Avneil Hate/Love (chapter 5)

Hi tats let’s begin


Avni walks really fast full of anger

She takes deep breath

Avni- Sop it Avni. U can’t do this Riya will feel bad

Avni’s POV
What have I done I fumed from there. What will riya think now.

Riya enters the mall pulling Neil’s hand.

Avni- Come on go now

Avni goes near Riya

Riya glares at her

Avni holds her ears

Avni- I’m really really sorry riya

Riya smiles

Riya- Now stop making that puppy face come lets go shopping

Neil’s POV
“Puppy face” she is a monster with 2 horns

Riya- Neil come!!!

Neil- Yeah. By the way where is DD

Riya- Leave DD u came with me

Neil- Seriously Riya.

Riya- Just come

Neil- I’m not into girls stuffs riya

Avni- Oh come on u have to all this after marriage right

Avni smirks

Neil glares at her

Riya- Yeah Neil. No excuses this time come

Riya starts going

Neil- What’s your problem?

Avni- U. u are my biggest problem

Neil- And U are my problem

Riya shouts- Come on guys!!!

Avni goes to her

Neil- Its gonna be my biggggesst day ever

Riya goes to clothes shop

Avni and Neil follow her

Avni- U need clothes?

Riya- Yeah and U both will help me selecting

Neil- Me?

Riya- YES

Neil makes weird face

Riya- So guys go leave.

Riya leaves from there

Neil- U know what all of this is because of u

Avni- I’m happy for u

Avni and Neil leave to select dress for riya

Riya on the other side is searching for the clothes

Avni comes there with a blue dress

Avni- Riya what about this one

Neil comes there with the same blue dress

Neil- How is this Riya

Avni and Neil see the dresses which they have

Avni- Copycat

Neil- U are copycat

Avni- I brought this dress first

Neil- No I got it first

Avni- U…

Riya- Stop it guys!!!

Riya- I don’t want any dress in blue

Avni- But Riya Blue is awesome

Neil- Blue is my favorite color

Avni- Then blue is dumb

Neil- U are dumb

Avni- How dare u..

Riya shouts- I SAID STOP IT.

Riya- Go and get any other color

Avni and Neil leave

Riya- Uffff… cant even search a dress in peace

Neil and Avni are searching for Dress

they take the same dress

Avni- Leave it

Neil- No I took it first

Avni- No I took it first

They start pulling the dress

A salesperson comes over there

Salesman- If U want the same dress I can get U another peice

Avni leaves the dress- I don’t need it let him take

Neil- Oh I don’t want ur sacrifice

Avni- As if I want

Avni- I don’t want this dress

Avni leaves from there

The salesman looks at Neil

Neil- Why are U looking at me even I don’t need

Neil fumes from there

Salesman- People don’t come to buy dresses in our shop these days

Riya comes to Neil and Avni

Riya- Guys no need to search. I have got my dress

Neil- At’last

Avni- U got it come lets go and eat something I’m damn Hungry

Neil- Bukkad

Avni- Seriou…

Riya- Guys not now

Avni- Fine

Riya- Come Ananya lets go have something to eat

Avni smiles and nods

Riya- U both go I’ll pay and come

Avni- No no I’ll wait for u

Neil- Yeah Riya

Riya- Fine just give me a sec

After paying the bill all the three come out of the shop

Riya- Lets have Burgers


Riya- Why U don’t like them

Avni- No I’ll decide what to have when I go there

Riya- Neil what do u want to have

Neil- A police never eats food in outdoor

Riya laughs

Avni- As if

Neil glares at her again

Riya- come lets go then

They go to McD

Neil- What do u want Riya

Riya- Burgers

Neil starts to leave

Riya- WAIT Neil U dint ask what Ananya wants?

Neil-Fine ask her what she needs

Avni was looking out

Riya- Ananya what do u need

Avni- Nothing!

Riya- Nothing?

Neil looks out and see’s a small Ice-cream shop over there

Neil- U can go if u want

Avni- Excuse me!

Neil- I mean U can go have whatever u want

Riya- Yes Ananya go have whatever u like

Avni- Fine I’ll go

Avni runs out of there

Riya- She is so cute na

Neil- Now tell me which Burger U need

Riya- Fine!

Avni goes out near the Ice cream shop and finds it closed

Avni- Seriously Why?

Avni- I’ll search if any are there over here

She starts searching in the mall for other shop


Riya has Burgers

Riya- Neil have a bite its damn tasty

Neil- No need Riya

Riya- By the way where is Ananya?

Neil- U should know she is your friend

Riya- Lemme call her

Riya calls Avni. The phone rings beside her

Riya- She left her phone and wallet here

Neil- Very careless girl

Riya- Neil Please search her and ask her to come fast even pay her bill she would probably have no money with her now

Neil- Should I have to go?

Riya- Neil PLEASE!

Neil leaves from there

Neil is searching for Avni in the Mall

Neil’s POV
Is she a child that I have to go and get her. Now where the hell is she

Neil searches in all the shops

Neil- Nowhere to be seen

Neil’s POV
Wait lemme check in the shop she was looking at

Neil goes there

Neil- Shop is closed. Oh she came to have Ice cream. Then she may be there in any Ice cream shop nearby.

Neil starts searching for Ice cream shops

Neil- At’last

He enters the Ice cream parlor

Neil- Here U are

Avni was sitting over there eating Ice cream

Avni- What are u doing here?

Neil- I came searching for u

Avni- Searching for me WHY?

Neil- Ur friend asked me to and U left Ur wallet and phone over there

Avni- I know

Neil- U know

Avni- Yes

Neil- Are U serious!!!

Avni- Shut up I’m having Ice cream

Neil see’s Avni having many Ice creams

Neil’s POV
So many Ice cream. Is she having her lunch

Neil- Were u starving for Ice creams?

Avni- Ice cream! it is my life you know. I have it when I’m happy or sad or Angry just to enlighten my mood

Neil- Ohhhhhh

Avni extends her hand having Ice cream in it. Neil looks on

Avni- Have it

Neil- No I don’t need it

Avni- Accha listen I’m having this to control my angry because I’m angry on U now.

Neil- SO?

Avni- So even U are angry on me u can eat it to enlighten Ur mood

Neil- I don’t agree with u

Avni- I’m serious just try

Neil looks at the Ice cream

Neil- Fine

Avni smiles

Neil tastes the Ice cream

Neil’s POV
Its Yummy actually!

Avni- How is it?

Neil- Fine I guess

Avni- Whatever!!!

Both start to have many Ice creams

Avni starts to lick her hands

Neil laughs at her

Avni- I told U na mood will enlighten

Neil- I don’t think so

Avni- U are very stubborn

Riya calls Neil

Neil- yeah coming Riya

Avni looks on

Neil- Lets leave come now Riya is waiting

Avni- Wait lemme pay

Avni goes to pay bill

Neil- Wait I’ll pay

Avni- Oh stop acting like a gentleman

Neil- I’m a man

Avni- Wait no need to fight we will pay for what we ate

Neil- Fine

Precap- Neil introduces Ali to Avni. Avni gets shocked and Riya gets annoyed

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