Avni- A real inspiration to me after her betrayal

Hello awesome people,

I really love Avni’s characterization to the core, I get super inspired from her in my day to day to life, the way of her approach to the problem is really amazing. I mean she brings out her best when life throws many challenges at her. I really love the writers that they did not change her characterization till date. She is independent , brave and intelligent enough to take any risk in her life, I am improving myself everyday to bring out the best in me by taking calculated risks. Aditi is doing an impeccable job in the role of Avni. She is setting a real example of an independent woman. Mahesh Bhatt sahab, I salute to you for bringing such a bold subject on to the Indian television and making millions of women like me (not in the sense of illegitimate child but in general) to become more strong and independent even when a man( her first love) betrays her though a bit dramatic at times (compared to real life situations)  but the inner message is so much more beautiful and rising hopes. she is picking herself up. Neil IPS is a loyal, humble person but he stole my heart at times protecting Avni from dayawanti, vidyut, though there is little drag in the sequence, I love Neil being smart enough to outperform Avni’s illegal approach to break free from prison. There is a special mention to Neela ma , this character is one best ma character I have seen on television till date. I like the way she brought up Avni, once again the credits go to the creative team of the serial. She is cool headed ma with a eye of judgement gives the beauty to the character, Neil has to work 1000 times harder to gain trust of Avni and make her fall in love again , but I think CV’s are going to make it very easy. please don’t make it easy for Neil. We would really like the amazing chemistry and hard work Neil puts to win Avni back.

Last but not least, the amazing Avneil are happening onscreen couple

Thanks so much TU for giving me this opportunity.

Lots of love,

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  1. I too mean the same….
    They are just wowww???

    1. Madhu29

      true dear, it is so just a pleasure to watch the characters who are so different yet they are lethally perfect for each other.

      1. Madhu29

        it is such a pleasure * sorry for the typos

  2. I totally like avneil and neela maa .these serial characters are shining their own way in the story .living more than expected.every character even if it a small time character like mitali nanno even juhi has shined and other more. This kind of serial are rare to find, especially in indian shows. Concepts are totally rocking.

    1. Madhu29

      true every character has their own identity and that is what makes the the serial enthralling

  3. I haven’t been watching the show lately because of certain unavoidable things but all this is making me curious and I can’t help but all about what happened?

    Last I saw was Juhi preparing for her marriage with Neil but what happened after that?

    1. Lillianalieben

      dear, u can watch it in hotstar or also read the written update. if u want i can give u a short description.

      1. A short description please?
        I am too busy to do other things as of now. ? Job problems?

  4. Poojama

    So true Madhu29… Loved the article…

    1. Madhu29

      thanks a ton poojama 🙂

      1. Poojama

        my pleasure….

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