Avneil Hate/Love (chapter 2)

Hi guys…..
So I just got a comment that some don’t understand hindi properly. so in this chapter I have avoided hindi
But some may be in hindi like just some words which u may know. plz lemme no if I have done any mistake….Love ya

Avni comes near mehta house gate

Avni remembers her childhood how daya tortured her and killed asha and snatched aman from her

Avni’s POV
I’m back Mrs mehta to destroy your life

She parks her car and gets down from there

She opens the gate and walks in.

In mehta house

Daya- Do it fast what the hell are u people doing

Avni comes near the door with her bag she is chewing bubblegum. She see’s daya standing in the hall scolding the servants

Avni’s POV
U have not changed Mrs mehta. U always boss people around u especially the one who have less money. Today Avni Asha is back with 10 times more money than u have lemme see how u will treat me

Avni was about to enter the house suddenly….

Diksha- Wait right there!

Avni stops and takes her leg back

Daya turns to look who was at the door

Diksha- Who the hell are u and what do u want?

Daya goes near the door and sees avni

Avni sees them blowing her bubblegum

Diksha- Oh hello do u have any manners. By the way who are u

Daya- What kind of dress are u wearing ur leg is seen the most

Avni- I’m I in the right house. Is this Dayavanthi mehta’s house

Diksha- Yes this is Mehta house and we don’t know u

Riya comes down the stairs

Riya- Wait are u…

Avni- Yes! U r totally right

Riya runs and hugs her

Riya- I dint know u were so cute da. I love ur dress

Avni- Thank u Ms mehta

Daya- Riya is she your friend?

Riya- Yes dadi she is my best friend who gives me many advice’s

Diksha is annoyed

Diksha- By the way I have not seen her before

Avni- I know u would not have seen me but u would have heard my name

Diksha- Are u that famous like more rich than Mehta’s that I would know u

Riya- Buha what are u telling. I have invited her specially over here for this party and I want her to help me select my dress

Riya starts to take avni inside

Daya- WAIT.

Riya and avni both stop

Daya- It’s nice to meet u by the way what’s ur name

Avni smiles at her

Avni- Ananya. Ananya verma

Daya gets shocked

Daya- Ananya verma. U are one of the richest family in mumbai right

Avni- Absolutely right

Diksha is shocked to know she is ananya verma

Daya- U have a big company called BE….. It’s called….

Avni- BEO

Daya- Yes yes that one

Riya- Come on ananya lets go to my room

Daya- Yeah take her and show her this house

Avni- By the way U are Mrs mehta right i.e Riya’s dadi

Riya- Yes ananya she is my cool dadi

Avni- So nice to meet you dadiji

Riya laughing- Dadi ji

Avni- I can call u dadi right

Daya- Yes of course u have all right

Avni- Well good to know that

Avni and Riya leave

Diksha- Ma why are u talking to her so well

Daya- Stupid u don’t know she is very rich she can come in our use for money

Diksha- WOW ma kya plan hai

Daya smirks

In Riya’s room

Riya- Ananya finally I met u in person I was waiting for this day

Avni- Even I was waiting for this eagerly riya

Riya- So now u tell me which dress shall I wear see I have 2 gown’s one is pink and the other blue

Avni- I guess the blue one is good

Riya- Thank u ananya I thought of wearing this one. By the way why did u choose blue

Avni- ’cause Blue is my favorite colour

Riya- Really even my fiance loves blue. so only I thought of wearing blue so that he likes

Avni- Well that’s good to know that

Riya- I want u to meet him. He is really very good u know and even good looking

Avni- Of course why not by the way he is my best friends fiance

Riya- Now come on help me and even u get ready the party is in 1 hour

Avni- First I’ll just drink some water and come

Riya- Shall I ask the servant to get it for u

Avni- Na It’s ok just show me the way to the kitchen

Riya- Go straight get down the stairs and right

Avni nods and leaves

Avni walks out thinking about aman

Avni’s POV
Aman where are u I’m back aman. First I have to search his room

Avni starts to go in search of aman’s room when suddenly someone calls her name she turns to see diksha

