Avraj – A CUTE love story Episode 2

(Sorry for late update . Plz comment if u like & want to continue this ff .)

( Boy sits next to avni’s bench … he try to concentrate in lecture … )
Lecture gets over.
Boy : finally …
( Boy goes near avni’s bench… )
Boy : hy…
Avni : hy …
Boy : I m raj …
Devika : ohh … hy raj … I m devika
Avni : I m avni …
Raj : nyc name…
Avni : thank u
Raj : I don’t have any frnd here … May I join u girls ?
Devika : I don’t have any prob but …
Raj : but what ???
Devika : avni May have prob ….
Raj : why ???
Avni : stop devika ..
Devika : actually avni is f punctual … she doesn’t like late comers ….
Avni : not like that
Raj : ohh… I m sorry
Avni : it’s ok … I don’t know about ur situation… u may be in problem… so it’s ok
Devika : so I also have
Avni : I know u always get late because u get up late…
( devika , avni & raj laughs )
( they lunch together in the canteen )
Devika : let’s go to labs …
Avni : but why ??
Devika : we have to see our labs
Avni : but in our labs there will be only computers
( Raj thinking about avni that how she is understanding ….)
Devika : come raj …
( they go to each and every lab robotics,mechanical,chemical,electrical etc.)

(SORRY guyz I forget to mansion that they are doing engineering )
( Raj is going to his home… he is on bike… @ traffic signal he thinks how understanding she is !!)
( avni and devika @ avni’s home )
Bhavna : ohh avni and devika … HOW was the first day????

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  1. Plz continue Dr I luv Avraj miss them so much plz plz plz continue

    1. Thanks
      But I can’t continue with only 1 comment
      I think there is some fault in my story.

  2. Hey nice epi… Cntnue.. N plz put a longer epi.. Thanks..

  3. Nice …continue it..

  4. hey continue there are many fans for avni and raj….

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