Avneil Hate/Love (Chapter 20)

Hiiii…… Guys I know U ppl might be thinking I’m dead :P. I’m really sorry but I had a stupid HAND FRACTURE. I know that really hurts damn… Actually I had to read the previous chapy to know where I was .So lets begin and again SORRY….Love ya

Avni stood still looking at Aman with teary eyes while Neil staring at Avni.

Neil(Waving his hands)- Are U Alive?

Avni comes back to her senses
Avni- Yes Of’course I’m…

Neil- Oh yeah I just thought why Ur giving such a Awful expression…
Neil starts laughing

Avni- Very funny Tillu!!!

Riya and Ali come to them

Riya- Hey! Nice vamp look baby

Avni – I know!

Ali- Ur looking good Ananya..

Avni- U too Superman (I know Superman seriously)

Ali smiles

Riya- This party was organised for Amol
Avni- yeah Amol!

Avni’s PoV
I just wanna go and talk to my brother. Waited for this from 15 yrs. Uff… Avni stop being nerves U can talk to him its no big Deal. After all he is Ur brother…

Neil- Btw riya I guess Ur bro is fond of girls

Riya- No Ur wrong girls are fond of him…

Neil rolls his eyes

Ali- So lets go meet him na

Riya- Hmm.. Just a min we’ll meet him

Avni leaves from there

Neil looks on

Girls are surrounding Aman. Suddenly a girl spills drink on Aman’s shirt

Aman- How dare U!!! Everyone get lost from here

Everyone goes from there

Amol- WTH do these people think…
Avni comes there and extends her hand Aman looks at her

Avni- Hi Amol Nice to meet U!

Aman looks on Angry and Pushes Avni. She is about to fall but Neil holds her and glares at aman

Aman- WTH… I told U ppl to stay away from Me… I know U girls are behind me for My money

Avni looks on with teary Eyes and leaves from there

Neil- U are a spoiled brat dude!!!

Amol- Who the hell are U do U know Who Iam

Neil- I know I know…

Daya comes there

Daya- Uh Amol meet Neil..

Aman- Neil!!!

Neil rolls his eyes

Aman- So U are Riya’s fiancé

Neil nods

Neil’s Pov
Neil!!! My foot this donkey has a lot of attitude. Btw where did this bubby go maybe she felt bad. Come on Neil she doesn’t look like the one who would care for whatever strangers say… Well lemme just go and check where she went.

Riya, Ali and DD come there to meet Amol anfd Neil leaves

Avni was sitting in the garden on the grass looking at the sky

Avni- Why dayawanthi why did U spoil My brother . Why did U make him just like U.. I hate U

Avni looks at the sky again and thinks about Aisha…

Suddenly someone puts hand on avni’s shoulder she looks back

Person- What Are U doing here?

Avni- None of Ur business!

Person- Oh come on…

Avni- Get lost Tillu Or else I’ll kill U

Neil- Are U sad because he pushed U

Avni doesn’t reply

Neil- Now Ur Acting as if he is someone so Important in ur life

Avni looks at Neil

Neil- Oh come on bubby don’t give me that serious look now. Btw what does that Amol think of himself only he is hot or what even I’m do U know so many girls fall for me and I’m struck with Riya

Avni rolls her eyes

Avni- Seriously Jelly bean… U are engaged to Riya Idiot. Girls falling for U in Ur dreams

Neil- Oh… Stop it bubby U don’t know I’m the hottest guy… And many girls are searching for a boy like me.

Avni- Yeah right just go and sit in a museum

Neil- Yeah come on lets go and sit there together

Avni- Why the hell should I come with U?

Neil- Because many ppl are searching U

Avni- Searching me??? I know no boy will search me or fall for me and I don’t even want them to

Neil- Oh hello don’t go in that imagination I told many ppl want a monkey like U as their pet….

Avni glares at him and runs behind him to hit him.

Precap- Avneil nok jhok…..

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