Avneil Hate/Love (chapter 6)

Avni and Neil pay their bills and leave

Riya was waiting for them outside the mall

Riya- Thank god Ananya U came. Where were U?

Avni- Me..I

Neil- This girl was having Ice creams

Avni- Oh so U dint have…

Neil- Leave all that we will go

Riya- Yeah correct. I cant tolerate this fight anymore

Neil looks at Avni and she looks away

Riya- By the way Neil dadi asked me to get the engagement ring which she ordered for me

Neil- Hmmm

Riya- We will go and get that

Neil- Fine but come fast I have work to do

Avni- I’ll go home U can leave

Riya- Why ananya?

Avni acts

Avni- I’m not feeling very well so

Riya- Ur alright na

Neil understands she was acting

Avni- My stomach is paining and I’m feeling dizzy I’ll go home

Riya- Fine…

Neil- Wait we should probably go to hospital

Avni- Hospital!!!

Riya- Yes Ananya come lets go

Avni- No no I’m alright. I just wanna take rest.

Neil- U had so many Ice creams. It is not good for your health

Riya- Yes I totally agree with neil

Avni’s POV
WTH is this….God I’m totally dead. I dint want to go to the shop with this fellow and now I’m dead.

Riya- Come Ananya lets go. Neil will take us

Avni- What about my car I cant leave it here right

Neil- U don’t worry about that DD will take care

Neil smiles at Avni

Avni- U both go to take the ring. I’ll go on my own

Neil- Arre u are feeling Dizzy right

Riya- Yes Ananya he is right

Avni makes a weird face

Riya starts pulling her

Avni goes with her

Neil- Now let me see how U handle this one Ananya!!!

Neil leaves from there

Neil, Avni and Riya come to the hospital

Riya- U take Avni inside I’ll stay out

Neil- But why?

Riya- I hate this smell it stinks

Neil- I’m not going with her!

Riya- But….

Avni- No I’ll go alone u stay here okay

Avni starts to leave

Neil- Wait lemme come with u

Avni- I’m not a child so get lost

Riya- Ananya let him go with u

Avni gets tensed and walks in

Neil walks with her

They come near the corridor of the hospital

Avni- U stay here I’ll go

Neil- No I’ll come inside

Avni- Whats your problem

Neil- YOU

Avni asks him to get lost

Neil- I’ll come inside lemme see what problem u are having

Avni glares at him

Avni walks in the room where the doc was sitting

Neil walks behind her smiling

Doctor- Please come in

Avni and Neil sit in the seat

Doc- What happened?

Neil- She is not well

Avni- No its just headache that’s all

Neil- Even stomach ache and dizziness

Avni looks on tensed

Doc- Come let me check

He checks Avni

Doc- U have fever

Avni and Neil are shocked

Avni- Fever???

Doc nods

Doc- What did u have?

Avni- Nothing!!!

Neil- She had many Ice creams

Doc- Oh

Avni gets up from the seat

Avni- I’ll leave now U just give the tablets

Doc- No U should get an Injection


Doc- Yes

Avni- No no Its ok I’m fine

Neil stands up

Neil- U should take an Injection

The doctor gets the injection Avni gets tensed

Avni’s POV
All this is because of him. I HATE INJECTION

Doc comes near Avni with Injection

Neil looks on

Doc- Just show Ur hand

Avni puts her hand behind her

Avni- No no plzz

Neil laughs

Neil- So u r scared of Injections Uh

Avni- Shut up!

Neil- Doc u just give her the injection

Avni starts running Neil looks on stunned

Avni- I told U I don’t need that right

Neil- What is this childishness U are not a baby

Avni- I’m gonna run out of here u have the Injection

Neil- U will not run anywhere

Avni starts to run near the door

Doc- Go get hold of her

Neil runs and catches her hand

Avni resists- Leave me

Neil- Not so easily

Doc comes near her with the injection

Avni- No plzzz

Doc gives the injection

Avni- Ahhhhhhhhh…

Neil laughs at her

Avni starts crying

Neil looks on

Neil- Come on this is just an Injection

Avni- I hate u Neil for doing this

Neil- Did U just call me Neil

Avni- Stop it Tillu

Avni looks at him angrily

Neil’s POV
The annoying Ananya is back.

