Ayushaman Bhava 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Krish sees the article printoit

Ayushaman Bhava 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Madhav getting a call from someone. The man says I know you wrote the article about Avi’s death, I can help you, save your family, keep your son away from Sudhir, he is involved in Avi’s murder. Madhav gets shocked and thinks what proof would this man have, who is this man. Madhav calls Sudha and asks about Krish. She says he will come late, Krish is going on field trip with Sudhir. Principal asks the kids not to do mischief. Madhav comes to pick Krish. He says there is an emergency and takes Krish.

Sudhir comes and asks where is Krish going. Principal says Madhav took him, what can I do. Sudhir thinks what to answer Vikrant. Sudha gets Madhav’s article in newspaper and worries. Madhav asks her why is she worried. She makes him read the article. She asks do

you know who has written this.

She says who wants to dig out the past, why don’t problems leave us. He says but its right, Avi and Ayub should get justice. She says I can’t tolerate anything happening to Krish, he should not know this. She hides newspaper from Krish. Krish says my fav cartoon sketch comes in it. She asks him to go. Krish goes to get ready. Sudha gives the newspaper along junk papers. The man says its today’s newspaper. Krish hears this and takes the newspaper. He checks it. Sudha makes tea fall on it and says sorry. Madhav and Sudha send Krish. Madhav drops Krish to school. Sudhir meets them on the way. Sudhir says I will drop you. Madhav says no thanks, we will go by walk. Sudhir says I had to talk, Krish is very talented, why did you not get him to my office. Madhav says I know he is talented, but I don’t want to send him. Sudhir asks why. Madhav says Krish is a kid, I decided not to send him.

Sudhir says if you are worried for money… Madhav says I request you to be away from us. He asks Krish to stay away from Sudhir. Krish thinks what happened to Papa. Sudhir thinks if I don’t take Krish to office, what will I tell Vikrant. Kids tease Gungun. Krish helps her. They go out and wait for their dad. Krish sees Vikrant coming. She praises her dad. He sees her with Vikrant. She introduces her friend Krish. She thinks you are wrong, your dad is not superman, but a bad man. Vikrant greets Krish. He says I will drop you. Krish says Madhav will be coming, I will go with him. Teacher asks him to go, he will inform Madhav. Krish reads article and thinks who has written this.

Vikrant asks why did you not come to my office. Krish says I wanted to come but… Vikrant says your parents don’t allow you, I will come to meet them. Krish says no need, I will come. Vikrant makes him promise. Vikrant says I will meet Madhav soon, I want some info about an article. Krish comes home with Vikrant and Gungun. Vikrant greets Sudha. Sudha asks them to sit.

Krish tells Sudha that Madhav didn’t come to pick him, so they dropped him. Vikrant sees some files kept. He checks. He gets shocked seeing the article print out. Krish keeps the paper back in the diary. Vikrant says it fell down. Sudha asks about Gungun’s mumma. Vikrant says she doesn’t stay with us. She says sorry, I didn’t know. He says I just came to drop Krish, next time we will meet Madhav, thanks. He goes. Krish sees the article printout. He gets shocked. He thinks so dad wrote this article, Vikrant knew this, it means he came here to confirm this.

Someone sees Madhav and goes to meet. Sudhir looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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