Ayushaman Bhava 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Madhav gets killed

Ayushaman Bhava 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the man telling Badri about Mohan and Madhav. He asks Badri to do something to save them. Badri says yes, you keep an eye on Sudhir. The man goes. Madhav asks the driver to drive fast. Sudha and Krish ask where are we going. Madhav says I don’t have time to say. Rudra follows. Krish asks whats happening, who is following us. Madhav asks the driver to drive faster. He says I will tell everything once we reach there. The driver says car has broke down, I will see. Madhav asks Sudha to come fast. He pays the man. Madhav asks Krish and Sudha to come fast. Rudra reaches them. Madhav gets shocked seeing him.

Madhav asks Sudha to just run. Rudra gets the gun. Sudha and Krish get worried. Rudra shoots down Madhav. They get shocked. Madhav falls down. Rudra leaves in

his car. Sudha says I m with you, nothing will happen to you. Krish cries. He tries to get help from people.

No one helps them. Krish tries to start the car. Madhav calls him and says I have less time. Krish says I will not let anything happen to you. Madhav gives the phone and pendrive and says it has all proof against your enemies, I did late to understand the motive of your birth, I did what I could do, I m leaving you midway, forgive me. Krish says you can’t leave me. Madhav says you have to fight the battle yourself, I bless you, Ayushaman Bhava, take care of Sudha. He dies. They cry and shout. Krish runs to the police station and meets inspector Shyam. He says they have killed my dad. Shyam asks who killed them. Krish says this phone has all proof against them, arrest them. He complains against Vikrant, and asks him to check the phone. He says I know Vikrant, he kills people after they do work. Shyam gets shocked.

Krish gives the phone. Shyam doesn’t find any video in the phone. He checks pendrive. He doesn’t find any video. He says its empty. Krish gets shocked. A man looks on and recalls Sudhir’s words. The man deleted the files when Madhav’s final rites were getting done. Krish asks Shyam to check well, Madhav said this has proof. Shyam says there is nothing in it. Krish says give it to me, I will check. He checks the empty pendrive. He asks him how can this happen. Shyam asks how can we arrest someone without proof. Krish says Rudra killed my dad in front of me, arrest him. Shyam asks did anyone come with you, your mummy give her number, sit here, I will call her. Kaka comes and says I came here to take Krish. He tells Krish that Sudha is finding him. Krish asks Shyam not to leave Vikrant. He goes. Sudhir’s man looks on. Vikrant praises Rudra for his work. Rudra says Madhav had to die, I have seen fear in Krish’s eyes. Vikrant says good, whenever I see Krish, I feel something strange. They all drink. Vikrant asks Sudhir to keep an eye on Krish.

Krish gets a call from Sudha and thinks why is she calling Vikrant. Vikrant thinks you are just a kid, whatever you do. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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