Ayushaman Bhava 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Krish wins the wrestling match

Ayushaman Bhava 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the wrestler knocking down everyone. The man announces to ask if there is anyone to fight with the wrestler. Krish comes and says I will fight. He sees Vikrant and thinks you killed me in last birth and tried to kill me in this birth also, I have come back as Krishna, I will be your Kaal. Sudhir tells Krish that all wrestlers lost to this wrestler, you will get your bones broken. Krish says history is not always repeated, its sometimes written also. Vikrant says let him taste the dust, we will enjoy the sight.

Krish gets ready for the fight. Krish tells his name Krishna. Krish fights with the wrestler. Vikrant looks on. A man aims the gun. Krish gets hit on his head. He gets fainting. He falls down. Vikrant and Sudhir smile. The man asks wrestler to stop beating

Krish now. Krish sees Vikrant. He thinks of Sudhir and Samaira’s cheat. He thinks my love Samaira is now my enemy Vikrant’s wife. He gets up. He lifts the wrestler and throws him. He fights back. Vikrant and Sudhir get shocked. Krish wins the fight. Vikrant looks on. Krish goes to him. Guards stop him. Krish still walks to Vikrant.

Vikrant says you lost your senses by your victory. He gives a trophy to Krish. Krish says I don’t need this trophy, my power doesn’t depend on any trophy. Sudhir points gun and tries to scare him of death. Krish says I have seen death closely, I always got alive after death. He makes gun point on head. He says its Chathpuja today, people pray for their lives, I m not scared to give my life. The shooter aims at Vikrant. Krish gets shot. Vikrant slaps guard. He asks guards to go and see who shot the bullet. Krish gets up with the wound on his arm.

He says I understood people near you have to pay for your security, keep a good bodyguard next time. Vikrant stops him and says you have won in dangal, who are you, you did a favor by saving my life, ask anything you like. Krish says I heard life is priceless, but you have fixed a price for it, tell me what can you give me, life has no price. Samaira says you risked your life and saved my husband’s life, I will always remember this favor. Krish says this bullet just passed. Sudhir says you have saved my dear brother, sorry for the argument. Vikrant says come to our haveli tomorrow, I don’t keep anyone’s favor. Krish leaves and thinks I wanted this, you gave invitation to your destruction. Vikrant smiles and fold hands.

A lady saves the house from bad sight and says its my duty to do so.

Update Credit to: Amena

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