Azia- a rare love story- episode 1

Hello everyone. . I am back with the 1st episode. . Hope you guys like it. .

In a flat two girls are sleeping peacefully. Third girl comes and screams in their ears good morning. The two girls wake up with a jerk. She says Ish Rev today is our 1st day in the ccollege. We shouldn’t be late. (Yes the two girls are Isha and Revati).
Rev- oh god Gia. . Why do you always wake up so early. ( and the third girl is Gia)
Gia- because I am not lazy like you. .
Rev- how dare you call me lazy. .
Ish- stop fighting guys. . Lets get ready for the college. Or else we will be late. .

The three girls get ready and head to their college. Gia gets a call from her parents.
Gia- good morning maa and baba. .
Baba- good morning my bacchha. . All the best. .
Maa- all the best
Gia- thank you. .
Maa- Mumbai is a very big city. You take care.
Gia- ya maa. . Don’t worry. . Okay. . Bye. .
She cuts the call goes with her friends. .

The three come to the college. . They go to their class. After the class ends they go the canteen. There they meet a girl.
Girl- hey.. my name is Tina. .2nd year student.. You guys are new here..
The three girls introduce themselves. . Tina then tells them about the college and the students there. .

Precap- Azher’s entry. .

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  1. frst epi is nice Navi..waitng for our hero AZHER KHAN entry..

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