Ayushaman Bhava 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Badri comes in Vikrant’s party

Ayushaman Bhava 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maai worrying to do some ritual in a mahurat that occurs rare. Vikrant likes the decorations done by Samaira. He asks Sudhir where is she. They welcome a minister and attend guests. Maai waits for someone. Sudhir asks Vikrant to stay careful as his enemy is still roaming free. They both admire each other. Krish gets Badri there. He tells Vikrant that he called him for work. Vikrant stares at Badri. Krish asks Badri to take care of them. Vikrant asks him to treat all the guests well, so that they remember the grand party. Maai looks on.

Krish talks to Badri. Badri asks him to trust him, he will not let him lose, it will happen as he thought. He goes. Maai thinks what are they talking, there is something wrong. She tells Vikrant. He says my men are here, I have tested

Krish’s loyalty, he passed in the test, don’t worry. She says you stay away till you get his kundli. He says yes, but you are with me. Kavya comes ad hugs them. Maai comments on her clothes. Vikrant says its a big day for her today, she studied in big city, its fine, she looks very pretty.

Maai says you love her a lot, it doesn’t mean you agree to everything she says, else this weakness can prove to be costly. He asks what are you saying. She says I m saying right, get Kavya married soon, find a nice guy. He agrees. Kavya sees Krish and makes fun of him. Krish checks the guests. Kavya and her friends laugh. Krish goes to them.

Badri sees Sudhir and hears him. Bubbly comes and asks Sudhir how does she look. He praises her beauty. He asks her to go now. She asks him to ward off bad sight. He feels embarrassed. Badri makes juice fall on Sudhir. Sudhir asks what did you do. Badri apologizes and takes his jacket to wash. Maai looks on and thinks to find truth. Kaushalya wears the saree gifted by Kavya and smiles. Sudhir flirts with Samaira. She asks him to mind his tongue. Krish looks on. Krish calls her and compliments. She smiles seeing him. She recalls Avi. Vikrant comes and compliments her. She thanks him. He asks whose call was it. She says wrong number and goes. He says wrong number or wrong man. He gets angry. Krish looks on.

Kavya scolds Sudhir. Sudhir says Kaushalya has stolen this saree. Kavya says I gifted this to her, you have to apologize to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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