Aww Crazy On Mathematics (4)


*Aww? crazy? on mathematics! 😮 * Episode 4 Jo ? Dolly ~ Soundariya Velsamy

Ahh!!!..,dolly falls on sofa by Jo and Jo move to his room…Lilly follows Jo..Jo’s dad and Dolly,both sat at a sofa,She asked”uncle why before you didn’t say you had a son,Jo and he lives here home alone and Lilly too why here??..Jo’s dad,”Jo has misunderstanding with us so he left his own house past two years,he lives in this our own flat at city ..And Lilly’s father is too my friend so I take her to this there was three floors so you,Lilly and Jo leave here too with privacy Dolly*..

Lilly follows Jo and enters into the Jo’s room..and she asked quietly to Jo,sir!Dolly is your friend?..why she is here?..Jo smiles lightly”she is my dad’s friend daughter that’s it”..Lilly shocked,because first time in his life she sees Jo smiling ..

Now,Dolly at 1st floor;Lilly at 2nd floor and Jo at 3rd floor..ground floor with big hall,kitchen etc..

Jo get readying to drive his car to college..Jo’s father stops him and order him to get Dolly together with you she is a small little girl ..Now,Dolly and Jo at car,while starting a car…Dolly looks fear because its a first time in the car..Jo asked”Any problem” ;Dolly, Nothing!!..Jo saws a fearing face,he smiles madly so he drives a car so fastly..they reach the college in five minutes..Jo comes out of the car,,,many girl’s crush of Jo standing outside the college for waiting Jo..Then the crush girls starts running near to Jo..Dolly can’t come out of car,she feels vomiting because speed driving of Jo..Then Jo opens a Dolly’s side door falls on Jo…she can’t stand and walk because she was so week..then jo carry dolly and take her to canteen table ,..All crush were and now they hate Dolly…

After Dolly came Conscious..Jo and Dolly gone to respected classes..Lilly spreads Jo and Dolly too lives at same flat..So in the college,Its a Flash News**..Now many of girls were hates Dolly.

While Dolly at allied subject Physics * class,she can’t understand anything…There Lilly too at physics class and she helps her…Dolly talks with Lilly,how can you understand it and you clarify by yourself ah??..Lilly replied I go to special class for physics…dolly,ok Lilly,when you go to physics class you too call me..Lilly say Ok!
Fresher’s party at night..
Dolly,wear a short pinky dress and had a first time make up..Her eye with black kajal,her lips with pink lip stick,her hair looks simply shines brightly,…she takes a invitation card and at Lilly room ,Lilly dressing shocked dilly..Lilly dressed like men..then they both comes to hall..

Jo dresses like yo yo party dress..Dolly admires by Rocking dress of Jo…after few minutes,Jo saw Dolly,his mind **she is simply cute *..Jo tells to her You so cute Dolly with smiley face…then he asked Dolly and Lilly ,shall drop you?..there three come to outside of almost 12:00’O clock…Jo’s friend Rocky sat at car..Dolly shocked!..Jo and Lilly too sat at car but no Dolly…Rocky told to Dolly,there is no place in car..So Dolly tells with hard face,Ok!!..i don’t need to come by car and I come by taxi..Jo and Rocky Laughs 😀
But there is no taxi…so Dolly go to party by its leg..after one hour,she reached the party hall..she opens a door slowly,all of them in the party were waiting for Dolly..All seniors claps there hand and laughs loudly ,then many girls throw eggs,tomato,& some nasty things towards Dolly and she looks very dirty..Drunken Jo stops all of them,and carry a Dolly then walks near swimming pool and then drops her..and he say now you cute Dolly,he laughs and all of the too laughs but Dolly cried because she don’t know to swim..
Jo shocked!!Then Jo fall into swimming pool and helps Dolly..then they both gone to Flat together in two minutes…
Jo can’t walk and he falls..Dolly can’t carry him because was she can’t carry to his third floor so she put him in her room..

At morning,7:00’O clock ..someone knocks the door..Dolly opens the door..there was Lilly,Hey Physics class Lilly come soon!!..sir must scolds us..then she too comes in the room..She shocked!!and asked why physics sir slept her..

Dolly shocked!!no because of Lilly but because Jo too her physics teacher 😮
See you all at next episode 5~Soundariya Velsamy..Aww crazy on mathematics!! 🙂

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