Azad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 2


Asad enquires about the flight in which Zoya landed and they said flight has been arrived and all the passengers had gone. Asad calls Dilshad and tells that he
missed Ms.Zoya farukhi because of little confusion. He asks Dilshad to call and ask Zoya where is she?.

Dilshad calls Zoya and is surprised to hear ringtone at door. Zoya smiles and and gets inside home. Dil asks “how did u come here,Zoya? “. Zoya shows her ipod and
says this help me to come here. She introduces herself and says “she bought a gift for u puppi(aunty). ahhh. If u dont mind may i call you puppi?” Dilshad says sure
and opens the gift. Najma interferes and asks “shall i open the gift?” and begins to open the gift.

While opening the gift a parrot toy bumps out of the box and and it touches Najma’s nose softly while moving forward and backward . Dilshad laughs open heartedly.
Najma sees Dilshad and thinks ” I didnt see ammi laughing from the heart like this for a long time..” and she too laughs. All 3 laughs for a long time thinking about this
and then went to have lunch. Zoya says i wanna say shayari

” puppet parrot ne diya Najma’s nose ko punch.
iss beauty Zoya ne aapko serve karegi lunchh..
sukriya.. sukriya..”

Dil and Najma gives weird expressions on hearing shayari and then laughs. Then Najma shows Zoya’s room which is NEXT TO Asad room. Zoya enters her room
at the same time Asad enters home. They didnt see each other. (mitwa piano tune plays)

Dilshad and Najma welcomes Asad and they started to arrange all things like robots for Asad. Dilshad tells Asad “Zoya is very smart girl. She is very funny. I like Zoya
a lot. she is very nice girl.” . Asad replies “I am feeling relaxed that Our guest is nice girl. U know wat ammi, today i saw a badtameez ladki in airport and i was
scared that wat happens if our guest also behave like the same. thank god. allah saved us. i never want to see that badtameez ladki in my life ammi.” Dilshad says
Asad to Relax.

Asad receives phone call and says to Dilshad that he will come late ,dont wait for me. after Asad leaves Zoya comes to hall (mitwa piano tune plays). Dilshad says
“just now my son leave from here. if u come 1 min before i ll introduce u to him.” Zoya says “no problem aunty, i am hungry. can we have dinner?”

Zoya, Dil and Najma had dinner. Zoya likes Dilshad’s food a lot and praises her. she excuses herself and goes to take rest. Dil and Najma speaks about Zoya and her
friendly character and feels happy about her presence. Asad returns home and comes to his room. After refreshing he comes near window and sees the stars on sky.
On his right side window Zoya too enjoys seeing the stars on sky. (mitwa plays..)

Asad : (remembers zoya’s speech at airport.) till now no girl had talked to me like this.
Zoya : (remembers asad’s judgemental speech) till now no one had judged me like him.
Asad : By the way.. why should i think about her. forget it.
Zoya : Allah miya.. wats wrong with me..? why am i thinking about Mr.Gussawala. forget it zoya..

The screen freezes on their split up face as watching sky.

Precap : Zoya is scared and hugs Asad. she asks him dont leave me. (mitwa plays..)

Credit to: Kalai

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  1. hey kalai, I hope u won’t drag it like asad-zoya, sanam-aahil, seher-rehan, mahira-azad, etc. I just love asad and zoya. its my request yaar. 🙂 . sorry if that hurts u.

    1. dont worry aruna.. instead of dragging like that i ll end serial.. ha ha..

  2. I just saw this ff now….I miss this couple so bad AsYa rockzz……tnx Kalai for writing AsYa’s ff and am gonna read first episode now….yay finally got someone who remember AsYa….keep it up gurl

  3. My fav part was when Zoya used to say Allah Miya what’s wrong with you Mr Khan…Miss this couple

  4. Hi Kalai………. if u dont mind change the name of your ff its asad not azad……. <3

    1. k frnd.. i ll change in next epi..

  5. superb ff
    loved it plzzzzzzzzz keep on writing kalai
    Allah miyan I’m so hpy reading dis
    missing back e glory of qubul hai yr

  6. Ha so cute episode

  7. Kaai thank you thank you for bringing back ASAP and zoya

  8. Kalai, i request u pls use asad, don’t spell azad. And where is ayaan?

  9. thank u so much frnds.. i got new hope bcz of ur comments.

  10. Hey kalai thnk u sooooooooooooooooo much for this ff.i m a huge fan of asad and zoya.they are the best.i daily watch their epis on net.they had an immense tragic end of season 1.i cries a lot.i hope u don’t make us cry again plz….let this lovers stay united forever….go ahead…continue…

  11. Its asad (lion) nt azad (free) …bdw nice ff

  12. Thanx kalai 4 brnging bak the magic f asad n zoya, dey were a such a luvly pair:-)

  13. Thanx kalai 4 brnging bak the magic f asad n zoya, dey were a such a luvly pair:-) n can u pls post link to previous 1, its dificlt to find it out. . . Pls. . .

  14. Superb episode, love you loads eagerly waiting for the next episode

  15. 1st episode link

    if u type “asad aur zoya ke beech telly updates” in google.. u can find it..

  16. Yar kalai its not aZad its aSad….plz correct it…

  17. plzzzzz put todays epi…of asad zoya

  18. Superb! Just love these epis… thanks for bringing back Asya! Please dont introduce any evil! 🙂

  19. I luv ur combination of caracters ,keep it up guys

  20. love it

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