Aww Crazy On Mathematics


After “Upz and Downz””Love ❤ and Life is Music ?”
*Article Series*
>>Aww Crazy on Mathematics!!!~Soundariya Velsamy

Dolly 🙂 143 Jo ?

Jo was a huge handsome guy..but with a little pure heart ♥ …he never hurt anyone..He had misunderstanding with his family and left the home past two years and then leaving at a falt and was a Student in *Modern High College*…Many girls had crush on him..

Dolly,a short cute little girl.She was lovely to see in with a curly brown long hair and with a little stone clips catcher in her hair..When she was in free hair,her hair flying like a river flows in curve..Her eyes were shape like fish with sharp curve eyebrows then her hands with a cute little figure like a born babies cute soft figures..Her pinky chins in the white skin and her voice,like birds singing sweetly.. she was simply cute alive *Snow White*…

She lived at small town,there her father was a just farmer of private property..She was a only daughter to him..Her mother,a servant at one of the richest people in the town…Dolly* only a future to her family,but she was funny girl..Always she do something naughtily and then she had many times punish by her parents and sometimes she escape from there..She never thinks about future..

At School,Dolly was not likeable person to anyone..she has only one good but not close friend,Lilly..Dolly was not good at other than Mathematics*..She don’t like it and too hate it..Lilly too not much good in Mathematics..From past two years only,Dolly knows Lilly..Lilly,a mature and talks in where should we talk..But Dolly,so talkative and no one able to close her mouth..

Dolly’s Father request her to,Please!! Atleast Just pass at Final exam then my boss Mr. Jith Joe helping for your higher studies…
For three month + ten days + three hours + Five minutes,,(Study study…)Dolly don’t get trust on herself because was thinking she must fail in Mathematics..Atlast,When results came She gets Ninty Five percentage in Mathematics..She Shocked because other subjects mark were below Sixty..Her father’s boss request her to study as a Engineering and had seat on big college of the city,HGT college of engineering**

..Her father tell her to take higher degree on Mathematics…She thinks Mathematics better than Engineering… She refused engineering..But she get a Seat on *Modern High College* on city…

After one month,Dolly packing a suitcase with few number of clothes..Her father gave some small bunch of money from his savings..Her mother gave a dresses’ from her working home people…That dresses were so traditional & her packed dresses were so old..And she never talk with boys,she just studied at Girls’ school..From her childhood she talk with her father only,no other boys….

*Modern High College*
-The students from the higher society…no variation Between Boys and Girls..Boys looks so handsome,rich and so causal..Girls with short pants with different hair styles and so adamant…Party >Ragging >Fight>Dance etc>>>>

First Day Ragging _~~
Lilly’s change..

Jo hates Dolly???
*Aww Crazy on Mathematics *~~ Soundariya Velsamy
..c u @episode 2

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  1. very nice story love dolly she is totally resembles me i love to talk no one can stop me from talking nice story line pls update regularly

    1. After *Upz and Downz* ,*Love and Life is Music *…>>Aww Crazy on Mathematics 🙂 Dolly *Article Series * On FB – Soundariya Velsamy

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