Baarish -Episode 2


(RECAP : A bride is crying and gets into a flashback. Story begins with a young and vivacious girl, called Ananya, coming to her hometown finishing her school exams. Back after so long, she wishes to visit her village and goes into a small tour when it starts raining. She falls down and gets dirty because of the mud when a stranger comes there to help her. She first refuses his help but then a sudden attraction makes her follow her heart. She finally goes back where her family asks about her whereabouts and takes care of an ill Ananya who caught a cold. But inside of her, she reminds that stranger and gets happy seeing his pictures in her mind.

Episode 2

Ananya was getting much better though her family’s pressure made her stay at home even well. Her father, who came back from his trip earlier, was also busy taking care of his daughter than his own work. She was indeed happy to have her father with her only, but being stuck inside her room was seriously annoying. And three days went away like this. Ananya was really fed up spending her hours staying at home, taking rest all the time.
That was it! She has to go out to get some fresh air. She stands up from her bed and goes to change her dress. She opens her cupboard and, searching for something good to wear in her wardrobe, her eyes fall on that moody dupatta she wore three days ago. She catches it slowly in her hands and gets it out of the cupboard thinking. Staring at it, she remembers that accident, but also and especially that guy.

Ananya : (looking straight) Only 3 days are gone, but still my heart wants to meet that man… By the way, I haven’t even thanked him that day. No, I have thanked him, but was that a thanks for helping me ? (hits on her forehead) You are such an idiot Ananya! Alright, there is no problem if I tell him now. And well, there must be a certain reason to meet him right ?… Hmm now what to do ?

She makes the 100 steps in her room and finally takes the decision to meet again that guy. Smiling, she again goes towards her cupboard and try to choose a perfect dress. Finally, her eyes choose a red and white colour wala salwar kameez set, and Ananya gets ready quickly to meet him.
After getting out of the house, she goes to that same place where she met him the first time. Suddenly, the courage she had coming out of her haveli, gets lost somewhere. What if someone sees her standing there? She reaches the place, covering her face with her dupatta, and waits for that one person. But even after having waited for more than 1 hour, that someone she was waiting for eagerly, didn’t come. People were crossing her looking at her quite weirdly, while she keeps looking for him only. Quite upset of not being able to meet him, she decides to go back home when…

… : I guess, someone was patiently waiting for a long time, to meet an important person here…

Ananya stops walking hearing that voice and all by sudden, turns her head. It was him, holding that same stick on his two shoulders and putting his two arms on it, showing such a relaxed posture. And this time he was alone, not accompanied of his friends, “gau mata”.

Young man : (smiles) … isn’t it, raajkumaari?

Ananya was just lost in his eyes actually. That killer smile, heart-stealing eyes that get smaller when he smiles, those cute dimples on his soft cheeks… Suddenly, he raises up his eyebrows and wakes her up; changing her face expressions into a disturbed one.

Ananya : (shocked and shy but smiles inside) Hmm … No no. Actually… my friend was supposed to come here, that’s why.
Young man : (removes the stick from his shoulders) Oh really… (leans his face closer to her) Then where is your friend ?
Ananya : Huuh… she … she just informed she won’t come. She has got some important work.
Young man : Hmm hmm. Then why are you standing here alone now ?
Ananya : I was … ready to go from here but … you only stopped me.
Young man : (curious look) I stopped you?
Ananya : You first asked me what I do here and now you keep asking me non-stop questions.
Young man : I asked questions, and you stayed here… Does it mean … ?

Ananya gets embarrassed and looks down hiding her reddish cheeks still behind her veil, while that guy looks at her smirking.

Young man : By the way, don’t you think someone might see you standing here alone ? There are so many people walking here and there. What will they say ?
Ananya : (looks at him) L… Look! I fear for none here. Don’t… Don’t try to scare me. (with more confidence) And by the way, who are you to question me like this ? Do you know who I am ?
Young man : Why not ? You are (looks up showing his hand towards the view) this entire Ludhiana’s maharaj, (looks somewhere making the same expression) Shri Veer Pratap Singh’s only heir, the anmol tarah of the King, (looks at her) Raajkumaari Ananya Veer Pratap Singh!

Ananya was shell shocked hearing what he said and stays there. None would have ever introduced her in such a manner. And knowing who she is, how was he able to talk to her this way ? Who is he ?

Young man : Maybe you would have forgotten, but I can never forget it.
Ananya : What did I forget ?
Young man : Don’t you still remember anything ?

Ananya moves her head cutely and answers a soft no to his question.

Young man : (smiles) Alright.

