Aww Crazy On Mathematics (3)


Dolly >> Jo
*Aww ? Crazy ? on Mathematics! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ *
Episode 3 ~Soundariya Velsamy

Dolly was talkative girl…but in front of Jo as coaching class teacher ,she can’t talk anything;only”” I am D..o..l..l..y… ๐Ÿ˜€ Jo ,Doll??…she simply standing with calm face…Jo smiles ,but Don’t react anything outside with her..Jo had a call,he attend a call and say do what you want,Don’t ask a permission to me… then Jo no forgive but tell dolly to sit..that’s enough to Dolly*she smiled crazily and she sits…while Jo teaching she can’t understand anything so she openly flirting with Jo*…Jo saw her flirting with him…suddenly,he asked her to stand up…Dolly can’t hear she simply hear some lovely romantic song ? of her favourites…Somesh wakes her from a dream…Dolly wakes up then stands…Jo asked her a question:tell me after force applied here then what happens ??Ahh??,Dolly
Dolly asked some clue to him..Jo smiles inside, you too studies at Physics…***Ninety five percent in Mathematics but I don’t know anything in that too,sixty below marks at Physics then how do I know?? :EE ,Dolly’s mind voice…**at last time over,Jo left the class..

After a terrific coaching class,Dolly walks near canteen,some stylish girls with short pant and hair called her…Dolly ran with smiley face,they asked her a treat..Dolly say OK* because she needs a friends ๐Ÿ™‚ ..
After ordering a dishes ,Dolly shocked!!!..bill came it was near Thousand rupees*,but she had her huge amount Five hundred as packed money for one week…so she can’t pay..other girls were gone but Dolly still sits there..when Somesh* saw dolly at canteen,he starts talks with her and helps her..while somesh paying the bills..Dolly saw Jo laughs with ball and walks with his football friends..She feels a Love*while sawing a Handsome and perfect guy,Jo per second in her life ๐Ÿ™‚

Jo feels tired,he put his bag in the table…he removes his shoes ,clothes and after bath ,he falls on the bed…and then put on a television,there was a advertising of weight loss,that lady tells**there is Ninety five percentage proved by scientists **the number,Ninety Five*remembers about Dolly**…Jo smiles madly then he slept..

Dolly can’t sleep because it is so much horrible night at hostel to her…Lilly called to her,and asked How are you Dolly,she replied am fine…then Lilly tells her I am very happy this flat comfortable to me and I too had a boyfriend he too in next to my flat…
Someone Knocking a was all most 12’00 clock…So slowly opens a door…there was Rocky no…it was watchman he call her to office room..She locked her room,ran to office room…There was a Father’s boss,tells her that come with me now..She tells to boss, My dresses and all my things at hostel..He replies don’t worry Dolly come with me…She gone with the uncle..

At 12’30 onwards…uncle opens the flat of three floors..,it was huge flat with many rooms…then uncle shows many cupboard with different different dresses,jewels,bags etc..He tell her all to your only dolly…and he tell her “Go and sleep..we talk at morning..Dolly feelings can’t express by words,she simply say thank to uncle…And gone her big awesome pinky room..First time she wear a short night dress and slept…

At morning,she went to kitchen and prefer a coffee by her own..after a walking,he came near to kitchen and opens the fridge…She turns and he turns …they too shocked,Jo and Dolly at same flat…Jo shocked because dolly in his flat with lovely short night dress..Dolly:::Falls and he catches her…and take near to big smoothy sofa…

Uncle came ,, Good morning son and dolly** *…
Lilly came out of his room to say Good morning to Jo… She shocked!!because Jo carry Dolly… All watch the all the faces shockingly…Jo puts dolly on the Sofa…
Jo Drunks ?

<3 Dolly~Jo~Lilly <3
Special class too..haha…

*Aww ? crazy ? On Mathematics! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ * ~Soundariya Velsamy

See you all at next episode 4 …

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