Awesome Foursome of Kumkum Bhagya : Abhigya and Rabul


Abhishek Mehra : Country’s one and only rockstar who steal million of hearts just by his amazing voice. Abhi Mehra with his own willpower and hardwork earned respect, fame, money and success. To provide luxurious life to his little sister, Abhi starved day and night just for the sake of family. He enjoys life to the fullest and does not care about anybody except his family and fans. His inspiration is mostly his dadi, his lovable sister Alia and his childhood friend whom he considers his brother called Purab. Though he always gets everything by hook or crook, there is still something missing in his life which is true love. He sings love songs but does not feel the love nor does know the meaning of true love He is committed to Alia’s best friend Tanu who is supermodel with whom Abhi wants spend his life.

His life goes smoothly till destiny brings him across a simple natured girl who is completely different from the million girls roaming around him. This girl named Pragya challenge him that he only cares for money and cannot understand the value of relationships. Abhi is smitten by Pragya’s different nature from all girls who just craves for his one glimpse. Cirumstances make him marry the same girl who insulted him in front of media and finds an opportunity to make her pay for his insult and snatching his sister’s love and his best friend. As the time goes by he finds himself drawn towards the girl whom he wants to hate to the core. Despite of his hatred, Abhi still manages to protect his wife from all problems. Eventually Abhi’s hatred turns to love, the feeling he never felt before for anybody except his dadi and his sister and Pragya becomes his wound healer which nobody did before. His life is turned upside down when he finally realizes his true love but his past comes haunting him. He is shattered when his new founded love rejected him saying she made the April fool joke with him. Abhi is caught between responsibility (his ex girlfriend claims that she carries his child) and his new founded love. Amidst his problems, Abhi gets the biggest shock of his life when he finds that his sister turned into a dangerous devil due to her obsession.

However Pragya becomes the light in his dark times and major supporter but once again tragedy strikes in their life. When the happiness knocks on his door he realizes that his old Pragya is not with him to share his happiness. The girl in front of him has only the face of Pragya but the not the heart he touched. In the harshest time, Abhi slowly sees the clear image of people around him. After the big brawl finally Abhi receives the most needed warmth and care from his love. But another storm hits in his life causing him to lose his memory and becoming the victim of their enemy’s evil plans.

Pragya Arora : Eldest daughter of Arora family. Very simple, beautiful and kind hearted girl who grows up taking the responsibility of her family. Works as a professor to ensure that the income can help her mother to run the marriage hall which is their livelihood. Though rejected couple times by the fact that she in not pretty, Pragya does not fail to fulfill all her responsibility. The girl with moral values and self respect whom nobody can shake. Two most important person in her life is her mother and her lovely sister for whom she can do anything. She faces another heartbreak in form of her best friend who loved her sister and rejecting her. As if her life does not move ahead without problems, she gets married to the person whom she hated most and from few people who were not his fans, none other than Rockstar Abhi.

Being an innocent soul, she still becomes a victim of big misunderstanding and vengeance of mistake she never did. Again destiny made her victim due to her sister unintentionally, but Pragya being the good sister and daughter to keep them safe continues to be tortured. Amidst all the hatred, she is able to see Abhi’s golden heart whom only few people recognize, his Dadi and Purab. Due to the course of time, Pragya eventually falls for Abhishek Mehra not rockstar Abhi, But only to find that she will never be able to make place in his heart since he has million of fan base around him. Moreover he already gave that place to somebody else and never give her the wife’s right.

Though destiny played cruel game on her, this does not stop from loving her husband. Pragya gets the biggest shock of her life when her husband’s ex girlfriend reveals that she carries his child. Being the girl with values, she still stands firm on her decision to make sure she unites the child with her father not wanting any child to be raised without a father like she grew. Unaware of her husband being madly in love with her, she finally decides to end the pain that she has been going through. Even though she is supposed to be happy for her sister getting married, she is not able to be fully happy due to her married life being breaking. She sees a ray of hope of saving her marriage after finding out the evil people trying to snatch her love. But a rock hits hard after which she becomes another person killing the innocence she had to save her marriage. As time goes she is trapped in the web of love, anger, hate from everybody. However she breakdown after losing her sister who was her only mentor and supporter.

Purab being her brother encourages her and brings back the fire in her to finish the battle once and for all. When she loses all the hope of exposing the enemies, Pragya reveals the truth to her husband. She finally gets long lasting happiness unaware that it was only for couple moments. A big storm comes in her life taking away her hope, dreams, desires of living happily married life. Her husband who could not live without seeing her face is unable to recognize her after having partial memory loss. Will Pragya able to live her life like before?

Bulbul Arora : Younger daughter of Arora house. A vivacious, smart and intelligent girl who loves her sister and mother to the core. Most of the time is drama queen trying to make fun loving environment in her house. Does not tolerate anybody hurting her sister. Always feels guilty for being chosen over her sister with the fact that she is more beautiful than Pragya.

She falls deeply in love with her boss Purab Khanna not knowing her destiny will again make her responsible for her sister’s misery, Her life is torn between happiness and sadness when one hand her sister is finally getting married to the nation’s rockstar and other side she got betrayed in her relationship with Purab. She found that the person she loved is already committed to somebody else before not knowing the girl is her sister-in-law. She eventually finds out the bitter truth of her sister’s marriage is the result of a big misunderstanding and a vengeance. Broken by the fact that her sister is trapped in a web of revenge due to her mistake of loving to a committed person. To avoid any kind of complication in her sister’s life, she sacrifices her love so her sister can lead a happy married life she dreamt rejecting Purab’s true love for her.

