Azia- a rare love story- episode 7


Sorry for such a late update. ..

Recap- shreya asks a guy to find out about Gia. ..

Gia and her friends come to the college. Gia was lost in her own world. Rev pushes Gia. .
Gia- rev. .. what are you doing
Rev- you were sleeping so I just woke you up.
Gia- Rev. .. you are just so irritating.
Ish- Gia… This time Rev is correct. You were dreaming. .
Gia- Ish. . Now you don’t act like this idiot. Please.
Rev- you were thinking about him right.
Gia- shut up guys. .
Rev- hi Azher. .
Gia turns and sees that Azher is not there. .
Rev- just kidding.
Rev and Ish start laughing.
Gia- not funny. .
Ish- hi Azher. .
Gia- Ish. . Stop it. . I am not going to fall for this trick again. So don’t even try.
Azher- hi. .
Gia turns and is surprised to see Azher and his friends.
Azher- Gia. .what were you saying?
Gia- nothing much. .
Ish- actually. .
Gia- guys our classes will start. Let’s go..
Gia pulls Ish and Rev. They leave.

Shreya comes to the guy and asks about Gia. He tells everything about.
Shreya- so she is from a typical middle class family. She doesn’t even match our class.

Shreya comes to the canteen where Azher and Sahir were already present with their other friends. She goes and sits with them.
She sees Gia and her friends coming.
Shreya- this year many middle class people have joined our college.
Gia too hears their conversation.
Sahir- shreya why are you talking about class difference now.
Shreya- it does matter. We are all from a rich family. Our standards match.
Azher- I agree with shreya that there is a class difference in our society.
Gia is shocked. She leaves the place in tears. Rev and Ish follow..
Azher continues.
Azher- but that matters only while making some business deal. Not in our personal lives.
Shreya- so you are trying to say that you might even like a girl who belongs to a middle class family.
Azher- why not?
Sahir- brother. . I am proud of you. ..

Precap- Gia ignores Azher. .

Credit to: Navi

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