Ayushaman Bhava 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikrant and Samaira stay unhappy

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The Episode starts with Badri coming to meet Krish. He says sorry, you got hurt, but our plan succeeded. He recalls shooting Krish. Krish says I would have not become Krishna without you. He recalls getting raised by Badri. Krish says I remember how Vikrant shot me and killed me parents, he is my enemy, I couldn’t do anything. Badri says I understand your revenge fire, Lord saved you, you should take care, doctor said you just have six months, the bullet in your head can kill you anytime. Krish says I have no fear to die, I have to do my work. Badri says I was worried for you, that wrestler has hit on your head, I have won Vikrant’s trust, I will kill him.

Vikrant and Samaira come home. He reminds what his mum said. Sudhir looks on. She goes. Sudhir comes to his room. His wife does

puja. She says I tried to talk, you didn’t answer my call, I stay worried for you. He says I couldn’t answer. She doubts he has an affair. She asks him to leave. He says listen to me, this stain is of blood. He tells everything. He sees his coat catching fire and asks did you go mad. She says blood stained clothes shouldn’t be worn. He says fine, go and end puja.

He thinks I left Samaira and married this mad girl for money, she is making me mad, I respect Vikrant, he did a lot for me, but I feel to leave Vikrant’s mad sister to a jungle. Vikrant says you got scared for my life. She says if anything happened to you. She says you worry for me. She says I worried for this luxurious life. He says wife should be like you, you are a diamond for all, but a hollow stone. She says its called a diamond, you married me. He stops her and says I like every costly thing, also your best couple drama, just I know your truth. She says I also know why you married me, so that your daughter gets a mum. He says you have no motherly love, you couldn’t become my wife, so I love my first wife. She says we love our own greed, we are an ideal couple. He goes.

Inspector asks Vikrant to come out. Sudhir scolds inspector. Inspector argues. He warns Vikrant against roaming out. His mum wards off bad sight. Maai blesses Vikrant. She asks inspector to take prasad. He says I don’t eat anything on duty day. She insists. He eats prasad. He says tell your son not to break laws. He leaves. She counts down. Inspector falls down. She smiles. Servants take inspector out.

Vikrant argues with Kaushalya. She says my son will come here. Krish arrives.

Update Credit to: Amena

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