Ayushaman Bhava 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Krish saves the school

Ayushaman Bhava 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Principal taking clown’s disguise and showing magic to kids. He takes goons’ phone. Krish looks on. The boy takes the phone and gives to Krish. Krish returns the phone. Principal gives the phone back to the goon. Avi comes to Krish. Krish reads Samaira’s message. He reads Vikrant’s message of vacating the school and Rudra’s reply. Avi says we should know few things about enemy, right time didn’t come. Krish says they will ruin my school. Avi says no, you can call police and complain them, if there are fraud people like Govind, there are honest people like Ayub too, police has to do the proceedings. Krish calls police.

Sudhir asks Jatin why did he call him. Jatin tells about Rudra hiring the goon, but police reached there and arrested them. Sudhir asks how did he come here. Jatin says I got him here, we all would have fallen in trouble. I think Rudra got mad after Govind died, he has sent goons at a school, we would have fallen in trouble.

Sudha wakes up Krish and says we have to go temple. He asks will I get prasad. She says yes, get ready. Madhav gets a call. He says some goons went to school, but police came on right time, so they couldn’t do anything. Krish smiles. Sudha takes him. Kailash sees a lady scolding Kaushalya and making her wash clothes. He cries. Kaushalya comes home. He asks where did she go. She thinks his heart will sink if she tells truth. She lies. He thinks if he tells he knows, she will get hurt. Sudha prays for Krish. Krish prays for Avi’s family, as he can’t meet them. Sudha asks him to wait here, she will meet pandit and come. Krish sees Badri and greets him. Badri says we didn’t meet before and goes. Sudha asks who was that man, don’t talk to strangers, come. Sudhir thinks of Samaira’s words. He thinks you have created hurdles, you have raised my problem, I can’t take your name and got risk like Avi, I got trapped in one sided love, I m getting mad for you.

Krish is on the way and thinks this work isn’t easy, story started with Avi, but I will end this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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