Ayushaman Bhava 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikrant praises Krish

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The Episode starts with Sudhir getting Krish to Vikrant’s companies. Krish sees Samaira and thinks what is she doing here, she doesn’t know they are dangerous. Vikrant welcomes Krish. He praises Krish to be smarter than Sudhir. Vikrant asks Krish to see his office, there are many lazy and careless people, he is lucky to come in his sight, he respects such people. Krish fixes a bug there. Vikrant says I have huge plans, you fit right. I want you to join my office, your mind is like computer. He asks what does he like. Krish says I like having icecream, mum and dad get me every flavour of icecream.

Vikrant says you didn’t understand me, I think I have seen you. Krish says yes, you met me in school. Vikrant says now I remember, tell me how can we help you. Krish asks can you solve our

school problem, can you get it re opened. Sudhir asks how did this come in between. Krish says uncle said he will fulfill whatever I ask, can’t he do this. Sudhir asks him to stay in limit, this can’t happen. Krish says fine, then I will leave, if you need me, I will not help you. He leaves.

Vikrant accepts the deal. Krish stops and smiles. Vikrant says I will return the school. Krish asks him to promise. Vikrant promises. Krish gets happy. Krish thinks to make them dance. The school opens. The kids get happy. Samaira asks Vikrant why did he give the school back. Vikrant says yes, Govind gave life to vacate the school. She says I was confused, you just see business and profit…. why so much pity this time. Vikrant says you know me right, I just think of business, but don’t think they have won if I returned school.

Krish sees Vikrant’s interview on news. Vikrant says my little daughter gungun is my weakness. Sudha does her work. Krish thinks to use the weakness. Vikrant says we can snatch the school any time, success is imp in business, ethics are of weak people, now its your responsibility, how you make that boy work his best, then he can go anywhere. She says like Avi right…. Badri hears them. Vikrant says yes, but Krish is not foolish like Avi, he is a smart kid, see how he did the deal, he will work in our office, Sudhir you have found him, great, just use the kid now. He goes.

Samaira taunts Sudhir. He says if you didn’t do hacking, I would have not known about Krish, how do you feel losing to a kid. She says I did hacking for justice, you supported him for your greed, one day you will sink and none will come to save you. He says I don’t care. She scolds him and goes. Badri says Krish said Samaira is a nice girl, is this not true, shall I tell this to Krish or not.

Madhav is on the way. He stops somewhere and runs to Krish. He asks Krish to come home fast.

Update Credit to: Amena

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