And the young man goes smiling away, a killer smile that made Ananya more curious about his identity and after looking at him going so far from her, goes back home. Her curious heart didn’t let her sleep all night. She was not even understanding why she was non-stop thinking about that man. She doesn’t even know who he is, and he is not that good… Well actually in that point of view, she feels he was really so good-looking. That killer smile, those cute and little eyes that get smaller when he smiles broadly… In a word, just like a real prince, “Raajkumar”. That was it! She was now certain she will get to know about that man, who keeps haunting her, at any cost.
Next day, she gets to that same point and sees him walking and guiding his troupe. She starts following his steps and so she walks for a while and reaches a green ground where some other cows were having their food, walking through fields of red and white tulips, while Ananya looks even more curious around her. She was feeling getting so far away from her village and suddenly feels a sudden headache. She gets fed up and stops walking.

Ananya : (talks because of tireness of walking, unconsciously) Stop !

She suddenly realizes her stupidity and biting her tongue, her eyes closed, she pats on her head. The young guy, stops walking hearing her voice, turns back and falls on the poor girl. He looks at her laughing by surprise and then teasingly smiles at her.

Young man : Oh! So now you started following me.
Ananya : Don’t get such ideas. I.. I just thought that, we can… we can become friends. So… as I was walking here and saw you, I thought to say “hi!”.
Young man : Alright! (broad smile) Hi Raajkumaari, how are you ?
Ananya : Good.

She feels embarrassed and decides to walk away. But, putting a step back, her heart puts a stop board. She then gets back on her senses, and looks at him.

Ananya : Can I ask you something ?
Young man : Anything.
Ananya : Y… You and me already knew each other before kya?
Young man : (quite serious) Why do you feel so ?
Ananya : (quite sad) None would even try to talk to me the way you do, knowing who I am. They would get scared of my father and run away. But you look so strong and confident. And … (marks a pause) I feel … a certain connection.

The young man looks at her with sparkles in his heart.

Ananya : I feel there must be indeed something I should know, but that I didn’t get till now. May be we got to meet somewhere but I for…

She suddenly stops her talk and looks at him shocked. How can it be possible? There was nothing that her family hid from her about her past. Her parents, her friends, everything about her life, she knows. Then, why suddenly a feeling something was missed behind her? What was that ? Did her family, indeed hide something from her? No! They can never do such things.
She gets headache and tightly holds her head. The young man looks at her curiously as he notices her being strange and goes close to her.

Young man : Raaj… Raajkumaari, are you ok ?
Ananya : I … I …

She doesn’t let her sentence to get finished and runs from there leaving a confused man behind her. She was not realising where she was going, but her feet were not ready to stop. Her head hurting her, she continues her way. She keeps running for a couple of minutes and feels troubles at each of her steps. And finally, her legs reach the water falls area and, sitting on the rocks, stops to breathe heavily. She was taking some blows bending and eyes closed, when suddenly an echoing voice was covering the place.

“ even if you will keep running, truth will never fade away “

Hearing that, eyes open, Ananya stands up slowly on her feet and looks around but none is there.

Ananya : (shouts) Who is it ?
Voice : Sohan.
Ananya : (curious and to herself) Sohan?
Young man : (being behing her) Yes, Sohan!

Ananya turns back and gets confused when she falls on that same man. Yes, he was the one she met under that heavy rain and who brought some strange feelings inside of her. When she was eagerly waiting to meet him, he gets her into a dilemma and reminded her worst moment of life. He made her question about her own family as he made her feel he was something for her. But then, knowing his name, she gets curious to know more about him as, he is also the one who kept bringing a broad smile on her face these days. He was something strange.

Ananya : So.. you are Sohan.

Sohan nods his head.

Ananya : But … I cannot really understand who you are exactly.

Sohan, more serious than he used to be with Ananya, not telling anything, gets out a simple chain, a pendent on it, from his pants’ pocket and shows it to Ananya, holding it high.

Sohan : (gives the chain to Ananya) Hold this, open, and see it by yourself.

Ananya takes the chain from his hand and opens the small pendent. She gets surprised when she sees two pictures : one of a girl and one of a boy, both respectively around 9 and 12.

Ananya : This…
Sohan : Cannot you still recognise the truth ?
Ananya : (shocked, looks at Sohan) Me? This girl… it’s me right ?
Sohan : Yes it’s you. 9 years ago.
Ananya : (curious and surprised) But… How do you have my picture with you ? And… And (points her finger on the boy’s picture) who is this boy ?
Sohan : (painful tears coming out of his eyes) I am your childhood friend Ananya, have you even forgotten me ?

Ananya looks at Sohan even more shocked, some tears rolling down on her cheeks and suddenly Ananya again gets pain on her head. Holding her head, she starts crying more, faints and falls down of pain on the rocks. Terrified, Sohan gets down coming closer to Ananya and tries to wake her up.

