Avneil Hate/Love (Chapter 9)

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Avni and Neil smile at each other

Avni starts leaving

Neil- Wait..

Avni turns back

Neil- U don’t want Ur car.

Avni- U’ll not ask fine right

Neil- I can ask u now if u want

Avni snatches the keys from his hand and leaves


Daya is looking at the diamond bracelet

Diksha- Mom what are U thinking?

Daya- I’m thinking how much this may cost.

Diksha- Now I get it why U took care of Ananya verma

Daya smirks

Riya comes over there

Riya takes the bracelet from Daya’s hand

Riya- Its pretty right dadi

Diksha- Are u so close to her that she gifted U a diamond bracelet?

Riya looks on

Daya- Shut up Diksha.

Riya- Yes because she is my best friend.

Daya- Riya U go and take rest .

Riya nods and leaves from there

Daya- cant u shut your mouth for sometime

Diksha- But I don’t get it is she so stupid she gifted a DIAMOND bracelet

Daya- I guess we should invite her more often

Both smirk


Neela is waiting for Avni worried

Neela- Where is she. She dint even answer to my calls.

The door bell rings

Neela opens the door

Avni was standing at the door

Avni enters the house

Avni- Hi mother India

Neela- Why can’t u answer to my calls?

Avni- Arre I was busy driving mom

Neela- I was so damn scared.

Avni- Why worry when I’m in front of U

Neela- How was Ur day did U come to know about aman

Avni- Yes.

Avni narrates everything to Neela

Neela- Hmm so aman is not here

Avni- Yes

Avni- Now will u be asking me questions?

Neela laughs

Avni- U know how tired Ur daughter is. show some sympathy on her

Neela- Ok baba go sleep now

Avni hugs Neela and goes to her room



Neil is talking in phone with DD

Neil- Where are U DD?

DD- Coming sir

Neil- What coming sir I’m waiting

DD- U just have some coffee

Neil- Okay come fast

Neil disconnects the call


Avni is getting ready

Neela- Avni get ready fast

Avni- Mom this is not fair U cant send me to the office in place of u.

Neela- I know U don’t know the work properly. I just need U to get the files for me.

Avni- Fine I’m leaving

Avni leaves from there

After 10 mins

Avni reaches the office

Avni- Now I have to call on this number

She dials someones number

Avni- Hello. Yes Neela mom sent me.

Employee- Mam please wait in the cafe nearby I’ll come in 10 mins

Avni looks at the cafe nearby

Avni- arre is this cafe so far that U need 10 mins

Employee- Sorry mam but we are searching for the file

Avni- FINE…

Avni disconnects the call

Avni- Lemme order something to have

She enters the cafe and walks to the counter

Avni- One cold coffee

Man- Coming right up mam

She takes the coffee and searches for a seat

Avni- Seriously!

she walks looking at a empty seat over there

suddenly her leg hits a table and she leaves her coffee cup

Avni looks at her leg if she is hurt

Avni- Thank god nothing happened

Avni looks at her hand

Avni- Where is my coffee?

Suddenly a voice comes from back

person- Excuse me U have spilled ur coffee on me

Avni- Shit….

She closes her eyes and turns back

Avni- I’m so…..

Person- U

Avni opens her eyes and is shocked to see Neil over there

Avni- U

Neil stands up wiping the coffee from his shirt

Neil- Do U like to spill things on me?

Avni- Ufff.. Not now

Neil- What not now?

Avni- Listen I’m already frustrated because my coffee is gone

Neil- And what about the coffee stains on my shirt?

Avni- Be happy I spilled cold coffee on U

Neil- Oh so U wish. U could spill hot coffee on me.

Avni- Maybe…

Neil- First sauce then water now coffee what else do U wanna spill on me

Avni- Cow dung. Just shut up now

Neil glares at her

she starts to leave to get another coffee he holds her hand

she turns towards him and takes his hand away with a jerk

Avni- What?

Neil- Don’t U apologize to anyone?

Avni- Not to U

Neil- Excuse me

Avni- Now leave that. I’ll just go and order a coffee for me.

Neil looks on Avni walks to the counter

Neil- I can never become her friend. I did a mistake yesterday

Neil calls DD

Neil- Where are u Idiot?

DD- Sir full traffic jam sir.

Neil- Sit there and eat bread

DD- I’ll be there in 5 mins

neil disconnects the call

Avni comes there with 2 cups of coffee

Avni shows it to Neil

Neil looks at it

Neil- whats this?

Avni- Oh My god from that time U are only asking me questions man

Neil looks at her

Avni- I spilled coffee on U so I got one for U

Neil- I don’t need

Avni keeps the coffee in front of him and sits in the seat empty in front of him

Neil- Why are U sitting here?

Avni- Bcz there is no other place here and this is not Ur cafe

Neil- Why did U keep this cup in front of me

Avni- See again questions.

Avni keeps her coffee cup down hard on the table

Avni- Lemme ask U questions U should know how difficult it is to answer.

Neil rolls his eyes

Avni- U became my friend yesterday na . So drink the coffee ask a friend

Neil- As a friend?

Avni- Just a hi bye friend.

Avni takes neils coffee cup and gives it to him

Avni- Now take

Neil takes the cup

Avni- GOOD

Neil- This is only because we became Hi bye friends yesterday

Avni takes her coffee cup

Avni- Whatever!

Neil and Avni start drinking their coffee

Neil looks at Avni who has got a mustache with the coffee

Neil laughs

Avni- What happened?

Neil- U have got a coffee mustache.

Avni pouts her mouth and lifts her eyebrows

Neil looks on

Avni lifts her eyebrows again

Neil lifts his eyebrows asking her what

Avni- Stupid I asked U how it looks?

Neil- I don’t know

Avni- Leave its waste of time asking u

she drinks her coffee again and Neil smiles at her

Avni- By the way I forgot to ask U “How is riya”

Neil- Why are U asking me she is your best friend right

Avni- Ur saying that as if she is not Ur fiance at all

Neil- Oh….

Avni see’s Neela’s assistant waving at her

Avni drinks her coffee fast

Neil looks on

Avni gets up

Avni- Bye tillu.

Avni runs from there

Neil- Tillu!!! wait…

Neil turns back to look at Avni. She runs to some guy and goes out with him

Neil- She is such a liar she said she din’t have a BF. Maybe it was a secret…

DD comes there

DD- Sir..

Neil- Thank god U came.

DD- Sir I saw that girl while coming in

Neil’s POV
As if I din’t see her

DD- Riya’s best friend sir whats her name

Neil- Ananya.

DD- yes she was going with some guy

Neil- Yeah her BF

DD- BF. She said she is single

Neil- Now what’s Ur problem DD

DD- nothing sir I just thought…

Neil- If she dint have a BF U would try for her

DD- Sir how did U find out.

Neil looks on

DD- I me..mean…

Neil- Now come lets go Its already late

Neil leaves from there

Precap- Avni comes to Mehta house. Its holi celebration. Avni puts holi on Neil.

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