With the course of time, Purab helps Bulbul with everything and protects her from every problem. Though rejected by her mother for the mistake she never did, she does not even feel a hate towards her sister or mother. Being a good sister she warns Pragya to repeat the mistake of loving a person who will never love her back. After a long period of turmoil, she finally gets the person whom she loved from the bottom of the heart. The person who gives her love back is none other than her jiju who was angry at her for ruining his sister’s life. Soon Bulbul develops a great relation with her jiju and finds a brother in him. Her life becomes a bed of roses with some thorn in it too but that makes her more determined to marry her lover.

Unaware of the upcoming storm in her life, she starts preparing for her marriage. While another tragedy strikes on her wedding day when she is being separated from her love and somebody else takes her place during the wedding. This does not stop her from loving Purab and instead gives open challenge to Alia. Forgetting the happiness in her own life, she start to help her sister in her mission to expose the enemies, But soon ends up losing her life saving Pragya.

Purab Khanna : Charming and handsome hunk after Abhi who is also surrounded by million of girls. Childhood friend of Abhi and a brother to him for whom he can give up everything. Another person who can love Abhi as the inner person not the rockstar Abhi is Purab Khanna. It is always gets hard for people for whom their friendship becomes everything when at some point they have to choose between love and friendship. Same situation Purab had to face in his life when he gave the commitment to his friend that he would marry Abhi’s sister and his best friend Alia after some years nor he knew that he would a disaster in future which will force him to break his promise which means to him everything.

Soon he meets a beautiful girl called Bulbul Arora whose coming not only turns his life upside down, but all his old relation changes which meant to him more than anything He falls in love with Bulbul forgetting his promises and commitments to his best friend. Torn between friendship and love whom he loves most in the world, he loses both relations at the same time. He is rejected by the girl whom he loved immensely and his best friend cum brother disowns him. Devastated by the loss of his both relations, he still gets an opportunity to prove his love on the condition that he has to marry the girl whom he did not loved.

Purab finally agrees to her condition to prove his love, gaining his friend back and saving an innocent girl from being tortured of loveless marriage. Putting his love aside and sacrificing his love, Purab sets himself for getting into a another loveless marriage. He made a firm decision to save three lives and runs away from marriage which increases everybody’s hatred for him. Despite of being shunned by everyone, he musters courage to help his friend, his lover’s sister whom he consider as his sister in the tough time. Purab lost the hope of getting his love back and decided to live with her memories. But true love can always finds its way one way or the other. Above the expectation Purab finally got the his love after brief period of him and the person who bring his love to him is none other than his best friend who hated him for cheating on him. Reconciliation with his friend and his lover, Purab’s life becomes a bliss but not aware that evil eyes are lurking on his love. Finally the day comes when he is about to get married to the lover of his life. But the thorn named Alia strikes again and takes place on the wedding. He too starts helping Pragya in her mission and becomes her brother. He too loses the only person whom he dreamt of starting a family but remains steady to help his wife’s sister.

Relationships of foursome : There are lot of depth between the foursome and their bonding with each other be it friendship, love, and sibling

Abhi – Pragya : They say no matter what you do to fight with your destiny but you only get what you are destined for. These two people are perfect example of the destined star crossed lovers who frequently clashes at same place but only ends up fighting with each other. Circumstances make them marry due to their own reasons. Now starts the journey of two people who are completely from a different background have to stay together under same roof. The relationship which started from hatred, revenge and misunderstanding eventually turns into love, respect, and faith. The two people who hated each other’s sight now cannot live without seeing each other even for a minute. Since the path of lovers are not so easy their past keeps haunting them like a shadow. With each other’s support and strength both overcome the biggest hurdle in their pure love story.

Purab-Bulbul : Who says love is with whom you want to live with? Love is something without whom you cannot live but it is also the biggest strength for the lovers in the tough time. These two people are perfect example of lovers who inspite of sacrificing their love for their families does not stop loving each other. Their true love becomes their biggest strength when they were on the verge of losing it. Though their path is not easy, but their hearts are still connected with each other emotionally. Both of their immense love with each other finally brings them together.

Purab -Abhi : Another perfect example of pure friendship and brotherhood. Two childhood friends cum brother who trust each other more than anybody else. Nothing can break this friendship though it was shaken for a while but it was again brought together. Falls for two golden hearted Arora sisters and loves them to the core.

Pragya-Bulbul : Sisterly bonding can be most beautiful relation in the world. These two lovely sisters who can sacrifice and die for each other and their mother. Both can go to any extent to protect and fight for each other’s happiness. Nobody can create rift between this strongly sisterhood. Become light in Purab and Abhi’s darkest times when they are cheated by their own family

Purab – Pragya : Both them are grown up very mature, caring people who solve each problem very calmly. Forms very pure brother-sister relation with each other. At the same time are naive when it comes to trusting people who are evil. Two people who love Abhi and Bulbul more than anybody. Both of them shared strong bond after Bulbul’s death and saving Abhi from their enemies. The duo are calm, composed and compassionate when it comes to handle any situation.

Abhi-Bulbul : Jiju-saali bonding is always fun to watch, who can be better than these pair. The duo are most of the time fun-loving, dramebaaz and cheerful who always create happy environment in their family. Both of them impulsive when it come regarding making any decision unlike Pragya and Purab. Both of them form brother-sister eventually because of their similar nature.

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