Avneil TS: Kismat (epilogue)

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Author’s POV

The trio go to the car and sits, in the journey back home, DD tells about the two files and neel tells that his mom has done everything. Avni is having mix emotions after listening to the whole thing, firstly of being in love with her prince charming and of being happy because of the report that told her that she soon will going to be a mother. Being sad at the same time, because of what her aman, no amol has done with neel and also because of Shweta aunty that how could she do that with her, and especially with neel. She bravely fights her tears back because she doesn’t want to trouble neel, also she haves a discussion with herself, regarding what she can do now. While laying her head on his shoulder and being in his arms, she thinks. Neel has put his head on hers, he is also thinking but his world is different, he is thinking about their future. While they are in their own worlds, the journey ends and they reach home.

When they reach home, bebe stops avni and neel on the door and does their aarti.

After they come inside and settles down on the sofa, neel and avni tells what happened with them. The family hears them with disbelieve and sees avni with love and concern, and they are glad that their kids are safe and sound now.

At this point Shweta comes to Khanna house, she is standing at the door.

Neel sees her first and he stands and says with anger ”why have you come here after I have told you not to”

Shweta is about to say something but Avni says “ I have called her”

everyone stands. Neel says in disbelieve “what you”

Avni says “yes me, and Shweta aunty come inside please”

And Shweta does as avni says.

Everyone is angry with her and does not look at Shweta except avni.

Neel says “but how and why”

Avni tells them how she has done.


When they are there in their different worlds, with avni caged in his arms and resting on his shoulder she takes out her phone and use it while hiding the screen from neel.

Neel asks “What are you doing”

Avni looks at neel and says “nothing”

Neel says “avni tell me na”

Avni puts her phone down, and says “nothing mr super cop ”

And she smiles, seeing her neel also smiles and he puts his head back on her head.


Neel says in disbelieve “So you were messaging her in the car”

Avni nods.

Neel asks “But why”

Avni says “because I want a family neil”

Neel says “avni we have a family so why do you want her in the family”

Avni says “because she like a mother to me”

Neel says “she tried to separate us”

Avni says “everyone makes a mistake, and they deserve a second chance. She also deserves, like you gave me. I was case 123, still you gave me a chance to be avni. So cant you give her”

Neel says “avni”

Avni says “see neel you cant win in this argument, also cant you just forgive her for me, please neel. Bebe please , please dad. Please, pretty please. Neel how many pretty do I have to put before please so that you can forgive her”

Neel glares her. When she looks at bebe and dad with sad puppy dog eyes.

Bebe and Prakash says “okay” and after seeing a tear in avni’s eye neel’s heart melt and he turns to Shweta and says “only because of avni I am forgiving you, but I am giving you a warning, even if a tear comes in her eyes because of you then I wont leave you”

Listening to neel, avni goes and hugs neel, she says “thank you so much neel” and she smiles

And neel hugs her back.

Seeing this everyone smiles.

Shweta gets touched by this gesture of avni and says “I will never separate you, and will never let anyone separate you I promise. Thank you avni and sorry avni and neel, because of me all this happened, and you still got me back here. I don’t know how to express my gratitude, also I don’t know how to ask for forgiveness, I know that my crime is not forgivable but still forgive me for my deeds” and Shweta joins her hands in front of her and cries.

Avni separates herself from neel and goes to her and wipes off her tears and holds her hands and says “don’t say like this aunty you are elder to us and please don’t say sorry”

Shweta eyes got teary again seeing avni’s goodness, she says “I have to because of my crimes, please forgive me.”

Avni says “I forgive you aunty”

Shweta smiles and says “then call me mom”

Avni wipes her tears and says “mom”

Shweta pulls avni for a quick hug, she says “don’t know why I couldn’t see your goodness, god bless you”

Bebe says “don’t worry, from now on start to see it”

Shweta says “you are right bebe”

Bebe opens her arms and everyone hugs.

*****LEAP (3 months later)(her 5th month)*****

In the mid-night

In avni and neel’s room, neel is on the couch while avni is laying down on the bed, neel is studying a case and avni is studying him.

Avni breaks the silence and says “neel I am hungry”

Neel looks at her and asks “what do you wanna have baby”

Avni says “whatever you give”

Neel says “okay wait, I will bring something good”

Neel gets up and goes to the kitchen and makes her favorite poha which she demanded yesterday. He takes it to her.

When he comes back in the room, he finds her to be sitting on the bed with her legs crossed. He says “avni see what I have got for you”

Avni looks at the plate and makes a face, she says “poha, you made me poha, I don’t wanna have this”

Neel says “what do you wanna have” neel didn’t feel bad as it is their daily routine.

Avni’s face lights and she says “ white pasta and oreo shake”

Neel says “wow what a weird combination”

Avni pouts and says “it’s a nice combination”

Neel says “okay I will get that”

Avni smiles and says “you are the best”

Neel gets up and again goes to the kitchen to make some things

He brings her pasta and shake to the room and finds avni eating poha.

Neel says “you are eating my poha”

Avni says “because you took so long”

Neel smiles seeing so chubby and bubbly and then they eat food.

