Avneil Hate/Love (Chapter 15)

Neil leaves the tent taking his torch, Map and compass

Neil- Don’t know where to search her in this forest.

Neil stops

Neil- Wait she is having the buzzer right. Hmm… that means she would have pressed it for help. I don’t have to worry then.

Neil stats to leave

Neil- But she should be in the tent, They would have left her.

Neil takes out his Buzzer

Neil- Lemme press this if they come here I’ll ask them about her

Neil presses the buzzer and waits there

After few minutes

2 men come there

Man 1- Sir did U have any emergency

Neil- Uh… no

Man 2- Then why did U send Us the signal

Neil- I just wanted to ask did anyone press the buzzer today leaving me

Man- No sir everyone reached their tents. We got Ur signal and came here.

Neil- What…

Man 1- Why sir is there any problem

Neil’s POV-
No I shouldn’t tell them everyone else’s camp would be spoiled. I’ll go search her on my own

Neil- No I just wanted to make sure everything is fine

Man 2- Fine sir then we will leave

The 2 Men leave

Neil- What the hell she din’t even press the buzzer she is so stubborn

Neil’s POV
Lemme go to the place where we went in different path

He see’s the map and starts walking



Avni sits down near a tree

Avni- Where did I loose my buzzer….

Avni- I don’t even know where to go. no directions are here,

Avni gets up

Avni’s POV
My torch’s battery had drained. I don’t know where to go. I should have listened to Tillu.

Avni- I don’t know what to do now. What is some animal comes here. I don’t wanna die

Avni walks lymping

Avni- Even my leg hurts….


Neil- This is the place where she took right and I took left

Neil takes right

Neil- Hope I find her here

Neil keeps walking with his torch

Neil- Ananya U here !!! Ananya…

He walks for a few minutes

Neil- Where the hell is she…

Neil follows the direction

Neil- Why cant she press the buzzer man she has a lot of EGO

He kicks the ground

Suddenly he see’s something there. He takes it

Neil- Buzzer….

Neil holds his head

Neil- How can she be so careless she lost it. Now don’t know if she is safe or not and here the directions are ending

Neil runs- ANANYA!!! Can U hear me…

Shifting to Avni

Avni- GODDDDDDDD….. Plz show me the way

Avni falls down

Avni- I can’t walk now

She hear’s some voice

Avni- What was that

She gets up and takes a wooden branch fallen on the ground

Avni see’s a snake moving there and shouts

Avni- AHHHHH…..

Avni- Shoo… stay away

The snake goes from there

Avni- This place is so damn creepy

Avni starts crying

Avni- St..top it Avni U are not a kid

She hears some voice near the bushes again She goes over there

Avni closes her eyes

Avni- Plz five me strength god…

She hears the sound more and she lifts her stick to hit….

Neil- Why the hell are U trying to hit me

Avni opens her eyes and see’s Neil holding the stick

Neil looks at Avni who was scared and fully dirty

Neil- Whe…

Avni hugs him tightly

Neil looks on but doesn’t hug her back

Avni- Th..Thank god U ca..came

Avni was crying

She leaves Neil and takes a step back

Neil- Oh.. Now stop it cry baby

Avni- I’m not a cry baby…did U get that

Neil wipes Avni’s tears from his finger and holds water droplet in his hand

Neil- See Ur wasting so much of water when water scarcity is there in India.

Avni looks at the water drop

Neil- Each drop of water is very Important lil ananya

Avni smiles at Neil

Avni- Thank U Neil

Neil- I know for saving U right

Avni- No for bringing back my cute smile

Neil- Oh… Wait CUTE SMILE its a witch’s smile

Avni puts her hand in front of her face and roars

Avni- I’m a Vampire Tillu….

Avni and Neil laugh

Neil looks at the hurt on Avni’s hand and holds it

Neil- What happened?

Avni- Hurt…I fell down…

Neil- Come lets go to the tent

Avni nods

They start to leave

Neil see’s Avni lymping

Neil- U got hurt in Ur leg also

Avni- Yeah kind of

Neil- Come lemme do Ur first aid.

