Ayushaman Bhava 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Krish proposes Samaira

Ayushaman Bhava 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Krish flirting with Samaira. He says I m in love with someone. She asks him to then tell the girl. He asks her to help and meet her, maybe she knows her better than him. He shows her the mirror. She says Avinash. He asks who is he. She asks him to hold her hand in front of everyone. He tells her that he will confess love to her in front of her people. She smiles and goes. He thinks I loved you a lot, but you cheated me, now I just have hatred for you.

Maai waits for someone. She thinks if this mahurat passes by, my hardwork will fail. Sudhir starts insulting kaushalya. He asks her from where did she steal the saree. He makes her clean his shirt. Krish looks on. Sudhir insults her. Badri stops Krish from going. Kavya stops Kaushalya. She scolds Sudhir. She says I

gifted the saree to her, sorry but you have to apologize to her. Sudhir apologizes.

Maai asks the man to reach fast. Badri asks Krish not to make any mistake, its good Kavya came in between. Krish asks will I just stand and see as a coward. Badri asks him to use senses, they have to win big battle. Maai looks on and thinks to find what they are talking. She adds something in the drink to know Krish’s truth. Kavya dances with her friends. Aaj ki raat….plays…. Maai gives the drink to Krish. Krish gets back and collides with Kavya. Ha drinks. Maasi smiles. She thinks he will say truth now. Kavya and her friends play a game. They get names from the crystal ball. Krish says I can’t do solo dance, I can say my feelings. Maai thinks now my tantra will bring his truth out. Krish goes to Samaira and says I love you. They all get shocked. Krish goes on stage and says Vikrant….thanks for hiring me. Vikrant blesses him. Krish thinks the drink fell down when he collided with Kavya. He thinks Maai’s efforts got waste. Badri gives Sudhir’s jacket and says its time to lay the trap. Krish wears the jacket. He confesses love to Samaira. Badri records them. Krish gives a rose to Samaira and asks her to accept it. Samaira leaves.

Badri returns the coat to Sudhir. Sudhir says you came late, make me wear it. He wears the coat. Kavya and her friends stop Krish. Kavya asks him where is he going with the rose. He says to the one who deserves this. Kavya asks who is she. Krish gives the rose to her. She gets shocked.

Krish follows Maai. He sees her doing some tantra mantra. He faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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