Ayushaman Bhava 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Maai hides big secret

Ayushaman Bhava 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Krish feeding the rose to the goat. Kavya gets shocked. He goes. Vikrant gets a call. Krish says I m your well wisher. Vikrant asks him to say. Krish says I want to give you something. Vikrant asks what. Krish says have patience. Vikrant says my time is precious. Krish asks him to waste some time if he has to save family. Vikrant laughs and says none can dare to see my family. Krish asks if its someone from family and if your wife is target, what will you do. He sends the video to Vikrant. Vikrant checks the video. He gets shocked.

He thinks how dare Sudhir does so. He goes. Krish looks on. Vikrant pushes Sudhir. Krish says I m glad seeing Vikrant beating Sudhir. Vikrant shuts the door. Sudhir asks what’s my mistake, say something. Vikrant slaps him. He threatens Sudhir. He asks him to stay away from Samaira.

Sudhir says you are mistaken, trust me. Vikrant raises hand on him. He says enmity and cheat with me is not good, you know I don’t even spare my friends. He warns Sudhir and leaves him. Maai goes to her secret room and does some tantra mantra. Krish follows her. Sudhir recalls Vikrant’s words. Krish gets dizzy and leaves from there. Maai looks around and thinks who was here. Krish leaves. Vikrant comes there. She asks him to come with her. She shows Avinash’s body and says this was the real reason to kill Avi, business was just an excuse, everything is going to change, very soon Avi will get up and come in front of everyone. She laughs.

Krish reaches the party hall. He falls down. Kavya sees him and rushes to him. She asks him to open eyes. Badri checks him. He says I think his sugar level got down. She says I m a doctor, just help me. She goes to get the kit. Badri wakes up Krish and asks where are the medicines. Krish says its at home. Badri asks him to come fast. He tries to take Krish. They leave. Kavya comes and looks for them. Bubbly irritates Sudhir. He takes care of his swollen cheek. She doubts on him. Badri takes Krish with him. He calls for help. He thinks Krish can’t get saved if he doesn’t get injection within 5mins.

Vikrant says Samaira, I got to know everything, who was calling you again and again. Krish goes to Maai’s secret door. Maai comes there and holds him. He gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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