Azia- a rare love story- episode 3

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Recap- Azher’s entry. .

In the morning the three girls get ready for college.
Gia- Ish Rev. . You too go to college. I have to buy something. I will come later. .
Gia leaves. .

Ish and Rev come to college. They meet Tina. They all go to canteen and start their chit chat. . Rev asks Ish to call Gia and ask where is she. Ish calls Gia
Ish- Gia where are you? Classes will start now.
Gia- I am near the entrance. In two minutes I will be there. .
Gia cuts the call. She sees a very big car coming towards her with a very high speed. Gia screams and covers her face. Her mobile and bag fall on the ground. A guy gets out of the car and it is Azher. . He comes near her.
Azher- are you okay? ?
Gia takes her hands from her face and both look at each other. Azher lifts her bag and gives it to her. She takes it and leaves the place without saying a word. Azher notices her mobile but before he could call her she has left the place. He lifts her mobile and it is switched off.

Gia comes to her class and sits with Rev and Ish. She seemed very disturbed.
Ish- Gia what happened?
Gia- I will tell you later. .
Class ends and the Three come out. Gia narrates them what happened.
Rev- guys there is no network in my cell.
Gia searches for her cell in her bag.
Ish- what happened?
Gia- my cell is missing. ..

Precap- in the canteen Azher is with his. He sees Gia coming. He goes near her. .

Hope you guys liked it. ..

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  1. Hyyy Navi..suprrbb epi..Plzz continue nd update with long storyline..

  2. gud episode..
    waiting for nxt epi

  3. Thanks Akshara and ryths. ..

  4. The story is really good. It seems interesting. Continue it the same way n make the updates a little longer. So navi waiting fr d nxt too.???

  5. Hi navi nice update but pls make a longer update as i m finding ur story to be interesting!!! Hope u will do it as soon as u can!!??????

  6. Thanks akansha and shanaya. . I will try to give longer updates

  7. hey navi whr is d episode 4. like am waiting to read it……….. 🙂

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