Ayushaman Bhava 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Krish teaches a lesson to Vikrant

Ayushaman Bhava 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Krish finding Madhav worried. He does his hair champi. Madhav gets relaxed and talks against Sudha. Sudha hears him and signs Krish to move. Madhav says your wife has magic. He complains about Sudha. Sudha beats Madhav. Madhav says I was just joking. Krish laughs. He hugs them and says I love you. They say we love you too. Madhav checks Avi’s file. He thinks who was against Avi, the truth has to come out. He sees Sudha sleeping and thinks to fight for justice and his son. He prints the article and puts it in an envelop.

Vikrant comes to the school. Sudhir says everyone is here to welcome you. Krish thinks why did Sudhir do this, I trusted him the most. Principal thanks Vikrant for reopening the school. Krish gives bouquet and welcomes Vikrant. Vikrant’s hand

gets dirty. He gets angry. The man apologizes and asks Vikrant to wash his hands. Principal apologizes. Madhav keeps the envelop for his senior to see. The man reads the news and calls all the staff.

Madhav reads the news about Avi and Ayub’s death, Govind is the common link. The senior asks them to work hard and get such imp news. The man asks who has written this article, we can’t print this. The senior says we have to print this to spread truth. Madhav thinks I m on right path, Avi should get justice. Vikrant goes to wash hands. Krish locks him up. He takes the guard away and makes them play song loud. He dances. Vikrant gets trapped in darkness. He thinks Vikrant killed Avi, I won’t let him die this way. Vikrant knocks the door.

Vikrant gets unwell. Krish asks guard to hear Vikrant. He opens the door and asks what happened, the door lock is damaged, I was also stuck inside. Vikrant scolds the guards. Sudhir comes and asks what happened. Vikrant says take me to car fast. Krish thinks real picture is left. Principal says I m glad our school reopened, credit goes to Vikrant, he had to go, but we will felicitate Sudhir. Sudhir gives best wishes to everyone. He gives a speech. Everyone claps.

Principal says sorry for whatever happened. Sudhir says thanks for calling Vikrant here, he just wanted to make school better, he has a request, get all kids to our office so that they can learn new technology. Principal says its a great thing, I promise I will get them. Sudhir says get Krish. Principal praises Krish. Krish looks on. Sudhir thinks Vikrant is not foolish to return school. Krish thinks its imp to know about enemy to end him, see how I come there and create a drama.

Krish talks to a girl. Krish sees Vikrant and thinks your Papa is a bad man, not superman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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