Avni- First aid. Na don’t need it

Neil holds her hand

Neil- Shut up and sit here

Avni- No first Aid box is over here

Neil- U may have it in Ur bag right

Avni tensed- No

Neil pulls Avni’s bag

Neil- Lemme check wait

Neil starts to open her bag

Avni takes a stick

Avni- Oyeee… Just leave my bag

Neil looks on

Neil- Great U have become Jansi ki rani now

Avni- U don’t have manner rigtht. U shouldn’t check others bag

Avni snatches the bag from his hand

Avni pinches her throat- Plzz. Not now I’ll show U in the tent and U can bandage it.

Neil walks front and turns the other side

Avni turns and looks at him facing the other side

Avni whispers- Plz not now

Neil- Fine U have to Bandage it in the tent

Avni- PAKKA!!!

Neil smiles- KACCHA…

Neil leaves- Now come lets go

Avni smiles and runs

Avni- ouch… Idiot why I’m I running

Neil- Come fast its getting late

Avni- COMING….

Avni and Neil leave


Riya- It wasn’t that bad I guess

Ali- Yeah

Riya- So lets not fight for the next 2 days

Ali- Yeah I’ll spoil the camp

Riya- Don’t know what Ananya and Neil will be doing now

Ali looks on

Riya- maybe still fighting. They always fight with each other

Ali- listen can I ask U something

Riya nods

Ali- Ananya has a BF uh..

Riya laughs- What do u think… She said that so that they could shut their mouths. She doesn’t have any secret BF

Ali excited- Really…..

Riya- wooo… Chill why are U so excited in knowing she is single

Ali- nothing

Riya- Do u like Ananya??

Ali looks away- What are u saying

Riya- Come on don’t lie to me I know

Ali- yes I love her but…

Riya- fine for our 2 days friendship I’ll give u a gift

Ali- I don’t need it

Riya- think about it the gift maybe making Ananya fall for u

Ali looks on shocked

Riya- So….

Ali- no no…

Riya- Sure!!!

Ali- Will U help me…

Riya nods

both smile


Avni and Neil come to their tent

Avni- Wow this is damn big

Neil- Come sit let me do ur first aid

Avni- y..yeah wait lemme change first see this dress is so dirty

Neil walks out

Avni- Thank god now its okay but what after I change….

After 10 mins

Neil shouts from out

Neil- Are U done

Avni comes out

Avni- Done

Neil gets in and takes the first Aid box

Avni is tensed

Neil- Come..

Avni goes to him and sits

Neil dips the cotton in Dettol

Avni closes her eyes Neil looks at her and smile

Neil- Uh..So Ananya

Avni closing eyes- Hmm…

Neil- U were scared in the forest right

Avni Opens her eye – Who me no?

Neil- I know U were

Avni- NO

Neil- Scary poke Ananya…

Avni glares at him

Avni- U know what Ur problem is…. {Avni starts scolding Neil}

Neil bandages her hand and knee

Neil smiles – Finished…

Avni- No I’m not finished

Neil looks at Avni

Neil- I know U will never finish

Avni- What do…

Neil sticks the bandage tape in her mouth and goes to sleep on his bed

Avni- Hmmm…
She takes out the tape

Avni- U are… Just leave it

Avni sleeps on her bed and turning the other way

Neil turns to look at Avni and smiles

Neil’s POV
Thank god she stopped. She is cute actually. Wait did I just call her cute.
No way cuteness is miles far from her.

Neil turns back and sleeps


A alarm is heard

Neil wakes up

Neil- Alarm maybe we should get ready and start now

He gets up and goes near Avni

Neil- Anan…

Neil looks at her sleeping

Neil smiles at her

Neil’s POV
Seriously I was right she is kind of cute but now its so peaceful what would happen when she wakes up…. She would talk and scold non stop…

Neil- Ananya

She doesn’t wake up

Neil shouts- Ananya!!!

