Avneil Hate/Love (chapter 7)

Ali smiles at Avni

Ali- I’m so happy my Avni is still alive do u know how much I missed u

Avni- As if I dint Ali

Ali- U would have bud not more than me

Avni laughs

Avni- Okay baba

Ali- Nano will be really happy to know about u

Avni- No U wont tell anyone about me

Ali- But why?

Avni- First I want to complete my mission

Ali- Still the same na

Avni- I’m the same but U are not

Ali looks on

Avni- U are so damn thin man

Ali- Don’t I look cool

Avni- Way too cool

Both laugh

Ali- Girls fall for me u know

Avni- Oh really and whom did U fall for

Ali whispers- You!

Avni- Did u say something

Ali- No

Avni- U dint answer my question

Ali’s POV
How will I tell U how much I love U Avni.

Avni- Still lost in your own thoughts

Ali- No no

Ali- By the way Ananya where are u from

Avni looks confused

Avni- what..

She sees Neil and Riya coming

Avni- Me I’m from Mumbai itself

Ali- Oh good to know that

Neil and Riya come there

Neil- Okay Ali we will leave now I’ll talk to you later

Riya- And we don’t talk to losers

Avni looks on

Ali- Even I don’t

Riya goes from there

Neil- Sorry for that Ali

Ali- She is always like that

Neil smiles

Avni looks on

Neil- Now U will be here or come

Avni- Bye Ali

Avni waves at him and leaves

Ali- Bye

Neil- Were u Annoyed ?

Ali- Annoyed!

Neil- Yes isn’t she annoying

Ali- No I don’t think so


Neil leaves from there

Ali smiles- Today I’ll give 50% discount for everyone in my cafe. My Avni is Back


Avni sits back, Riya and Neil sit in front seats

Riya shows the ring to Neil

Riya- How is it?

Neil- Nice

Riya- Just nice!!!

Neil- Its superb

Riya shows it to Avni

Riya- Ananya how is it?

No answer

Riya looks behind

Riya- Oh she slept

Neil- Does she have any other work she eats then sleeps

Riya- Stop it Neil… maybe she is tired. She has fever though

Neil looks at Avni from the mirror

They reach Mehta house

Riya- Ananya wake up

Riya gets out


Avni wakes up

Avni stretches her arms- Good morning

Neil looks at her

Avni- You what are u doing here

Neil- GOD now stop this. U are in my car

Avni remembers where she was

Avni- Oh yeah right!

Neil- Now get out

Avni- Where is my car?

Neil- I wont give it to u till u pay the fine

Avni- No way in hell

Saying this she gets down and goes in the house

Neil- Why does she always talk about hell?


Riya is showing her dress and the engagement ring to Daya

Daya- Its good

Riya- Thank U for buying this for me dadi

Daya looks at Avni coming In

Daya- Come Ananya

Avni- Hi Dadi

Riya- Ananya I forgot to show U my engagement ring come here and take a look at it

Avni goes near riya and to look at the ring by then Diksha screams

Everyone run to her

Daya- What happened?

Diksha- What happened?

Daya- We heard U shout…

Diksha- I never screamed. I was singing song

Avni laughs

Riya- Buha Plz don’t sing again

Avni leaves from there

Daya and Riya leave from there mumbling


Avni changes her dress and goes to sleep

The next day i.e Engagement day

Avni’s Alarm rings

She wakes up

Avni- Today is a very big day for Riya. She is getting engaged.

Avni gets down from the bed and goes to the bathroom.

After 1 hour


All sit to have breakfast

Riya- I’m so happy today

Daya- We know

Avni comes down

Avni- Good Morning!

Daya- Good morning

Riya- Come sit Ananya lets have breakfast together

Avni sits beside Riya

Hetal serves food for everyone

Riya- Ananya what are U wearing today?

Avni- Don’t know I have to decide.

Diksha- By the way ananya what is your gift for Riya in her engagement

Daya glares at Diksha

Riya and Avni look on

Daya- She is mad Ananya beta she talks some nonsense

Avni- No its Ok however I have to give gift to Riya right. I’ll go home after the engagement

Daya- Why U can stay here till the marriage

Avni- No I have work to do but I’ll obviously attend the marriage

Riya- She has to attend

Avni smiles

Daya- U are always welcome in this house

Avni nods

they have their Breakfast

Avni and Riya are in riyas room

Riya- This dress dadi bought for me it is 20000 Rs

Avni thinks How did Daya get so much money from.

Avni- Its good Riya

Avni’s POV
Today I have to find out about Aman before leaving

Avni- Riya do U have any sister or brother

Riya- Why?

