Avneil os: pain, love and your company (chapter 2)

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Sunlight is coming from gaps between the curtains and is filling the room. Neel feels light and finds it very irritating and he moans. He tries to find some hide away for his eyes but fails. And he unwillingly opens his eyes. He finds avni sleeping very peacefully while being caged in his arms. Her face is hidden in his chest. He moves a bit away from her to see her properly, he finds her mouth to be a little open. He thinks ‘she looks so cute’. He finds that avni is using his one arm as a pillow and his other is around her back inside her top. also he finds that their legs are tangled with each other, with his leg on her body and her other leg on his leg. Meanwhile avni’s hands are in contact with his muscles over the tshirt.

Neel smiles and caress her hair, avni wakes up and smiles. She says “neel”
Neel cups her cheek and asks in a worried tone “yeah baby?” thinking that avni may be in pain

Avni says in half sleep ” embrace me”

Neel smiles thinking that she is fine and also that he wont have had heard avni saying this when she was in her control. He can now touch her and with her permission,and also she is demanding his touch. his dream is somewhat came true.

Neel then caress her hair and notices that her top is up; exposing her back and stomach. then he thinks to caress her lower back while avni kept her face hidden in his chest as she is feeling shy.
Avni thinks that she will regret what she has asked neel to do later but for now she is doing because of her hormones and she is enjoying being there with neel. She is enjoying being so close to neel. She is enjoying every moment with neel. She have never thought that she would ever crave to be near neel. She have never thought that she would ever like neel to caress her hair or her body. She curses her periods because they have made her very demanding, about neel’s embrace and presence. Which would later make situations very embarrassing for them. But right now they both are loving each others company.

He leans closer to her and murmurs in her ears “i have asked you yesterday also but you didn’t reply. So answer now why don’t you wear these shorts at my house, I want you to wear them there as well” avni blushes hearing neel and with this she hugs him tightly and he hugs her back.

Avni says “because”

Neel says “yes because”

Avni says “elders are there and i feel shy”

Neel says ” okay understandable. Then why not at night when we are there in our room alone”

Avni says “so you don’t like my nighties”

Neel says in a seductive voice ” i do but you know you look more smoking hot in these shorts so you will wear these types of clothes for me right?”

Avni shy and says “yes” in a inaudible voice.

With this he caress avni’s bare thighs

Avni blushes and says ” neel ”

Neel is now unconsciously moving his hand over her milky soft thighs. Neel says “yes”

Avni wants to stop neel because she is feeling shy but couldn’t as she is loving his touch so much.

Avni says “nothing”

Neel says ” avni i know you want to say something. Please say na.

Avni blushes and says what is there in her naughty heart ” why dont you do that”

Neel gets confused and asks ” do what”
Avni says “neel that rub that you are doing”
Neel blushes and continues to do that and says ” i want to do and always wanted to do but”

Avni says “but”

Neel chuckles and says “but who can do when you have a tigeress wifey.”

Avni pouts and says ” what do you mean by tigeress; i never jumped at you”

Neel says “yeah you never and that is the thing i don’t like, actually i wanted to see that side too. Coming back to the point, i meant that you always have one look, ‘come near me and you are dead’ and i love my life very much. Neither you come nor let me come”

Avni says “neel you” and she separates herself from neel, takes a pillow and starts to hit him. Neel tries to block the hits by covering his face with his arms.

Neel tries to get up and run but avni sensed it and springs forward and grabs the hold of his tshirt by neck of the tshirt. But when she is about to hit him he cleverly removed his tshirt and runs from the bed.

Avni gets astonish seeing neel’s upper naked half and stay few seconds there in the same position with his tshirt in her hand and mouth open, drooling . then comes back in her sense and she throws his tshirt and him and says ” neel”
Neel was near the cupboard when he feels that something is thrown at him.

Avni gets up from the bed and runs to neel while neel runs too. When avni reaches near the cupboard, neel runs to the bed. Avni comes near the bed and sees neel standing on the bed ,teasing her to catch him. Avni then clutches her stomach and fells on her knees and screams lowly. Neel gets worries that avni again gets pain and now because of him. He comes down and sits by her and hugs her and says “i am so sorry it happened because of me. Neela ma told me that small movements can cause you pain but i”

Avni laugh and this shocks him and she starts to hit him and it strikes to him that she fooled him.

Neel gets angry and releases her from his arms and says “how could you do that. Do you have any idea how much scared i got.”

Avni gets hurt listening to neel, it hurts her that neel screamed at her and is at the verge of crying when neel noticed this sudden change of emotions and hugs her. He smiles and says ” my drama queen you just gave me a heart attack please don’t do it again”

Avni says ” okay” and she starts to break the hug leaving neel confused. Then she starts to hit neel playfully on his chest.

Neel says “what is that for”

Avni says “you forget to easily”

Neel tries to get up and accidentally avni’s nails carved neels body. When he got up he finds three nail marks on his chest. He is about to say something to avni but finds her checking him out. He smiles and says ” wifey i know that i am hot and irresistible but right now you should apologise rather than checking me out”

Avni takes aback at his words and her mouth is in a perfect O shape.

Neel says “close your mouth else flies will make home in it”

Avni pouts and says “i won’t say sorry”

Neel says ” haww why”

Avni says ” because i didn’t do anything wrong. I just marked you mine so no one could came and claim you”

Due to her hormones, she is speaking whats there in her heart without even thinking what she is speaking.

Neel says “oh my jealous and possessive wifey i have never imagined i would see this side of you this soon. But its nice i love it. Also don’t worry i am yours only. By the way i should mark you mine too”

Avni says “don’t you ever think about it and i am not jealous”

Neel says ” oh really”

Avni says “yes”

Neel says “but i will mark you mine” and he sits down and comes close to her but she pushes him and gets up to run.

