Azia- a rare love story- episode 6


Sahir is with Shreya and few of his other friends.
Shreya- where is Azher? ?
A guy- he is in professor Agarwal’s cabin.
Sahir- what? ? He is dead today. ..
Azher comes there.
Sahir- dude all okay? ?
Azher- ya. . He just screwed me up. .
Shreya- like always. .
They all laugh. ..

Azher sees Isha coming. .
Azher- hi Isha. .
Ish- hi. .
Azher- how come you are alone today. I mean your friends. .
Ish- Gia is in library. .
She smiles.
Sahir- Smart Ish. ..
Ish looks at him. .
Sahir- Isha. .
Ish- I gotta leave now. . Bye. .
She leaves.
Azher- okay guys. I will leave now. . Got some important work
Sahir- ya. . We know where you are going. All the best. .

Shreya comes near a guy
Shreya- Nikhil, I need your help.
Nikhil- ya..
Shreya- I want you to find about this girl.. what’s her name. . Gia. . Get all information about her. .

Azher comes to the library. He sees Gia reading a book. He goes near her. But still she is busy. She doesn’t notice him.
Azher- hi. .
Gia- hi. .
Azher- I hope I didn’t disturb you.
Gia- if I say you have. . Then. .
Azher- then I will just go from here. Shall I…
Gia- no..
They talk for some time in the library. The librarian asks them to keep quiet.
Azher- shall we have coffee together.
Gia- some other time.
Both leave.

Precap- Shreya discusses about middle class with Azher Sahir and other friends.

Credit to: Navi

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