Ayushaman Bhava 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Madhav falls in trouble

Ayushaman Bhava 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Samaira thinking of Avi and crying. Her dad comes and knocks the door, asking her to help him, else the people will kill him. He demands money. She scolds him and asks him to leave. He threatens to harm her mum. Samaira stops and gives him money. He says I will come again and goes. She cries.

Kaushalya thinks of Avi. Avi gets Kaushalya to Kailash. Avi asks Kailash not to joke. She asks Kailash to feed her water, she is hungry. She does the Karwachauth rituals and breaks her fast. Samaira misses Avi and says I would have broken my fast by your hands, I wish you never left me, where are you.

Kaushalya feeds sweets to Kailash and Avi. Avi smiles seeing his parents. Kailash comes to Kaushalya and pacifies her. Krish gets restless in sleep and wakes up. He calls

out Avi. He hears Kaushalya and Samaira’s call and shuts ears. He thinks Vikrant is dangerous, I can’t fight. Avi comes and says you can do this. Krish asks how. Avi says Arjun had to face dear ones, Krishna told him that Dharm should win always, forget who is against you, just we should win.

Its morning, Sudha gets surprised seeing Krish cooking. She asks him to move, she will cook. He says don’t worry, have food. Madhav comes and sees them. Krish asks Sudha to enjoy the tea and yummy breakfast. Sudha and Madhav like the food. Krish says we made a cricket plan today, and goes. Sudha stops him. Madhav asks her to let him go. Sudha says my son has grown up to cook for me, he forgets to tie shoe laces. She smiles and ties. Krish says I did this so that I can hug you, you are world’s best mum, and Papa you are also best. Police comes home and asks is this Madhav Mehra’s house.

He tells about the investigations done in Govind’s case, the laptop by which mail is sent is registered on his name. Madhav asks how can this happen. Sudha says you can’t blame my husband, Govind had pointed gun at my son, you came here to trouble us. Madhav asks her not to worry, they are just doing their duty. Krish worries and thinks I forgot to delete those messages.

Madhav hands over the laptop. Inspector says we will come again. Krish thinks to go hacking lane, he has to hack Madhav’s laptop and delete messages. He says I have to go and play. Sudha asks him to sit in his room. Krish thinks what to do now, they can fall in trouble.

Sudhir gives money to Samaira’s dad. He asks him to do a work. Krish worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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