Avneil Sweetest Love Story Episode 11

Avni’s grahpravesh

Bebe comes home next day
Avni and Neil perform the ritual in front of her
Bebe sees Avni’s face and ask her name
Avni : Mera naam Avni hai
Bebe: baada sona naam hai aur tu bhi soni lag rahi hai . Tu pakka meri bahu Shweta ki pasand hai ( in my story shweta and prakash past is that they happily married with no issues )
Shweta : Maa meri aur tillu ki pasand hai Avni
Bebe : Phir toh tu lajawaab hogi akhir tu mere ghar ki do logon ki pasand hai
Avni was smiling gladly
Shweta : Welcome home Mrs. Tillu
Avni was about to step in when bebe stopped her and told Neil to pick her up in his arms and then bring inside as she wanted her grandson’s bride grahpravesh to be a special one ..
Avni said no to Neil and ran away but he ran after her and picked her in his arms and then brought her inside ..!
Prakash, Shweta and Bebe were watching there cute nok jhok and were smiling at the duo.

10:00 am
Everyone were eating breakfast
Avni held Neil’s right hand tightly to take her sweet revenge
Neil started eating by left hand
Bebe : Puttar to left hand se kyu breakfast khaa raha hai
Neil : Woh bas try kar raha tha
Bebe: Mujhe maalum hai ki teri votti ne haath pakda hua hai , mujhse jhooth mat bol .
Shweta grinned as similiar thing happened on her 1st day ( she held prakash hand to check his wisdom)
Avni left his hand and they resumed to normal
Everyone chatted and finished their breakfast
Avni went to Avneil’s room and wore her mangalsutra and applied sindoor
Just then Neil entered the room
Neil : Why did you took your revenge from me .
Avni : Why did you picked me up ? I was doing the ritual by myself.
Neil : My bebe told me to do so. How could I refuse
Avni : ok fine
The day carries out
In evening Neil’s bua Maddy came from USA from a flight to suprise everyone.
Shweta : Open the gate Neil
Neil opens the gate
Maddy : Surprise Neil
Neil : Bua , when did you came ?
Maddy :Today
Avni : Hello buaji
Maddy : Who are you
Neil interrupted and said
N : My wifey
Maddy : How beautiful you are. I came to surprise everyone and I am surprised here . What is your name dear?
Avni : Mera naam Avni hai
They all talked and spended a couple of hours

They all ate dinner

9 pm
Avni was lighting candles in the room to fill the sweet aroma in their room. It was for their special night. Neil was working in his study room. She
asked him
Avni : Neil do you remember what is today
Neil : Of course I remember my lovey dovey wifey
Avni : Come here
Avni held Neil’s hand and took him to their room
Neil was wonderstruck looking at their room . Avni had decorated it so beautifully . Two coffee mugs were kept which was made by Avni .
His pictures were everywhere, when he was small and big .. Their first meeting pics, their confessions pics, their engagement, mehendi pics , and best of all their wedding pics . But bebe sneakingly added the moment pic when Neil held Avni in his arms i.e. the grahpravesh pic , when Avni went away .
Neil : Avni it’s
Before he could speak she put her fingers on his lips and spoke
Avni : Don’t speak . Just enjoy this night . It won’t come again
Avni and Neil started drinking the coffee.
She kissed him on his cheek . He smiled. He couldn’t express how much happy he was feeling . After losing juhi , he finally got the love of his life which he could not lose or else he would die. She sensed the happiness he was having and was feeling the same that she couldn’t lose him like her Ayesha ma and Neela ma lose or she would die ….♥♥
Avni sat on the bed and Neil slept on her lap
Neil : Avni mujhe lori sunao
Avni : Mujhe accha gaana nahi aata
Neil : Mujse toh jhooth mat bolo bubby
Avni : Accha thik hai jelly bean
Avni sings the naamkaran lori carresing his hair
Neil peacefully listens her lori and takes her hand and holds her hand .
Neil : Tum toh singer nikali bubby
Avni : Aur tum sone waali aatma jelly bean
Neil : Accha thik hai bubby
He sat up and said
Neil : Aaj ki raat special hai toh aaj humari taraf se special gift for you
Neil went away and in two minutes he was back .
He brought a big box
Avni opened it and found a cake inside it
It was written “Happy birthday to Avni and Neil
Avni hugged him tightly and said Thank you Hubby
You know it is the best belated birthday gift (actually in the story their birthday was on the same day of the wedding day . Means AvNeil shared their birthdays and wedding on the same day )
Neil : No it’s also my best belated birthday gift .
Avneil were feeling hungry so they both ate the whole cake .
Avni said let us dance
They danced a little
Neil cupped her face and kissed her
Avni : I’m feeling very happy with you . Its the best day of my life .
Neil : Ok let us sleep
They slept together in the bed hugging each other . That day they had the most peacefull sleep ever …♥♥♡♡

Precap : Avni’s pagphere

This chapter is dedicated to my dear friend Shweta who commented on my profile

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