Azia- a rare love story- episode 2

Hello. . Here I present you the 2nd episode. . I hope you are liking my story. . I got such low comments which made me feel that you are not liking it. ..

Recap- Gia Ish and Rev come to the college. They meet a girl named Tina.

A car comes to the entrance of the college. A girl comes out of the car. In the next car a guy is sleeping. She goes near him and hits him. He wakes up with a jerk. He comes out of the car.
Guy- kya yar Shreya. I am having such an hangover and you just broke my sleep.
Shreya- ya Sahir. Me too. Now I will never party during weekdays. . Do irritating. Anyways where is Azher. .
Sahir- no idea. I don’t think he will come today.
A car comes there.
Shreya- you are wrong. Azher came.
Azher- hello guys. . Looks like we shouldn’t have partied last night. .
Sahir- true.
They all go in. .

Gia Ish Rev and Tina come out and sit on the bench.
Tina- do you know what is the highlight of the college.
Gia- what
Tina- many VVIPs study over. Children of some rich businessman politicians etc…

Azher and his friends too come there and sit on the bench nearby. Tina tells the girls about some popular students in the college.
Rev(pointing at Azher and his friends)- who are they? ?
Tina- that guy is Azher. Prince of nightlife. . Very handsome. His father owns many night clubs in the city. His girlfriends keep changing everyday. And the guy with him is….
Ish- Sahir. .
Tina- you know him
Ish- my dad works in his dad’s office.
Gia- okay. . You personally know him.
Ish- not really. I have met him once or twice.
Tina- Sahir’s dad is a businessman and a politician. The girl with them is Shreya. Her parents too have a business and they have settled in London. Everybody in the college want to be noticed by them. So if I have to tell about them in just few words then I would say RICH SPOILT BRATS. .
They laugh…

Precap- Azher and Gia 1st meeting. ..

Hope you guys liked it. ..

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  1. Nice idea navi.plz continue.

  2. very good start …. 🙂
    Nice one and the characters are so apt 2 their roles

  3. Mmmm Well Nice epii..Don’t worry Navi about our commntss..plzz continuee..

  4. And also Gowri nd Monisha..plz commntd in our GOT page..

  5. Hi navi nice story!!!! Pls write longer update !!!! My fav couple too is Azia!! N also pls update soon !!

  6. Hey thnx for continued it don’t Worry abut comments there are many silent reader are here but one request i know this ff is very much influenced with feriha as u said it in intro but don’t cpy the dialogue yr plz with these story line do something creating not just copypast nd sorry if i hurt u

  7. Its creative nd sorry once again if i hurt u

  8. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    Navi don’t worry … I m again busy due to exams … I’ll surely read all episodes after exam … continue it

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