Avni- If U had one they would help U with Ur dresses na so

Riya- I don’t have a sister but I’m happy U are here as my sister

Avni looks on

Riya- But I have a brother.

Avni- Who?

Riya- Amol. He studies in Abroad.

Avni- Oh so he wont attend your engagement

Riya- No he is busy with his school now

Avni gets emotional

Riya- Accha leave that. Tell me does this look good on me

Riya shows Avni her ear ring

Avni- Its cute riya

Riya- Thank u bae.

The day passes on quickly Avni spends her day with Riya selecting her clothes
Soon its evening.

Avni goes to her room to get ready for the engagement


All are standing Daya, swetha, Neil, prakash, Diksha and Hetal

Daya- I’m so happy for our children

Swetha- Yes The engagement will start in half an hour

Diksha- By the way Neil Ur looking good

Swetha- My Tillu always good okay

Neil- Mom stop calling me that

Ali comes over there

Neil and Ali hug each other

Daya is annoyed

Swetha- By the way where is groom uh

Neil- Mom that is bride

Swetha- Whatever I’ll call her groom

Daya- Riya will be coming now

Riya comes with Avni

Everyone look at them

Riya- Hi everyone

Swetha- Hi Riya

Daya- U people go and have something the engagement will be after 30 mins

Ali smiles at Avni

Avni smiles back then she looks at Neil her smile fades away

They both glare at each other

Riya- Neil how I’m I looking

Neil- U look good Riya

Riya- Thank you Neil

Ali- Ananya wanna have some cool drinks

Avni- Yeah sure

Avni is about to leave Riya holds her hand

Avni looks at riya

Riya- Don’t go with him Ananya

Neil Whisper- Not the Drama again

Ali- Who are U to say that

Riya- Bcz Ananya is my best friend

Avni- But why Riya?

Riya- He is a poor guy and U are from rich family. He can take Ur advantage

Avni looks on

Neil and Ali glare at Riya

Avni- No Riya there is nothing like rich or poor everyone is equal. I don’t think he is bad

Riya- U are very innocent Ananya u don’t know about him

Riya leaves from there angrily

Neil looks on

Avni smiles- Come on Ali cheer up lets go

Ali- Yeah come. Neil even U come man

Neil- With her no way in hell

Avni- How dare u copy my dialogue

Neil- Now stop that

Ali- Enough guys lets leave

Ali , Neil and Avni come to take cool drinks

Ali- What do u guys need

Neil and Avni – COKE

They look at each other

Ali laughs

Ali- So coke for both of U and Fanta for me

Avni- Seriously Ali Fanta from Child…

Neil looks on, Avni and Ali get tensed

Avni- I mean are u a child ?

Ali- Okay I’ll go get it

Neil- Lemme help U

Neil and Ali leave

Riya comes there

Riya is still angry

Avni- Riya..

Riya- not now Ananya

Avni goes near her

Avni- Come on Riya u shouldn’t be Angry on anyone today

Riya- But Anan..

Avni- I know U don’t like him but

Neil comes over there and looks on

Avni- But he is Neil’s friend right. If U treat him bad Neil will also feel bad and it may affect your relation right

Neil looks at Avni

Riya- yes U are right but I don’t like him

Avni- If U don’t then don’t say anything just keep quite when he is around u. Just think to keep urself calm

Riya- I’m really sorry acting stupid that time

Neil smiles

Avni looks on Angry- No I wont forgive U

Riya gets tensed and Neil looks on

Avni hugs her and Riya hugs her back

Avni- I just needed a hug

Riya- Wait I’ll Come in a sec

Avni- Again to do touch up uh

Riya and Avni laugh

Riya leaves from there

Neil comes there and shows the glass of coke

Avni extends her hand and takes it from him

Avni starts drinking the coke

Neil sees the ring in her finger

Neil- Why are U wearing this ring?

Avni looks on clueless

Avni- Which ring?

Neil points at the ring she has in her finger

Avni- Why wont I wear this It is mine

Neil- Don’t lie

Everyone looks at him
Daya, swetha Riya and everyone come there

Riya- What happened Neil?

Neil- I will arrest U for stealing

Avni- Excuse me

Daya- What happened?

Neil shows the ring which Avni was wearing

Everyone is shocked

Daya- Ananya beta why are U wearing that Ring?

Riya goes from there

Neil- I will seriously arrest u

Avni- Dare U touch me

Ali- Neil wait


Swetha- It is Riya’s engagement Ring

Avni looks on shocked

Avni- No this is mine

Neil- Dont lie

Riya comes over there

Riya- Wait I have my ring with me

Everyone is shocked

Neil looks on and Avni glares at him

Precap- Neil extends his hand to Avni and says “friends” .Avni looks on.

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