Diksha- Ananya what are u doing here

Avni gets tensed then calms herself

Avni- Actually I was searching for the kitchen

Diksha- Kitchen in down come let me show u so that u don’t get lost in our house

Avni leaves with Diksha

Avni’s POV
I don’t have to worry however I’ll meet him today in the party he may have gone out

Avni goes to the kitchen and drinks water

She goes backto riya’s room and see’s riya dressed in the blue gown

Riya- How am I looking Ananya

Avni- Awesome riya u look beautiful

Riya- So ur going to come like this only or u will get ready

Avni- Yeah I’ll get ready in 20 mins don’t worry

Riya- Dadi has given u the guest room u can stay there

Avni- Oh thats so good of her thank u

Riya- Come I’ll show u the room


Avni- This room is good actually

Riya- Now let me leave I have to do some touch up u get ready and come down

Avni- Yeah sure

Avni locks the room and then calls neela

Neela- Hello baccha ur fine na

Avni- Yes mom all is going according to the plan

Neela- Good so let me tell u about the next plan

Avni listen’s to neela’s next plan


The hall is decorated very well and daya is waiting for Khanna family

Daya- Thank god all the arrangements have been done well

Diksha comes there wearing a grand sarre even Hetal comes with her too

Daya- So u are ready on time today where is riya

Hetal- She is getting ready

Daya- Oh this girl. Tell her to come fast and what about her friend

Hetal- Which friend ?

Daya gets annoyed

Daya- Leave that U go and serve the guests

Hetal leaves

khanna family enters the house

Daya and diksha welcome them

Swetha- Hello Dayavanthi ji how are u

Daya- I’m doing well please come in

Diksha- Where is the groom aunty ji

Swetha- I and Mr khanna came together he will come with his friend

Daya- Oh good to know that

Swetha- Where is riya she is not seen uh…

Riya comes down the stairs

Riya- Namaste aunty and Uncle

Swetha- Yes yes namaste

Riya- Where is neil?

Swetha- Oye he will come u welcome the guests

Riya nods and leaves to talk with her friends

Daya and Swetha talk with each other

Neil enters the hall with DD

Swetha- Oye mera tillu come come

Neil- Hi dadi ji

Daya- Namaste beta come

swetha- oye DD come with me to get some cool drinks

DD- Yes mummy ji

Swetha leaves with DD

Neil looks at the arrangement

Daya- Ur searching riya she is over there go

Daya points out at some hall

Neil- Okay dadi ji

Neil leaves from there


Avni wears a short prussian blue color frock

Avni- So let’s leave now

She walks out of the room

The other side Neil comes searching for riya

Avni walks in a empty wall fully decorated her dress gets struck in a nail in the pillar she turns to take it out

Neil enters the hall and see’s her taking out her dress from the nail he doesn’t see her face as it is covered with her hair as she is bending down

Neil walks towards her

Avni- Ajja come one

She tries to take it out suddenly someone’s hand touches her hand and takes the dress out
It was neil.
She turns her face and see’s him and get’s shocked
Neil gets shocked

Neil- TUM????

Avni- You again

Neil takes a step back

Neil- Are U following me or what

Avni- Oh really U are a police right. U must be following me

Neil- Uhhhhh…

Avni- I’m not gonna give u my car.

Neil- I’ll take it from u

Avni gets annoyed

Avni- I HATE U


Avni Starts to leave from there when she is about to fall Neil catches her.

Neil looks at her she was closing her eyes in fear then she opens her eyes

Avni- Don’t dare to touch me leave me now

Neil- I don’t have any desire to touch u by the way

Neil leaves avni down and she falls hard


Neil leaves from there

Avni gets up angrily

Avni- I Hate him…

Precap- Avni gets to know neil is riya’s fiance. Avni meets Ali

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  1. Ji aap is story banne ki kya zaroorath hai ye story sirf naamkaran ki asli kahaani ki tarah hi hothi hai

    1. Rockingangels

      some will be the same but I’ll try to change most.
      Thank u very very much for letting me know

    2. Rockingangels

      some will be the same but I’ll try to change most.
      Thank u very very much for letting me know . LOVE ya

      1. Ok bae looking forward for some great scenes and romance go ahead great job

  2. Awesome Chaps Girl.
    Just read both of them together.
    You writing is much creative.
    Will be waiting to read more!

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      Thank u so much abhi

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