Are you awaiting the rebirth twist in Kasam?

Colors’ Kasam has been in news since its beginning. Everyone knew that Kratika Sengar’s stint in the show will end with time, when the show will reach the track of Rishi and Tanu’s marriage. It seems that the rebirth drama will begin soon. Rishi and Tanu’s romance and love are appreciated. Their sweet nothings and chemistry were seen in every episode after the couple fell madly in love with each other.

Rishi and Tanu’s marriage seemed impossible when Pavan and Neha entered their lives. Neha wanted to marry Rishi, who was desperately trying to bring out Pavan’s truth. Rishi could not expose Pavan infront of everyone. That led to Rishi and Neha’s marriage and Tanu and Pavan’s marriage fixing. When the marriage day arrived, Rishi’s heart sinks seeing Tanu exchanging Varmala with Pavan. Rishi decides to not let Tanu go off from his life. Rishi does not wish to fail in his love war. Rishi convinces Tanu to elope with him. Rishi wraps Tanu in a carpet and leaves from the venue, taking her somewhere out away from everyone. Tanu finds it wrong to cheat families, but Rishi is certain that his step is right. Rishi fills Tanu’s maang in an attempt to stop her. Rishi and Tanu’s marriage will lead to Tanu’s death. Hence, the rebirth track is very close and viewers can watch a new Tanu instead Kratika. There was news about Krystle D’Souza bagging the role, and now viewers may watch Shivani Tomar as the new Tanu. Are you awaiting the rebirth twist in Kasam? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. Luvleen

    |Registered Member

    Really the love story was only one sided cause Tanu couldn’t express hers much…now it’s just going to be worse cause the main actress is leaving the show! I mean couldn’t they just maybe her change her eye colour or hair to suit the new role? This show dragged the story like no end! I stopped watching it a long time ago…n I’ve read from others comments that they won’t be watching once Kratika leaves.

  2. vansh

    Noooo never. KraSha are the soul of kasam and if anyone of them get out of the show the show will be totally ruined.For me NO KRATIKA NO KASAM.

  3. tanshi

    We want kratika back. Till now i didn’t missed a single episode, if kratika will leave the show means i dont want to watch a single episode. Please dont change kratika. No kratika no kasam

  4. Liya

    How can they change krithikaa???!????rebirth thak teek he par actress ko change karna is not acceptable…aap logh joo stupid things iss serial mein dikayi vo Sab meine tolerate kiya sirf krasha keliyee???….and now krathika will soon leave the show???. .ekta mam app muje kasam dejiye ki app tanu ko nayi change karunghi….vaise bhi is show mein kuch logic neyi hei at least pyaar toh rehne dijiyee

  5. vijayalakshmi

    chemistry between krathika and rishi is the main attraction in this serial. Kritika back in rebirth will keep the audience glued to the tv

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