Sohan : (holds Ananya on his lap and tries to wake her up patting on her cheeks) Ananya! Ananya! (sprinkles water on her face) Ananya, wake up! God…

Sohan finally decides to take her to the hospital the fastest possible. He holds her in her arms and runs to the hospital. Arrived, Sohan calls the doctors to take care of Ananya. After a while, some nurses come with a stretcher, make Sohan lay Ananya on it and they take her to the ward, where they start checking Ananya and didn’t let Sohan enter in. Sohan who was waiting for doctors’ result, keeps wiping his tears sitting on the bench.

Sohan and Ananya were true best friends from childhood as Sohan’s father was one of Ananya’s father’s fielders. Child, Ananya used to go to the fields with her dad and so did Sohan with his father. Since those days, Ananya and Sohan used to play together while their fathers were working, and she used to invite him at home.

Sohan’s father : You are our God. And our Ananya bethi, Goddess Lakshmi for these poor villagers. Thanks to her love and care, today even Sohan is not in tears because of his mother’s loss. I don’t even know how to thank you (joins his hands and bends down).
Ananya’s father : What are you saying Dilip ? You have done a lot for us. You work for me, you gave us your hardwork. And by the way, Sohan is my angel’s friend. He is like my own son.

Both Sohan & Ananya developped a strong friendship bond by years.

Ananya : (shows him a chain with a pendent) How is it ?
Sohan : What is this ?
Ananya : This (opens the pendent) is my gift, for you.

Sohan takes the chain and sees the pictures : him and her.

Sohan : What is this ?
Ananya : (points her finger on her picture) This is (points the same finger on her) me. And (points the finger on his picture) this, (points it on him) is you.

Sohan looks at the chain smiling.

Ananya : Whenever you will remind me or want to see me, you can just open and look at it.
Sohan : Don’t you have one for you?
Ananya : (gets another chain from her bag) This is for me. So that I also can always remember you and keep you with me.

Sohan and Ananya starts smiling.
But, unfortunately, after the accident, Sohan couldn’t meet Ananya. He later came to know she was sent to Delhi for treatment and remained there for her studies. Missing her, he used to stare at the chain Ananya gifted him.
Years flew with time… Sohan lost his father who died ill when he was 15. Alone, he now lives in his house where only Ananya’s memories and his father’s last traces are staying. With time, her absence made him realize some new feelings he has never felt before, but never understood what they mean.
When he accidentally met her after years, he was really happy. He felt like getting his life back. But when he found her not remembering of anything, not even his face, his heart stopped beating. He never believed he would meet his best friend in such a context. And today when he was going to reveal his truth, their truth, he expected her to remember those moments but against his hopes, she fell down.

Sohan : (cries) How stupid I am! If anything happens to her, then I will never forgive myself.

Precap – Ananya’s family coming to hospital. They talk to the doctor.
Doctor : Did she suffer any brain trouble before ?
Ananya’s bua : Because of an accident, she remained in coma for months. After that she was fine, and she even remembers everything now after her memory loss.
Sohan looks on with tears.

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Ok basically I find the episode so bad (and none can scold me for as it’s really bad ok?). It’s a very boring episode but well it’s just the start of what will happen after.
Well everyone guessed it right about the unknown man, thanks to that “killer” smile. That was none other than Mishal, I mean Sohan.
I am actually feeling sorry for having started this story. But start toh kiya, now have to finish na? :/
Thanks for reading once again.
With lots of love !

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  1. Areeb

    Phenomenal!!! I wanted to read more! ? What happened next! ?
    Ananaya’s restlessness to meet the stranger yet someone special! ? So many questions!! How Ananaya met with accident? She recovered but could not retrieve her moments with Sohan?
    Now I’m actually freaking out! Wanna read this one sooner! ?
    By the way Shruthy, their names are not Dhaani and Viplav, is it also part of your story? Or they are no ViDhaani in this story? Please answer this one.

    1. Shruthy

      Huuh? Wooow! ?❤️ This reaction was actually unexpected… More? I already post longer episodes for this fan fiction than the other ones ?
      I am sorry that some questions of yours won’t get any answer, like Ananya’s accdent was like that, I mean it happened. Just the fact she went into coma and was not getting her memories are the main thing.
      Awww I feel so blessed ???
      I can understand your question. I actually explained in the first episode that actually I have written this fan fiction imagining other show leads and for myself. So whenever I write for myself, like all my stories except “Because Destiny Has Become Our Live Story” and “IKRS – An Imaginary Fan Fiction” are just my own imagination with show leads but not keeping the shows’ real spirit. So I change names and locations depending the stories. And so, “Baarish” was one of my stuffs for myself. And as I have made the story with these names, I kept them though translating into MiSha’s characterisation. So yeah, they are not ViDha. Hopefully you actually understood my blabbers ?

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