Azia- a rare love story- episode 4

Recap- Azher’s car almost hit Gia. . She drops her cell which he takes. .

Gia starts searching her cell in her bag. But she doesn’t find.
Gia- where did I keep my cell???
Ish- Gia. . Relax. . Just try to remember when did you last use it.
Gia remembers the morning incident. .
Gia- I guess I dropped it in the entrance.
Rev- let’s go and see.
Gia- you guys go to the canteen. I will go and see.
Gia comes to the entrance. She starts searching. But doesn’t find it.
Gia (in her mind)- what if it is with that guy. .I should ask him. . No.. why will he even bother about my cell. . I guess I lost it.
She goes inside. .

In the canteen Azher is with Sahir Shreya and few of his friends. They were all discussing about going on some trip. But Azher is looking at Gia and is lost thinking. Shreya- Azher, you seem to have no interest in what we are speaking. .
Azher- no nothing like that
Shreya- okay then tell me what we were discussing.
Sahir- arey Shreya just leave it na. .

Gia comes to the canteen. Azher sees her. She searches for Ish and Rev.
Gia- where did these two go. ..
Azher comes to her. She didn’t notice him.
Azher- hey. .
Gia turns
Azher- we met today morning. I hope you remember me.
Gia- ya you almost killed me.
Then she realises what she has said.
Gia- I mean.. I didn’t mean to..
Azher- no that’s okay. Here you go your cell. You dropped it in the morning.
Gia takes her cell.
Gia- thank you so much.
Azher- I am really very sorry for today morning.
Gia- no that’s okay.

Shreya who notices turns to Sahir
Shreya- who is that girl?
Sahir- how will I know? ?

Azher- my name is Azher Khan.
Gia- Gia Sen. .
They shake hands.
Rev Ish and Tina come there.
Gia- okay I will have to leave now.
Azher is still holding her hand.
Gia- my hand.
Azher leaves it. Sahir comes there. Ish too comes. .
Sahir- Ish. …
Ish- it’s Isha for you. .
Sahir- ya hi Isha. . Uncle didn’t tell that you have joined this college. I would have met you earlier. If you need any help then please let me know.
Ish- no. I can manage. .
Sahir- ya. . You can manage anything.
Ish- you said something.
Sahir- no nothing.
Ish- Gia let’s leave.
Gia- ya. .
Azher- bye. .
Gia- bye. .
They leave. .
Azher- dude you know her? ?
Sahir- ya. Her dad works in our company.
Azher- have you met her before. .
Sahir- ya. . I have met Isha twice before.
Azher- Isha??? Who Isha? ? I was talking about Gia. .
Sahir- Gia? ?? I was talking about Isha.
Both laugh. .
Shreya- guys. . What’s going on. .
Sahir- nothing. .
They leave. ..

Guys I tried to give longer update. . Hope you like it.
Sorry no precap today. .

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  1. its amazing. i like d track. 🙂 keep goin navi.

  2. Meghna shanti

    Nice update dear
    Try to update this much every time

  3. Hey….sorry to say but It’s like repeating old serials.
    Plz have something new with this .

  4. Keep writing Navi
    The story is interesting
    Update soon

  5. Hey plz update soon….i hardly get to read any GOT fanfics so I am always looking forward for your next update. And it’s a great story…..

  6. it’s gud….But still try to make it more interesting….something funny and all……O.K….But yet u r doing a gud job….Do continue.

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