Avraj – A CUTE lovestory intro

Hyy everyone. I m fan of Avni and Raj. I love aur pyaar ho gays veryyyy much. It’s first time I m writing for fan fiction. So If u guyz give response then I’ll continue with this story.

Avni : A sweet and caring girl lives with her parents in Jaipur.
Only child of her parents.
Bhavna : Avni’s mom . Also caring and loves to make dishes for avni and her husband.
Suket khandelwal : Avni’ s dad. A famous businessman of Jaipur.
Devika : avni’s childhood frnd . There is no secret between them .
Raj : A handsome, dashing boy who lives with his jiji and Jiju.
Madhuri : Raj’s Jiji.
Jashan : Raj’s jiju.

Introduce new characters as the story go ahead.

If u gyz want to go ahead with avraj’s love story then comment.
Give me ur suggestions .
Sorry for typos.

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  1. Looking interesting. ..
    Pls continue. ……

    1. Thank u

  2. Hey i also love aphg very mch but one request can u start from where the show end or when avni starting hating raj from leaving her in mandap nd leap come nd how they again met
    Only this plz

    1. Same pinch ?
      But dear I don’t want any misunderstanding between them . And it will be short story .
      I hope u wll lyk it.

  3. Awesome, plzzzz continue dear, all the best

  4. carry on your ideas are good and i want like to see how would you apply your ideas to the story

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