Ayushaman Bhava 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Krish deletes the evidence

Ayushaman Bhava 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Krish getting scared and hiding. A man sees him and asks what are you doing here. Badri says I m with him, I m his uncle, I came to take him. Krish thinks why is Badri here. The man asks Krish is he saying true. Krish says yes, I know him. The man goes. Krish thanks Badri for saving him. Badri says you were going on wrong way. Krish says I have to go for imp work. Badri asks where, to clear evidence. Krish asks how do you know. Badri says I know everything, I have heard you and your friends talking in temple, you are sensible but innocent, what will your parents go through when they don’t find you at home at night, go home silently. Krish says you don’t know my story. Badri says everyone has a story, everyone has sorrow and pain, we have to solve it by senses, don’t

worry, take this laptop. Krish gets shocked.

Badri says you wanted this, it will solve your problem. Krish thanks him and thinks why did he help me, now I can tell my mum and dad. Sudhir gets a call from Samaira’s dad. Her dad says house is locked, I didn’t get Samaira and chip. He thinks where is she. Sudhir thinks where is Samaira, why is she doing this. He sees Madhav’s laptop and says Jatin gave this to me, I will check it. Krish says Sudhir switched on laptop, I have to hurry up. Krish hacks Madhav’s laptop and deletes data. Sudhir says there is nothing in this, police is troubling Madhav. Krish thanks kanha for help.

Jatin asks did you check laptop well. Sudhir says there is nothing in this laptop, its empty. Jatin says we have evidence that Govind was trapped. Sudhir says Govind was mad, you are doing the same. Jatin asks how did Avi’s file disappear, can’t you see Madhav meeting Avi’s parents, we are police and we know it, I will expose Madhav. He sends inspector to arrest Madhav. Sudhir says they are simple people, don’t do this, even Vikrant won’t want this. Jatin says I will get proof against them, you just see.

Krish asks Sudha for food. Sudha cooks and gives paratha to Krish. Madhav asks for paratha. She calls him fat and says I made upma for you. Police comes home and arrests Madhav. Sudha and Krish get shocked. Sudha cries and says he is innocent, don’t take him. Madhav asks her not to worry. Krish cries. Madhav says nothing will happen.

Krish shouts. He asks Sudha to take him to police station. They cry. They also go police station. Inspector troubles Madhav. Madhav says I didn’t break laws till now. Inspector slaps him. Sudha and Krish get shocked and run to him. Krish says leave my dad. Inspector scolds him. He arrests Sudha as well. Badri comes to Krish’s house. Kids say police took Madhav. Badri says I gave laptop to Krish, even then he couldn’t save his dad, I have to find out what happened. Madhav says leave my family, its wrong. Krish cries.

Inspector beats Madhav. Krish looks on and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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