Avneil Hate/Love (chapter 4)

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Avni smiles at Neil

Neil- Stop calling me that

Avni- I wont Tillu

Neil glares at her

Neil- My name is not tillu. Do u get that

Avni- But I guess your mom was calling u that. I din’t know Ur name was TILLU

Neil- U are really damn annoying

Avni- Listen who is saying that. The great tillu

Avni laughs at him and Neil gets angry

Neil- Dare u call me that. Mind ur own business

Avni- Oh really. Its better for u to mind ur own business

Neil- A police can never mind his own business


Neil- Yeah whatever but don’t dare to call me tillu…

Avni smiles and shouts- TILLU TILLU TILLU…

Neil looks angrily

Avni runs from there

Neil’s POV
This girl is damn annoying and I hate her. Is she a girl or an Monster I guess riya is better than her at’least Riya doesn’t talk Chapad chapad like her.

Riya comes back

Riya- Where is Ananya?

Neil- I don’t no where she went

Riya- She is cool right

Neil whisper’s- Cool uh she is a hot air balloon

Riya- What did u say

Neil- Nothing I said she is your friend she will be cool right

Riya- Aww.. So sweet of U Neil

Riya hugs Neil

Swetha comes over there

Swetha- Oye do all romance after marriage

Riya smiles

Neil gets annoyed

Neil- Mom we are not romancing over here…

Swetha- Oh come on tillu Don’t lie to me

Neil- Stop calling me tillu in front of everyone mom

Swetha- What everyone only Riya is here

Neil thinks about how Avni called him Tillu

Neil makes an angry face and leaves from there Riya looks on

Riya- What happened to him

Swetha- Whatever I’ll call him tillu.

Riya- I guess he is not liking that

Swetha- Oye he is my Tillu!!!

Riya gets annoyed

Swetha- Okay leave that. We will leave now.

Riya goes with Swetha to leave her near the door


Avni- With whom was Mrs Mehta talking. I think Aman is not here. I have to find him fast

Riya- What u should find out

Avni gets shocked seeing Riya standing near the Door

Riya walks in

Riya- Whom U want to find?

Avni- Oh that I was searching my headphone to listen to songs

Riya- U told “him”

Avni- “Him” yeah I call my headphone He/Him

Riya shocked- He/ Him

Avni turns around

Avni-Y..yeah even they have life right. I mean…

Avni’s POV
Avni Idiot what a lame lie. No no no Not lame.

Riya makes weird face

Avni turns towards Riya

Riya- Fine leave that tell me how is Neil.

Avni- Who Neil?

Riya- Arre my fiance

Avni- Oh til.. I mean ur fiance uh

Riya- He is awesome right

Avni whisper’s- Awesome my foot

Riya- What?

Avni- U chose him for u he would be awesome just like u right. By the way I met him just now

Riya- Yeah that’s right. But I’m so happy to have u as my friend

Avni- I’m not your friend

Riya looks on

Avni- I’m your best friend Idiot

Avni and Riya hug each other

Riya- Ok Ananya now u sleep. Goodnight

Avni- Goodnight

Avni’s POV
I don’t thing I’m acting with Riya to be her friend. I guess I really see her as my Best friend.
But I actually miss my true Best friend Ali.

Avni gets teary eyes

Avni’s POV
I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to meet Ali, Nano and my Aman. I really miss all of them. My life will be full of joy when all of them are there with me.
But sometimes I think “will Riya be the same when she comes to know I’m Avni the one she actually hates”
I lied on my bed thinking about that. How will Riya react will she feel betrayed.
Suddenly my thought shifted to Riya’s fiance He is a Police officer How will I complete my mission.

Avni slowly drifted of to sleep

8:15 am

Knock Knock

Avni got up from bed

Riya- Ananya open the door

Avni goes and opens the door

Avni- What happened Riya

Riya was fully ready

Avni- Are u going somewhere

Riya- Not U. We

Avni- We but where ?

Riya- Shopping. Now get ready fast. We will go in your car. That’s so cool actually

Avni- sure why not lemme just get ready

Riya- See u down Sleepyhead

Avni smiles at her and Riya leaves

Avni locks the door and calls Neela

Avni- Hello mama whatcha doing?