Avni closing her eyes- Hmm…

Neil- “Hmm” seriously I just shouted

Again the Alarm is heard

Avni wakes up and stretches her arms smiling

Avni- Good morning world

Neil- Very good morning now get up and get ready

Avni- Get ready for what.

Neil walks away without answering

Avni- Stubborn TILLU

AFTER 20 mins

Avni and Neil come out

Avni- So where to go today

Neil- Get the clues to reach the treasure

Avni- Clues….

Neil- I don’t repeat my words again

Avni- Why do u always copy my lines

Neil- I don’t

Avni- U do

Neil- No

Avni- Yes…. by the way do u love my words so much

Neil- Love and Ur words No way

Avni walks front

Avni- Come on pretty boy its getting late

Avni starts leaving

Neil stunned- Pretty boy….

Avni shouts- Now come tillu


Neil and Avni start searching for clues

Avni see’s a gutter

Avni- Look gutter

Neil- So what…

Avni- The clue may be in this

Neil- Do U think someone will put that in the gutter

Avni- yes

Neil- Fine go check

Avni- Na

Neil looks on

Avni- U’ll search it

Neil- No way

Avni- Come on its just rainwater in it

Neil- NO, Why don’t U go

Avni makes innocent face- See if I din’t have this hurt I would have went

Neil rolls his eyes

Neil- Fine get me a stick

Avni gives him a stick

Neil bends down and is searching

Avni slowly goes behind him and pushes him


Neil falls in the gutter

Neil- Ah.. the mud went in my eyes

Avni laughs

Neil starts to rub his eyes

Avni- Accha fine come on…

Avni takes a step front and extends her hand

Avni smiling- Come on

Neil pulls her hand

Avni- Ahhhh….

She falls in the gutter

Avni- What…

Neil keeps staring at Avni as she was looking cute

Avni looks at Neil

They both start laughing

Avni- U look like a monkey

Neil- U look like a Donkey

Avni starts to get up- Oh please U would be thinking I’m cute

Neil gets shocked

Neil gets up
Neil- U and cute

Avni- Fine leave that I’m not

Neil- Good…

Avni rolls her eyes

Neil- So did U get the clue

Avni- YES

Neil- Yes!!!

Avni nods

Neil- Then worth falling in gutter right

Avni- Worth it

Both laugh

Avni- Come lets go to the tent

Neil- Lets collect sticks


Neil- Yes

Avni pinches Neil’s cheeks- So cool Tillu

Neil- Ah…

Avni takes her hand- U don’t have chubby cheeks

Neil- Yes I don’t

Avni- I have see

Avni takes a deep breath through her mouth and holds the air in her mouth

Neil smiles

Neil takes his hand forward and pinches her cheeks

Avni smiles at him- I told U na

Neil’s POV
She is very innocent just like a child. Though her cheeks were damn soft. I think I got a really good friend.

Avni- Come lets collect

Avni and Neil start collecting the sticks then reach their tent

It was evening when they finished arranging everything for campfire

Neil and Avni- DONE

Avni- I’m waiting for lighting it

Neil lights the fire

Avni- Fast baby fast fast

Neil- Baby….

Avni- yes baby campfire. See its so small

Avni’s POV
The campfire was really very small. We couldn’t get many sticks though many were there. Mr Tillu wanted a particular sized sticks… I collected 10 then sat down near the tent

Neil- If U would have got more. We would have finished it

Avni see’s the campfire was fully lit


Neil looks at that- I know

It looked very beautiful for that scenery

Neil- All is because of me

Avni- Even I helped U


Suddenly it starts to rain

Neil runs in the tent

Avni stands there and looks on

The campfire was gone

Avni- So only U shouldn’t boost about Ur’self

Neil- I don’t have boost

Avni rolls her eyes

Neil- Get in U’ll get wet

Avni- Its raining Tillu I’ll be awesome here U come

Neil- No

Avni goes to him and holds his hand Neil looks on

Precap- Avni dances in the rain. Neil smiles at her.

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