She runs to the bathroom and he runs behind her. She is about the bolt the door but he pushes it and comes inside. Avni takes small steps backward and neel bolts the door.

Avni says” neel what are you doing”
Neel turns and says ” nothing much wifey just trying to take a shower with you”. And avni blushes.

Neel moves towards avni and avni moves back. Her back hits the shower wall and neel comes close to her and turns on the shower. There is an inch distance between them. The water dripping from the shower is very cold so avni hugs neel to find some warmth. Neel hugs her and then finds his way to the nape of her neck. He kissed her there while avni enjoyed it.

At the door of their room neela ma knocked few times, but none heard it. Neel is busy giving her a hickey and avni in this sweet torture.

Neela ma comes in the room and hears some voices coming from the bathroom.

Avni says “neel”

Avni says “listen na”

Neel says “yes”

Neela blushes hearing them and says “sorry to disturb you both but come down soon breakfast is ready” and smiles while going out.

Avni and neel blushes and neel says “i will go. You have shower” avni nods.
Neel goes out and sets out his clothes.
While laying out his clothes he sneezes due to his wet clothes. Hearing him sneezing avni feels bad.

Soon avni comes out in a towel, the towel is not big so its just covering what is necessary to cover. Neel gets mesmerized seeing her.

Avni finds him checking her out and says “i know i am looking irresistible but stop checking me out and go have shower else you will get fever”

Neel nods and goes to have shower while feeling shy.

Avni comes near the dressing table touches her hickey. She smiles and says “i like it but now if anyone sees it they will tease me. Offo neel. How will i hide this love bite.”

She goes to her cupboard and takes out a blue top and a white shorts. She changes into it. Her blue top perfectly covers her neck and most importantly her love bite.

Neel comes out while drying his hair with a towel and gets awestruck seeing her.

She is tying her hair in a bun when she finds him seeing her. She turns to him.

She says “lets go for breakfast”

He nods unconsciously as he is still busy in checking her out. and when avni sees he is not moving she grabs his hand and drags him out of the room.
They go down and have breakfast. At the table no one talked about the bathroom scene. Neel told that today he might come late as he has a meeting plus dinner. He later goes but after hugging avni.

The whole day avni neela and madhavi talked, actually it was neela and madhavi as avni is usually lost in her thoughts when they are talking. Her thoughts are centered around today morings events.

In the evening nanno and khanna family ladies came to neela’s house for tea. They had a nice chit chat session where avni is just present physically as mentally she is in her dream land. Because of this avni became a topic to tease.

At night after having dinner avni goes to her room to wait for neel. She changes into a pink spaghetti straped flared top which clearly shows her love bite with pink shorts.
Avni goes to the bed and sits, she says “let him come, he is done today”

Later that night Neel comes and neela opens the door.
Neela says “why are you standing here go run. Avni is very angry”

Neel runs to the room.
Neel comes in the room and finds avni sitting on the bed and reading a book. He goes to her and hugs her and says “sorry baby i got late, actually an important work came up at the last moment”

But she is very angry and jerks off his hands. She places her book at the sidetable and crosses her arms while pouting. She is sending him death glares.

Neel holds his ears and says “i am so sorry. Please forgive your tillu. Even you can call me that”.

Hearing ’tillu’ her anger melts and she smiles. Seeing her smile he kisses her on the cheek in excitement. After realising what he has done he think avni will be very angry with him for crossing his limits but to his amazement she is actually blushing.

Avni says “if you wanted to kiss me then do it properly why giving teasers ”
Neel couldn’t believe his ears, but without wasting any time he crashes his lips onto hers thinking that this moment mightn’t come again. Avni reciprocated the lips.
After a minute they pulls apart so that they could breathe. They are panting very hard but still wants to kiss each other.
This time avni initiates the kiss.
They both are on cloud nine, tasting avni’s intoxicated irresistible lips was neels dream and to be in love and to have some lovey dovey moments with neel was avni dream. They had never thought in their wildest dreams that it will come true like this, when avni has got her cramps. This time avni wants to thank her cramps, her uninvited unexpected guest. Because of it only finally avni and neel have become avneil.
They pulls apart and looks at each other intensely, they are lost in each other’s eyes.

Neel says “i love you avni”

Avni says “i love you too”
Neel smiles.

Neel says “you know i have always wanted to confess my feeling to you. I loved you from the day we met i guess but got to know very late. Even when i got to know i thrash this thought thinking that it was nothing but now i am head over heels for you. I love you avni.”

Avni says ” even i do neel, after marrying you i felt that i have fallen for you but thought that you didn’t like me and i am your responsibility.”

Neel says “who said i like you. Because i love you my shona. And never think that you can go away from me mrs avni neel khanna”

Avni says “okay tillu”

Neels says “okay meri tubelight tilli”
They both laugh at their nicknames.
Neel says ” by the way you look so cute with my love bite”
Avni blushes.
Just then clock rings indicating that it is 11 pm now.

Neel says “its late, i think we should sleep now but first i should go and change my clothes” and avni nods.
Neel gets up and goes to the cupboard to take out his clothes. After that he goes to the bathroom to change.
He comes back to the bed and sits besides avni.
Neel says “lets sleep”

Avni says ” cuddle me else i won’t sleep”, neel smile

Neel says “okay but where is my good night kiss”
Avni swiftly kisses neel on his cheek.
And says “my cuddling” neel smiles.
Then neel hugs her. they lie down and sleep while cuddling each other, sleeping so peacefully like they are unaware of the world outside their own.


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