Avni & Neil or Riya and Neil???

Share your opinions down below! Btw I am judging the character not the character in real life.

(If you don’t like my opinion, it doesn’t mean that I give you permission to judge my opinion)

Riya and Neil???
I would not ship Riya and Neil. When Neil promised Riya that he would take care of her and support her, Riya just….how do I explain??

Riya first tried to Sedu*ce Neil . I still do not blame Riya for that. Diksha and Dayawanti forced Riya to do that. But when Neil asked Avni, if she has taken their pics, Riya says “Tumne hi toh mujhe ye sab karne Bola tha” She made Neil think that Avni clicked their pics. Diksha showed a picture of Avni and Neil together and Riya thought that, something was cooking in between them! When Avni and Riya were fighting in Riya room, Neil called Avni for some police work and Riya was surprised and thinking wrong. Come on Riya! I would ship Ali and Riya.

Avni & Neil??
I do ship Avni and Neil!!! #Avneilfan
Their cute together, I know Avni doesn’t really trust Neil because she doesn’t like him in that way! But if she did like Neil, she would trust him, not like Riya. I can see that they care for each other, they care for each other even when they fight. Every relationship has an cute fighting start. Avni and Neil met at the beach. That was soo cute!

Ok time for the news for all Avneil fans……..
(This will be happening in the upcoming episodes)

Neil has kind of started liking Avni. He recalls their moments. So finally, Neil has realized his love for Avni. He would be proposing to her before he gets married to Riya. But Avni will refuse since she wants to take revenge from Dayawanti Mehta first. But still, atleast he would propose to her. I am absolutely sure that Avni would realize her love for Neil, soon. I cannot wait!! Ahhh…I am literally so damn excited!

Ok, so I was on instagram and saw this pic of Avneil in a garden lying down. It was so cute and then a few hours ago I checked the upcoming story and then I realized maybe the pic on insta is when Neil would propose to Avni. I hope this is true.

The link to the picture –

The who posted this pic of Avneil on insta is a Internet friend of mine. She is on telly updates too! She writes ff for Avneil, she won’t make ff for a few weeks because she is very busy, so please wait. Her name is Khushi! She is a great writer.

The link to the upcoming story – (I wrote my version of it on this analysis, click the link to see the real one)


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  1. A12345

    Oh my my…. U gave an awesome news… Neel gonna propose avni????oh god can’t wait….when will this ep go on air…. Waiting dearly for that…..

  2. If Neel & Avni were to get together that would be awesome ? as he will the man her dad Ashish never was stand up for her in front of his mom regardless of any obstacles I feel Ali & Avni look good as best friends like the chemistry between Avneil love ❤️ it need to see more romance pls

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Hi LopaFleek … I looooove the Avneil pic, it’s soooo adorable ????
    I am not sure who to choose for Avni as yet, I still need to see her reaction with Ali …
    While I love Neil for her, I don’t think it’s fair to Ali who spent the last 15 years hoping for her return ?
    I do know that Riya is not true to Neil, her upbringing is the cause of that, I would not want him to be in a relation like that … he deserves better ???

  4. Riya & Neel is a business deal for Dayavati Meta & Riya is a airhead

  5. Avni nd neil… ??

  6. Annabeth


  7. Khushi1707

    Thanks dear for informing them, and yeah, the pic is really cute.. and of course I love AvNeil

  8. Khushi1707

    And guys, the ff Nikkita mentioned was Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Hopw everybody still remembers it.

  9. anushka shetty

    Avni n neil…..want dem to screen together….. Hope Dis happens

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