Avneil Hate/Love (chapter 3)

Hello guysssssssssss……. SO LETS BEGIN!!!

Avni is angry on Neil for dropping her on floor

Avni’s POV
I hate that guy, Mr AC you will pay for what u have done to me

Avni leaves from there in search of riya


Neil See’s Riya chatting with her friends

Riya- I know my dress is the best right

Neil’s POV
Girls Girls Girls…. The only confusion these days. This riya doesn’t leave any chance to not boost about herself.

Riya see’s Neil and walks towards him excited
She comes to him and hugs him. He hugs her back

Riya- Neil even ur wearing blue I’m so happy my cutie bestie selected this blue for me. Don’t we look like an awesome couple together.

Neil- Ur bestie uh?

Riya- Yeah I want u to meet her she is really good

Neil- Yeah sure!

Daya calls Riya and she leaves from there

Neil- Ali where are u man!!!

Avni enters the hall searching Riya she meets neil again

Neil- Oh Hi how is ur hurt

Avni looks at him angrily

Avni- Listen I don’t have time for Ur lame jokes

Neil- Lame uhh… U are Lame actually

Avni- U know what ur wearing such a nice dress u don’t wanna spoil it right

Neil- Don’t talk about my dress I know its nice. Its not lame like U

Avni gets angry

Avni’s POV
That’s it he is such an annoying person I have ever met

Avni- Now U will look the LAMEST Mr AC

saying that Avni takes a cup of sauce which was kept on a table nearby and throws it on him

Neil is shocked


Neil looks on angrily

Swetha comes over there at the time and is shocked to see neil’s dress with sauce

Swetha- Hey Tillu what is this U look Lame

Neil- Don’t call me lame mom

Swetha- U have spoiled ur clothes what will u do now

“Don’t worry about that” a voice comes from behind
Swetha turns to look and see’s Ali standing there smiling at them

Neil gets happy

Swetha- Accha hua U came now go help ur childish friend

Saying this swetha leaves from there

Neil goes to hug Ali

Ali move back and says- Uh Uh not with sauce all over u man

Neil’s POV
All is because of that stupid girl. Damn it

Ali laugh’s

Neil- What’s so funny

Ali- Sorry to say this but u look kind of lame like this

Neil glares at him

Neil- Now stop this non sense and come and help me clean this mess

Ali- Why clean U can wear a new dress

Neil- New dress are U mad Ali how will I get a new dress

Ali- We will get outta here

Neil- No need for that man

Ali- Fine then if u want to look LAME then okay

Neil- Fine come lets go and come fast

Neil and Ali leave

On the other side

Avni meets Riya

Avni- Where were u I was searching for u

Riya- Sorry about that. By the ur looking pretty

Avni- Thank u baby

Riya- Ur Welcome

Both laugh

Daya and Swettha come over there

Avni looks on

Swetha- Mera tillu where uh

Avni laughs hearing the name

Riya- I don’t know aunty

Daya- What don’t know he is fiance

Swetha- By the way who is this

Riya- Aunty meet ananya my best friend

Daya- Yeah meet her she is Ananya verma

Swetha- U r from verma family

Avni- yeah

Swetha- Nice to meet u. We have heard a lot about ur company

Avni smiles

Swetha- Oye Riya call my tillu and ask him to come fast

Riya- Okay Aunty

Swetha leaves

Daya- Want any drink ananya beta

Avni- Na Its Okay

Daya nods and leaves from there

Riya starts to call neil

Riya- Hello! Where are u?

Neil- I’ll be there in 5 mins riya wait

Riya- Come fast ok everyone are asking for u

Riya disconnects the call

Riya- Come lets go I’ll Introduce u to my friend’s

Avni and Riya leave

Riya introduces her to all her friends

Avni thinks of getting outta there to search aman

She leaves from there without Riya noticing her

Avni’s POV
Come on how will I find my aman now. Where is he. I don’t even know how he looks

Neil and Ali come in Avni is standing near the door worried

Ali- Excuse me

Avni looks at him

Avni- Oh sorry

Ali keeps staring at her

Avni see’s neil beside Ali and stares angrily at him

Neil glares at her

Ali looks at both of them

Avni leaves from there

Daya comes on the stage and greets everyone avni also comes there

Neil and Ali come

Daya- This is just small get together for all of us thank u for attending this party. Hope all enjoyed

Everyone start leaving

Ali says Neil even he is leaving and goes

Riya comes to Avni and calls her

Riya- Come now all the guests have gone. I’ll introduce u to him

she starts pulling her hand

Avni sees Daya talking in phone with someone and stares at her

Riya takes Avni near Neil but Avni is looking behind seeing daya

Riya- Neil this is my bestie

Neil looks at her

By the time daya goes out talking

Neil- I guess ur friend is busy looking at something

Riya see’s avni looking behind

Riya- Ananya!

Avni turns and looks at riya

Neil is stunned to know avni was riya’s best friend

Avni- Sorry riya I was looking at…

Riya- Leave that meet Neil my fiance

Avni turns and says- Hi…you

Neil glares at her

Riya- U know him

Avni thinks “why not”

Neil- No she doesn’t

Riya- Ananya meet neil and Neil this is my bestie ananya

Neil smiles at her

Avni looks at him angrily

Daya calls riya and she leaves

Neil puts his hand forward

Neil-Nice to meet u Ananya

Avni glares at him

She shakes hand with him

Avni- Nice to meet u tillu

Neil looks at her angrily

Avni smiles

Precap – Riya and avni go out. Riya calls neil over there avni gets annoyed

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