Ayushaman Bhava 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Madhav vows to find Avi’s case matter

Ayushaman Bhava 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Krish seeing Madhav and Sudha getting beaten up in the lockup. He asks Kanha why did he get last birth memories, why is he so young. A tea vendor comes there and recognizes him. He sees Madhav getting beaten up. He signs Madhav. Madhav, Sudha and Krish leave. Madhav thinks to expose them, he has to know Avi’s death news. Sudha thinks Krish should have not seen this, how to save the family. Krish prays to Kanha. They recall what all happened.

Madhav comes home and looks for Avi’s file. He checks it. Sudha asks him not to take this file, else they will be killed, why to fall in risk. Madhav says there is something big in this case. He says this case is right and wrong fight, we have to expose the wrong doers. Sudha says my family protection is imp for me, I will

burn this file. She takes the file. Madhav shouts what’s this madness, this is evidence. Sudha cries and says I m doing this for Krish. He says I m also doing this for Krish too, I will try that we don’t fall in problem. He hugs her.

Tea vendor comes home to talk. He tells Madhav that Jatin is finding Avi’s file, Govind was killed because of it, he was also finding Govind. Madhav asks what’s the connection. The boy says Krish was there at the time of encounter, you helped me to get out of jail, I have a tea stall there and get news, I wanted to inform you all this. Madhav says I have that file. The boy says I can keep it back, I can help. Madhav says I know its risky to have it, but I can’t put you in risk. Sudha gets the file and gives him.

Krish recalls whatever happened and cries. Badri meets him and asks what happened. Krish says police has beaten my mum and dad. Badri gets shocked. Krish says I will not be scared. Badri says you don’t get afraid, remember they are wrong and they will lose, don’t leave them now, if you need anything, tell me. Krish nods.

Sudha does aid to Madhav. They worry for Krish. Madhav says little children don’t forget such things. Sudha says he sees strange dreams and now all this. They start acting to make Krish smile. Krish laughs. He does the aid. Sudha says I have much work, I will take Krish along. Madhav asks Krish to apply medicine to Sudha. Krish does the aid.

Krish sees the news of Vikrant’s software getting a virus. Krish thinks who is doing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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