Doc- U can leave now. Take this prescription with u

Neil is about to take the prescription Avni snatches it

Avni- I’ll pay

Neil- Way too stubborn

Avni- Yes

Avni pays the bill and goes out

Neil- This girl na

Neil leaves from there

Outside Riya was chatting with her friends

Avni comes out

Riya- Ananya what did Doc say

Avni- He dint say he gave me a BIG INJECTION

Riya- Injection that’s it

Avni- What that’s it and yeah all of this is only because of ur stupid BF

Avni starts leaving

Riya- Hey he is not my BF he is my fiance

Avni whispers- Whatever but for me he is a stupid Donkey

She goes and sits in the car

Neil comes over there

Neil- Do u get scared of Injection ?

Riya- No why?

Neil- Thank god u are totally diff from her. I really cant handle girls like her

Riya laughs

Neil- Come lets leave

They come to the shop where they had to buy the ring

Riya gets down

Riya- Come on Avni

Avni looks on

Neil- Now get down

Avni- I’ll stay here U both go

Neil- Stop being silly I can’t lock U in the car


Avni glares at him

Avni- Stupid DONKEY

Neil gets stunned

Neil- What did U just say?

Avni gets sown and bangs the door


Avni and Riya go in the shop

Avni- I’ll sit over here u go get it

Riya nods and leaves

Neil enters the shop talking in phone with someone

Neil- Come fast Ur nearby right

Neil disconnects the call

Neil- Where is Riya

Avni- Go search on your own U are a police right

Neil- Are u always like this

Avni- Lemme ask u a question

Neil looks on

Avni- Are u MAD?

Neil- U are MAD not me

Avni- Oh really!


Avni looks at him angrily

Avni- I hate u

Neil- I hate u too

Avni takes a glass of water kept in the shop

Neil- HEY what are u doing

She is about to throw it on him. He holds her hand


Avni- Today u will take bath from my hand to wash all ur stinking dirt from u

Both start pulling the glass

Neil- Listen Just leave it

Avni- No way in hell

Avni is about to fall down Neil holds her

Neil stares at her

Avni puts the water on his head it falls on her also

Neil stands straight

Neil- U are so damn Annoying

Avni- As if U are not

At the same time Riya comes there

Riya- Neil how are u wet

Avni glares at him

Ali walks in the shop

Ali- What happen Neil?

Neil- Nothing I’m happy U are here

Riya gets annoyed eyeing Ali there

Neil goes to hug Ali

Ali- Wait man today U are dipped in water and that day with sauce

Neil glares at Avni and she looks away

Ali looks at avni

Ali- By the way who is this U wont Introduce me to your friend

Avni and Neil – We are not friends

Ali- Well cool down at’least tell her name

Neil- She is Riya’s friend Ananya

Ali- Ananya?

Avni- Hi!

Neil- And this is my friend Ali

Avni is shocked

Avni – Ali?

Avni gets teary eyes

Neil- Why are u shocked listening to his name?

Riya leaves curtly from there

Neil- Riya….

Neil goes behind her

Ali- Nice to meet U Ananya. I have the feeling I know u

Avni goes near Ali

Ali looks on

Avni hugs Ali being happy

Ali- Uhh..

Avni- I’m so happy to meet U ali. I missed U so much

Ali- Do U know me?

Avni breaks the hug

She hits on his head

Avni- Arre BUDDHU U cant recognize me

Ali is clueless

Avni- U totally forgot your best friend Ali

Ali- I had only one Best friend and that was

Ali gets shocked

Ali- No this cant be possible my avni died 15 yrs back

Avni- And the same avni returned now

Avni shows him the photo of him and her which she had in her wallet

Ali cries- AVNI

Avni nods happily

Precap- Its Riya and Neil’s engagement. Avni and Neil argue again.

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