Avniel love for life (episode 1)

Avni : get very happy
Everyone wish her
Khannah get busy in seeing the guests
Avni hugs and cries
Niel wipes her tears dont cry.
Avni : i was reminded how i celebrated
b'day with my dad
Thank you very much but i really dont deserve happiness and your care

Niel:  NO ! its my duty to protect you and give you every happiness , your smile is very precious for me .And dont ever thank me you dont say thank you to loved ones

Hugs her back

Avni 's pov
I really dont feel like leaving you but your words conveyed which i wanted to hear

Fathima ,Neela,Ali look on …

Neela : see my avni got her life back after 28 years,she got a perfect life partner who always keeps her happy and loves her a lots.

Ali: gets annoyed and jealous
 No neela aunty this is a fake marriage i will free our avni from this torture

Fathima:  Ali is right i already spoilt my daughters life now i really dont want spoil my grand daughters life .

Neela : Exactly why do want to seperate avni from niel she is very happy , only a mother knows   there childs' happiness

Ali : stop it Neela aunty

Neela: Your ego will spoil her life and snatch her happiness
She fumes and walks away

Shweta: oye tillu if your romance is over can the b'day girl cut the cake

Avniel get embarraced

Bebe: Enough shweta i already know my tillu loves his wife very much

Neela: ofcource

Avni smiles

Riya and ali sit annoyed lonely

Aman : Di lets add little spice to your party !!

Neela: so lets start with youngest couple

Shweta: you mean me and prakash ji ,i know we are too young.

All laugh

Shweta: see how good we are

She sings teri meri  and dances with prakash

Later everyone dance
Aman : best jodi on stage please

Niel sings adhm and cries recalling thier momoments.

Avni dances with him and sings "ke tere liye duniya chodi do hai"

Everyone clap

Ali : lets cut the cake

Avni cuts the cake

Bebe: feed to whom you love the most .

Avni feeds neela
Niel get sad

Then she feeds niel too
He gets  cheerful .
 Avni 's pov
How will i leave when i m soo happy here .!
She get teary eyes ..

PRECAP:-avniel get glad seeing their room decorated like honeymoom suite



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  1. Ishuyamjha

    aww it was nice post next part soon dear

  2. Very nice start
    Loved it ?
    Continue ????
    Precap ???

  3. Very nice start
    Loved it ????
    Continue ????
    Precap ???

  4. It’s nice start just continue n next epi fast loved it

  5. Pritiyadav

    Nice one, and nice start keep it up.read my ff too guys”sangharsh jindagi ka”.

  6. Samiksha Malani

    Very good ff and read mine too Avneil Sweetest Love Story

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