Avneil Sweetest Love Story Episode 12

Avni’s pagphere day
Avni wakes up and sees Neil
Neil’s mouth was open and he was looking innocent while sleeping
Avni slightly shuts his mouth but Neil wakes up .
Neil : Good morning bubby
Avni : Good morning jelly bean
They get ready
9 pm they finish breakfast

10 pm
Bebe : Bahurani go for pagphere
Avni : Ji bebe
Bebe : Your brother is here
Avni was smiling gladly
Aman took Avni outside and Neil came with them
Aman : let’s go sis for pagphere
Avni: Ha lets go

Riya suddenly came there
I will also take sis along
They all sat in the car
Aman drove, Riya sat in front seat and Avneil sat at the back
Avneil felt sleepy so both lended their heads near each other
Riya saw it and said
Di aur bhaiya dono ek dusre ke paas so gaye
Aman : wake up di bhaiya .. we reached home
They got up and went to the Mehta house
Diksha : you all came soon.. good
Riya : Di aur bhaiya toh ghode bech kar so gaye thai
Diksha : Accha abhi se hi khali ek dusre ki padi hai
Avni : Nahi bua
Diksha : Tu chup rah . I know
Avni was blushing a lot

Dayawanti : Diksha bring food and drinks and sweets for them . I and Neela prepared her special poha
Neil :Poha is my favourite too
Diksha taunted Neil and said : Apni bubby Avni ki pasand toh tune bhi favourite banai hai na .
Neil and Avni stared at each other

Neil blushed and said : Nahi woh meri bachpan se favourite hai . Par aapko hamare naam kaise pata chale ?
Diksha : Mujhe sab kuch maalum hai . Tum mehendi ke din ek dusre ko bol rahe thai maine sun liya
Diksha serves food
Neil : Mai toh abse yaha aakar specially poha khaunga
Avni : Uski koi zarurat nahi hai . Mere ko aise poha banana aata hai.She said it laughingly
Neela smiled seeing her child so much happy for the first time
Daadi gave her a diamond necklace and said : This is Ayesha’s neckpiece which she wanted you to wear it . And Neil this is a letter which Ayesha wanted Avni’s husband to read it . Read it with her at night, Daadi spoke to Neil seperately.
Neil carefully holded the paper and kept it separately out of all gifts.
Neela : Beta go now with Neil.
Avni : Yes maa
Avni bidded them bye and went with Neil
They reached home and the preparations started

They entered the house
Kareena was hiding and suddenly gave a surprise to Avneil. (Avni knew her and Kareena was also her bff but she was smaller than Avni and was completed her studies few time ago in the story)
Neil : First maddy bua then you gave us surprise
Kareena : I completed all studies and earned a lot
Neil :Good. You really needed to earn ,He smirked and taunted her
Kareena :Shut up Neil
Avni : It is 5 pm. Let us eat something. I’m feeling hungry
Everyone eat together and go to do their work
8 pm
They finish dinner

9 pm
Avneil’s room
They both sit together by the windowsill
Neil opens the letter and reads
“To my daughter’s husband
I’m may be present in the future or maybe not but you have to stay with her forever alive till you both die as I am her mother and wish to see my daughter happy. Love and respect are cravings of humans. You both should love and respect each other more than anything else. …. This are my thoughts for you two.. ♡♥ Avni and Neil were speechless at those words . Rivers of happy tears came out of their eyes….. They didn’t speak but kept staring into each other’s eyes. At last Neil spoke : You see your mom left her beautiful thoughts for us .. She would be happy seing us together . Avni broke her silence and said : Mai tumhe vaada karti hun ki mai tumhe kabhi nahi chodungi aur na tum kabhi mujhe chodoge.. vaada karo … Mai vaada karta hun ki kabhi nahi chodunga tumhe …. Neil’s sweet tone of voice came out…. She somehow stopped crying and prepared two coffee mugs
♥ u Avni . ♥u more Neil . ♥ the most , both said it to each other looking deeply into each other’s eyes . She felt like more love than she had got from her Ayesha ma and he felt more love than he had got from juhi. Their heartbeats were increasing and they were extremely happy from inside. The emptiness was filled with love and hatred escaped their lives….

Surprisingly Neil diverted to another topic . Neil : Acha tumhe kaha ghumne jana hai ? Mujhe india tour pe jaana hai, Avni said. Ok chubby bubby.He had brought a smile on her face , he knew greater than anyone else to bring smile on her face .
Avni : Sweetest night hubby! She hugged him and gve a soft kiss on his cheek . You’re sweeter than anyone in my life . I will never stop loving u.
Neither will I, he said pulling her cheeks .
She slept cuddling him tightly . He was also cuddling her . They slept with a smile on their faces….

Chapter dedicated to mishaal .
Precap : Avneil’s dream

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