going meet her relatives…shona says oh god dnt go yaar..we have been..away frm so many days..i want u to b der u will marry nd go…Suman asks her to accompany her…bt Shona she cant she Has work..for another show…suman asks so whr u gng dis tym..she says company Has nt decided venue till now..suman says ohkk no prblm..ill b in contact wid..u… knw na u cn contact me anytym…means anytym..shona says love u yaar…come soon..she says love u tooo yaar…chal byee ..c…yaa…nd they both disconnects d call….

Precap: Shona goes to Mumbai..

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  1. I think kush is engaged with suman right???

  2. I think suman would be is non other than kush i think so

  3. Yeah im too thinking the same… kush engaged to suman….

  4. Very nice episode, Shona is very good person and Suman really good friend, kush is hiding something from all of us…as all commented above I also feel that kush is sumans fiance…n they’ll meet again in Mumbai. ..destiny…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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