Aww Crazy On Mathematics (2)


😀 Aww Crazy 😉 On Mathematics! 😮
~Dolly ❤ Jo~
Dolly* “Aww crazy on Mathematics” ???..>>Jo ?
~Soundariya Velsamy

? ?
La..l..a… ?
Incoming call from Jo’s Father…to Jo
His father request him something..Jo refused it..

Dolly hugged her father and mother..then thanked father’s boss for his help..
The First experience in Dolly ‘s life without her parents..She so excited..At a normal dress ,she was simply cute..All passengers in the airport see her without closing eyes…First time Dolly travelling on Aeroplane…she gets very nervous…
Even too she don’t know to where to go..many boys comes near to her to help…but she ran from there..atlast she sat at respective seat..when plane starts she clap her hands and looked her with different reaction..while pick up to fly she feels fear…and she close her lovely eyes and catch her hands to seat very hardly..
Then someone touch her hands to calm her..she slowly opens her eyes,her harsh pink chin back to’s like boy..but she shocked!!!
Dolly:::Hey Lilly,what are you doing here??nice to see you…what this boy hair style and dressing like men…(there is a big change in Lilly’s dressing,hairstyle,makeup,way of talking)

Lilly replied I got English seat, dolly in *Liit college* but there is so ragging than other colleges…So I choose physics seat in another college it’s better I feel but there is so much of ragging in hostel only…
Dolly:::which college??….Lilly: *Modern High college *…Dolly shocked no because that college but hostel…because her father’s boss booked hostel only to her..

After Dolly and Lilly reached the city,Lilly gone with taxi to her flat…Dolly going alone on taxi ,her eyes ? shaped like ball and see all the places of city because of excitement…When *Modern High College* came,she thank a taxi driver…
Dolly feels very awesome because that college was so big than her town too…and she entered the college,everyone see her with different manner because of her dressing,like old tradition women…She asked someone,”where is college office room??”…no one reply to her,there were saw with different manner..But some boy Somesh* come to her and ask may I help you..he was so sensitive and looks Gentleman with big specs…

In office,Dolly puts a entry and after finishing a form and other procedures..The hostel warrant assistant take her to her room,he gave room key and gone to had tea…
Dolly shocked!!!…because there was boys and girls hostel together…her room in third class and she feels vomiting sensation when she enters the room…And its looks like very danger to her…

Dolly ran out side hostel near canteen,unfortunately she pushed someone…He was final year student,Rocky,he gets angry…
After finishing the classes,Jo coming to canteen…He saw some of his friends ragging with a little girl…he going close to their…
Dolly feels fears but not shown outside..after a long conversation…ROCKY rise his hand and Jo** catch his hand…Dolly closed her hand and rising her hand in side of Rocky,clash her hand Jo escape from her hand…Then she opens her eyes there was Jo***…Dolly never seen a man like Jo in her lifetime…He was simply handsome guy ::Hey!!I am very dangerous person don’t,Dolly talks without reason …Jo stops her and asked who are you???…
Dolly,I get ninety five percent at maths…
Jo smiles fakely and say I am Hundred percent only…And she say if get hundred percent it’s enough…but I had better knowledge in Mathematics than you,Dolly talks in unconsciously…they had little cat flight 🙂 …

Next morning,she gone to college office…There gave her a form to fill it up,in that form:::What general average in mathematics??…she answers Very poor** after her college she have to attend a coaching class on Mathematics…
After a not understanding classes of her first day college…

Dolly enters into coaching class,there was Somesh* seating in front of class…She knows Somesh only in the college…so she seats back to him and somesh too talks with her for long time…
A senior only take class to juniors…She shocked because fight with final year student,Rocky enter the class..she downs her head…There sit at back beach..
Then Jo too come class not as student,as Coaching teacher..Dolly hide her in back of Somesh…she gave attendance by just hand visible to Jo*..
When Jo talking with students,In students introduction after somesh…>> Dolly,she slowly stands up…Jo hates her because he hates who were week at studying and too telling lies…but he smiles and in her mind ~ what dialogue she says before 🙂 …
Left Hostel…
Father arrival 🙂
Dolly and Jo together…
Lilly’s shock..

* Aww Crazy on Mathematics *~Soundariya Velsamy

See you all at next episode 3 🙂

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