*****LEAP (some months)*****

Avni and neil are in their bedroom, avni is lying down on the bed reading her favorite novel while neel is giving her a nice foot massage.

Neel breaks the silence and says “you know you look so cute being heavily pregnant”

Avni smiles and says “yeah neel I know that, you would have told me that atleast a thousand time now”

Neel says “yeah maybe you are right”

Suddenly, avni feels extreme pain and she throws the book on the bed and shouts in pain.

Neel gets scared seeing avni like this.

He gets up and asks “what happened avni”

Avni shouts “what what happened you idiot”

Listening to her screams, the family comes running to their room and finds avni cursing and hitting neel with pillows which he is almost able to dodge.

Bebe understands her condition and says “tillu, what are you doing she is in labour, carry her to the car and sunny you go and get the car ready.”

Shweta and Prakash go down, while neel picks her avni who is continuously cursing him for his tubelightness that he cant understand that she is in labour.

Neel lays her in the car, when he is about to sit besides her in the backseat, she kicks him.

Avni shouts “don’t you dare come near me neel Khanna”

Neel’s face fell as he goes in front to sit with his dad who is sitting in the driver seat.

Bebe and Shweta sits with avni, bebe has put her head in her lap while Shweta has put her feet in her laps.

Avni is crying loudly in pain and bebe is giving her assurance that everything will get fine soon, and Shweta is helping bebe. Avni is nodding at their words but it seems like nothing is working much as she is in between cursing neel and blaming him for her condition.

Neel says to Prakash “dad she is yelling at me but behaving so nicely with mom and bebe. I have done so much for her in the past months and now she is cursing me”

Prakash says “I know neel how it feels, Shweta has done this with me as well when you were on the way”

Neel asks “really dad?”

Prakash says “yes”

Avni shouts “don’t talk just run the damn slow car”

Prakash and neel gets scared and zips their mouth and Prakash speeds up the car.

When they reach hospital, neel takes avni in.

In the room, avni is there with neel, as the family has gone to do some work, like calling neela, nanno, ali, etc and most importantly doctor.

Avni is in server pain and she shouts “it all happened because of you”

Neel says “me??”

Avni says “yes you, if you would have stopped that day then this wont have happened today, but no, you didn’t. and because of you I am in so much pain neel Khanna, the time the pain stops you are dead neel khanna”

Neel is so tensed and avni is making him more, he wants her pain to end soon, but as soon as it ends it will be the death of him.

At that sentence of her everyone was near the door and heard it all, they come inside and faces an awkward situation.

Prakash goes to neel and pats his shoulder. He says to our sad and blushing neel “even your mother has said this to me when you were about to born”

Bebe says “avni is behaving just like Shweta”

Shweta asks “really bebe?”

Bebe says “yes”

Doctor comes inside and asks them to go as they have to prepare for delivery.

Neel requested and got the permission to stay with her during her delivery.

During delivery, neel stayed there with avni and supported her. And when they got to hear the first cries of his babies, they also cry a bit.

After delivery, the nurse handed over the kids to avni and neel, when family is there in the room also.

Avni and neel are looking at their kids in awe.

Avni says “I love them already, can we have more?”

Neel sees avni in disbelieve and seeing them the family laughed.

Neela asks “have you thought their names?”

Bebe says “yeah tell”

Avni says “she is inaaya”

Neel says “he is ahaan”

Everyone smiles.

******LEAP (10 years)******

Bebe says “so this is your mom and dad’s story, now you got it”

Inaaya says “yes bebe, we got it. also the story when we were on the way was so funny”

Ahaan says “yeah inaaya. bebe so this was the twist in our parents story, that separated them but bonded them more strongly, it seems so fairy-tale kind story”

Inaaya says “yes ahaan even I think like that too, also our mom and dad are not less then a prince and princess so their story will also be a fairytale kind”

Ahaan says “yeah”

Bebe says “look even your mom and dad has came back from their business trip

Author ‘s voice “ after being parents, neel left police job and joined his father’s business, so that his family can live a peaceful life. Because as you know that being a supercop he had to stand with justice which will make many enemy. Which can harm avni or his kids in revenge. Which he doesn’t want. Later when their kids ahaan and inaaya grew up a bit, avni also joined the business.

DD and juhi also got married in the end. Even nanno got ali married. And whole Mehta family goes in the jail except hetal and rhea. And atlast everyone lived happily.”

Inaaya and ahaan gets up and runs to avneil. Inaaya jumps on avni while ahaan on neel. They carry their kids and avni asks “you missed us?”

Inaaya and ahaan says “yes mom”

They kissed their kids on their cheeks and puts them on the sofa and sits beside them. Avneil greets bebe.

Ahaan says “mom, bebe today told us your story, when you ran away like a princess who is being haressed by the family, and dad brought you back like a prince, and also what happened when we were about to born”

Avni says “really?”

Inaaya says “yes”

Neel asks “you like it?”

Inaaya says “we loved it dad”

And they had a lot of talks that afternoon.

Happy Ending, Happy Ending
Everybody’s Looking For The Happy Ending
Happy Ending, Happy Ending
Har Kahani Ki Ho Happy Ending


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