Ayushaman Bhava 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Govind gets killed

Ayushaman Bhava 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Krish challenging Govind. Govind gets provoked. Jatin reaches there and asks him to move off the gun. Goivnd refuses. Krish says I called anti corruption to tell where you have hidden black money, I have trapped you. Avi looks on. Kaushalya prays for Krish. Govind gets angry on Krish. Jatin asks Govind to move the gun. Madhav and Sudha come there. Jatin gets Vikrant’s message asking him to kill Govind. Jatin shoots Govind. Govind falls down. Madhav and Sudha run to Krish. Krish says you won’t be alive to tell anyone, I will not leave any of you, I started with you, good bye. Govind stares at him. Kaushalya asks Lord did he save Krish from danger. Jatin sees Govind. He asks constable to call ambulance.

Jatin asks Madhav to let Krish give statement. Sudha scolds

them for trying to kill Krish. Krish says don’t worry, we will go after I give statement. Media comes there. Reporters ask Krish why did Govind wish to kill him. Krish recalls Jatin killing Avi. Krish gives interview. Govind is taken. Sudhir, Samaira and Vikrant see the news. Samaira says Govind was mad to point gun at the innocent kid for his doubt. Vikrant says he had to die. Sudhir says its good he died. Vikrant says he had died, he can’t come to help anyone.

Madhav, Sudha and Krish come home. Sudha says that inspector would have killed Krishn today, thank Lord, Kanha ji saved Krish. He says I have no answers, I feel helpless, I m realizing fear for the first time, I felt like we lost our Krish. Krish looks on. Sudha says none can snatch our Krish, if you lose courage, what will I do. Krish feels sorry and thinks if I tell truth, you will get more scared, once I take revenge, I will come back to you. Badri meets all prisoners and gets farewell.

Avi comes to Krish and says whatever happened was dangerous, understand this, your body is of 8 years, but your mind is of 25 year old, its good you can take care of yourself, you have to be careful of cheat, you will need some mentor, there will be some Krishna for you. Krish nods.

Badri gets his bag and Gita. He sees his daughter’s pic. He sees a train ticket and says this changed my life, this will always remind me who I m. Jailer says you got free, what will you do now. Badri says I will find my life’s aim. He comes out of the jail. Constable says you became free now, what will you do. Badri smiles and says I can answer this when I m sent back to jail. He goes. Krish and kids come to meet principal. Krish sees detective kind of things and smiles.

Krish asks Madhav to trust him, he will not try to run away, but he has to help him, he has to promise. Madhav promises. Rudra looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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