Neela- GOD avni don’t talk in your ascent

Avni laughs

Neela- How are u and How is your plan going

Avni takes deep breath

Avni- Ma Aman is not here. I should first find where he is

Neela- Daya wouldn’t have done anything to aman because she loves him

Avni- YES that’s true

Neela- What about the plan

Avni- Mama actually….

Neela- Come on tell Avni what happened?

Avni- I can’t do that ma

Neela- But why?

Avni- Mom Riya loves her fiance Neil. She has nothing to do with this right. What will I get by breaking the engagement

Neela- Avni focus they are marrying khanna family only for money

Avni- But not Riya mom

Neela- But…

Avni- Okay lets change the plan. I’ll try to reveal the true face of dayavanthi mehta in front of them. Neil will accept Riya because she is Innocent and He may know about her as he loves her. But Mrs Mehta’s true face will come in front of them.

Neela- It seems good but…

Avni- No buts. Plzzz My cute mama my sweet..

Neela- Ok Fine

Avni jumps being happy- Thank u so much I love ya. Ummaaahhh

Neela- Take care baccha Bye

Avni- Bye

Avni’s POV
I’m so happy. Riya marriage will not break. Now I guess I’m doing nothing wrong with Riya


Riya- Always U will be in work One day U cant come with me or what?

Neil- U know I’m busy right

Riya- Just leave Neil

Neil- Fine I’ll be there don’t worry

Riya- OMG thank u. LOVE U

Neil disconnects the call

Riya- I’m so damn Happy

Daya- Riya U din’t go for the shopping

Riya- Going Dadi

Daya- U are taking Ananya also right

Riya- Yes dadi

Avni comes down wearing a T shirt with Hot pants

Daya looks at her

Riya- At last u came ananya I was waiting for u

Avni stares at Daya

Avni- Good morning Dadi

Daya- Good morning Beta

Riya- Come lets leave fast

Avni waves at Daya and leaves

Daya smirks

Daya- U are rich Ananya and we can take advantage of u.


Avni takes out her Glasses and wears it as it was sunny

Riya- Your car is cool ananya

Avni- Thank u

Avni- By the way where are we going

Riya- Mall

Avni- Mall fine

Avni drives to the mall

She parks her car Riya gets down

Riya- Just wait here I’ll go do some touch up for me

Avni nods

Riya leaves from there

Avni gets down off the car

Just then she see’s another car coming towards her car and parking it beside hers. She looks on

DD gets down of the car

DD- Hi How are u

Avni- Do u know me

DD- No I just greeted u

Avni laughs

Avni- Then okay Hi I’m fine how are u

A voice comes out of the car ” with whom are u talking DD”

DD- No one sir

Avni- Why does that voice looks so familiar

Neil gets out of the car

Avni is annoyed

Avni- This kadoos seriously!!!

Neil looks at Avni and comes to her

Neil- What are U doing Here

Avni- I told U to mind your own business

Neil- Oh!!!

Avni glares at him

Neil- By the way do u love ur glasses so much

He puts his hand forward to touch it by the time Avni holds his finger

Neil smiles and takes his hand back

Avni- Don’t dare to touch me

Avni takes her glasses out and keeps it in the car

Neil- Now can U see properly Ananya

Avni- Shut up Tillu

Neil- Dare u call me tillu

Avni- Then I’ll call u that

DD comes in between them

DD- Please cool down both of u and go do the work for what u have come here

Avni turns angrily and calls Riya

Avni- Where the hell are u. I’m waiting for u here

DD whisper’s to Neil- Maybe she is waiting for her BF. He is very lucky to have her

Neil- Seriously He will the most unlucky man in this world

Avni disconnects the call and waits for Riya

Neil turns the other side

DD- With whom did u talk

Avni- Why what is bothering u

DD gasps- Nothing

Riya comes there

Avni goes to her

Avni- SERIOUSLY Riya. How much time do u want

Neil’s POV
Gone now I have to do shopping with her and Riya

DD laughing- So U were waiting for Riya?

Avni angrily- Yeah why?

DD- I thought u were waiting for ur BF

Riya- BF?

Avni- I don’t have one

Neil- Thank god at’least someone is saved

Avni- What

Riya- Guys leave that. Neil come lets go

Avni- Wait He is coming with us

Riya- Yeah!

Avni glares at him and goes inside the mall

Riya pulls Neil’s hand and takes him with Her

Precap- Avni eats Ice cream in the mall, Neil stares at her.

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