Ayodha gloomed in darkness the infliction of vanvas


This is the first time I am trying a fan fiction hope u like it
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Ayodha praja have lost their enthusiasm for life after the suryavanshi who gave them strength even the beautiful moon can’t calm their heart because their moon( Sita) has gone with ram. Life without sunshine and moonlight but the heart has hope just 2 yrs and they wake up with one day reduced in the vanvas. Their ram had taken their breath away yet they live for he would come back. They followed Ramji ideals and life was
Colourless and void but beyond the threshold of palace gates lies a turmoil of emotions.
The sun shone to capture the glimpse of the beautiful princess who slept with serenity for the sake of the brother of her jijasree who was her husband. The calmness in her face will destroy meghnand Unknown to her. She sleeps calmly now but when she knows her Sita didi was kidnapped she would boil and will erupt like a volcano but alas she won’t even know that unless it’s over.
Mandvi wishes that her didis decision isn’t reality but she remembers Sitas words sorrow comes only when we resist reality for a dream
She gains strength just two more years and she has a job to console a repentant heart but can that be consoled until ram is back. Her eyes well up with tears her emotions are unconquerable
Kaikeyi her hell and karma just two more years she thinks but we know when Sita again goes for vanvas it is a consequence of her boons so fate has a different plan. If only she thinks but atleast ram will be back in two years
Srutakirti tries to spread happiness but she itself is soulless without her didi. She thinks 2 yrs but the 10 months of separation for ram and Sita will be like ten years
Shatrughn tries hard to render justice but when ram goes will justice say. He is heartbroken at the thought of his brothers. He hates the palace politics which led his brother to vanvas yet stays strong 2 yrs more

Bharat at Nandigram Is a sanyasi but will he be able to bear the news of sitaharan. He was born to an ambitious mother and that wasn’t his mistake yet the thought of his brother gives him strength. He eats and sleeps thinking of ram
Sumithra her anger dies down but she is filled with thoughts of Sita ram and laxman. Dasharath is no more and her life has meaning which is in the form of ram. She sends her prays to shiva to protect ram and it will have meaning in the form of hanuman. Her life has purpose but she can’t smile nature can’t make her smile neither can God only her ram can who is her God and ours too
Kausaliya founds solace in Vishnu but she is reserved for she is soul less right now but hope Arises two yrs more
No words are spoken for there is nothing to speak. They all know their thoughts they shouldn’t be sad for their ram Sita and laxman won’t like it
They knew them more than anybody else. But will they be able to bear the news of sitaharan their hearts will bleed at the thought Mythila ka Mythila, videha ka videhi abduction but they know the larger purpose of life

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Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. Awesome sanju☺☺☺

  2. Nice…u written like u studied their inner feelings perfectly…

  3. thejashri aka brindha

    Awesome sanju…. As anil bro says it is like u hv studied their inner feelings perfectly….

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