The Ayodhya Princess – OS

Hey, I read somewhere that lakshman urmila had a daughter Somada, I think only sister in 8 brothers.
I don’t know if it is true or not but just wanted to write ff, to add more creativity I made her reincarnation of Sulochana
Sita staying in Ayodhya only with lav kush
Urmila screams in pain
Lakshman is tensed. Mandavi consoles her. After few minutes, she delivers a baby girl.
Sumitra says – you had became father, lakshman
All brothers come inside, Angad says – ma, it’s our sister. Chandraketu says – ma, can we touch her.

She says – ha Putra, but be careful
Lakshman says – I can’t thank you in words, the happiness you gave, being a father of a daughter gives more happiness.
Angad says-you don’t love us
Chandraketu says – we love both of you and our sister
Lakshman says – no putra, we both all 3 of you equally
Shanta says – earlier I was the only sister of 4 brothers and now she is the only sister of 8 brothers

Vashishtha looks at the girl. He gets serious. Lakshman says – what happened gurudev?
He says – putra, she is the reincarnation of Sulochana
Sita says – gurudev, it’s ok,now she don’t have to live in Lanka, but in Ayodhya
Ram says-give a nice name to her
Bharat says – gurudev, Lakshman has thought a name
He say – ha putra tell
Lakshman says – Somada
He says – it’s nice name, so her name is Somada

In their room, Lakshman with his family spends cute moments.

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