Ayushaman Bhava 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mohan gives a proof to Madhav

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The Episode starts with Vikrant calling Sudhir. He asks him to keep an eye on Madhav and know what he knows about Avi and Ayub’s murder. Sudhir agrees. Mohan calls Madhav and says I want to show you the proof, come and meet me. Madhav agrees to meet him. He sees Sudha sleeping and goes. Sudha wakes up and looks for him. He sees Krish sleeping and sits by his side. Madhav kisses Krish and says I m doing this for you, whenever you recall me, you will recall me as superhero, not like a coward, you will recall me as a true fighter. Sudha comes and asks where are you going. He says I can’t tell you. She asks him what is he doing. He says I have to do this. He leaves. She worries. Sudhir follows Madhav.

Madhav comes to meet Mohan. Sudhir asks whom is Madhav meeting at this time. Mohan says

my life is in danger, I want to give you something. He shows the video of Avi’s murder. Madhav gets shocked. Sudhir’s man says I will go and check, stay here, its dangerous to go there. Sudhir asks him to go.

Mohan says truth should come out now, just you can get justice for Avi. Madhav recalls Krish and all the incidents. He thinks it means Krish is not lying, Krish is Avi, Avi has taken rebirth as Krish to complete the story, its true. Sudhir asks why did he not come back. Mohan says they will reach me, promise me you will get justice for Avi. Sudha worries. Sudhir goes to see. He says Mohan…. Mohan says keep this, you will have truth in this video.

Sudhir thinks is Mohan alive, he came to meet Madhav, it means they are doing something. Mohan says I don’t know when they catch me, I can live peacefully now, Avi will get justice, I don’t care what happened with me now. Mohan sees Sudhir’s man and gets shocked. Sudhir asks his man to catch them. Mohan asks Madhav to run. Sudhir and his man try to catch them. They run away. Sudhir thinks to inform Vikrant fast. Madhav comes home and asks Sudha to open door fast. He locks the door. He says we have to leave fast, don’t ask anything. She asks what’s happening, where are we going. He packs bags. He says I will drop you and Krish at your sister’s house, I will come later. She asks why. He says I will tell later, come fast.

He sees Krish sleeping and thinks I won’t let anything happen to Krish. He asks Krish to wake up, they have to leave. Krish asks where. He says come with me fast. He locks the house. Vikrant says I had a doubt, so I asked you to keep an eye on Madhav. Sudhir says I didn’t know this. Vikrant scolds him.

He says my company fell in trouble again, I know what to do, so I gave this work to someone who will never let me down, he has come. Rudra comes there. Vikrant tells his plan. He says Mohan gave proof against us to Madhav, Mohan got caught, Mohan and Madhav have to die. Sudhir gets shocked. They leave.

The man tells Badri that he tried to keep Sudhir away, they are dangerous. Badri says I want all info about Sudhir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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